United States of America · 4 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

Lynn's tour around the South-West coast

4 July 2017

Bryce Canyon Even though the Bryce Canyon is falsely named and in reality no Canyon it is still worth a trip. Because of it's red and orange stones it is so unlike the Grand Canyon but not any less awesome. The stone shapes and hoodoos look different depending on the time of the day as the sun shines on them. Especially nice is the fact that you can walk through and down the Canyon. The heat is hard to bear so make sure you have enough water for the whole day. We didn't plan enough time and in the end couldn't hike all the ways we wanted do, so make sure you read some time estimations. You'll also see some cool a yanks like prairie dog, but don't be alarmed the mountain lion is seen as good as never.

3 July 2017

Desert View Watchtower It's the Grand Canyon again because you'll never be able to get enough of it. But this is from a different side. If you drive around the Grand Canyon you'll see it from a whole different site (to Mohave and Hopi) from the Desert View point. It's another opportunity to see the Colorado River and to walk down a bit to feel even more free then before. Believe it or not but suddenly you'll feel endless. From this point you can also see the site where two American aircrafts crashed into another leading to improvements in the protocols beging air travel.
Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon This way to experience the Grand Canyon might not be cheap but it's definitely worth it. Flying over the Grand Canyon creates emotions you weren't even aware of. It's simply stunning and breathtaking. Shedding a few tears isn't a rarity. It's a whole different perspective to walking around it and it's eco friendlier than driving with your car. Experiencing the Canyon like a bird is something you'll never forget and regret if you don't do it.

2 July 2017

The Grand Canyon You can experience the Grand Canyon mans different ways, having a five year old with us we choose one that isn't as exhausting. Having no problem finding a parking space near the visitor center was a definitive plus. We just had to walk across the street to catch one of the buses that drives you around the Canyon. We queued up for the blue line and had to wait for the next bus as it was quite full. We were only on the blue bus to catch the red one, where we had to queue up again. But the red one brought us to the two most beloved sight seeing points on the tour: Hopi and Mohave. Even though we were warned that they could be full, there never were more than 10 people there. You could take amazing picture and see the Colorado River.

1 July 2017

Bellagio Fountains Walking down the Las Vegas strip you'll see many stunning hotels with different attractions. But the fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel are the cherry on top. During the day every half an hour and every 15 minutes as soon as it's dark, the water display is fascinating. All displays are accompanied with music and it's a different song one every time. A spectacle for everyone.
Just walking around Las Vegas is all the entertainment you could want. You can drive from one hotel to another with an indoor train. You'll see miniature towns, a hotel build to resemble roman architecture, a roller coaster on top of a hotel. As long as you're protected against the sun and heat, you'll be able to just enjoy this unique town.

30 June 2017

Las Vegas Day One Our day started pretty early at 4 o'clock in the morning and a cab collected us at 4:45 and we drove to the central station in Bremen. Our train was on time but just as it was supposed to start someone pulled the emergency brake. The man was just planning to say good bye to his family and wasn't prepared for the train taking off. In spite of it we were still able to continue our journey with just a five minute delay. But because of some road work our total delay arriving in Cologne was 15 minutes. Our connecting train already left but luckily there are enough trains going to the airport. Checking in went without problems and we waited for our gate to open a hour later. After landing 12 hours later we couldn't leave the plane, we got told that the U.S. border control wanted to do a random passport control in the plane but it never happened. Apparently there was a passenger too much on our trip. We were able to check out without further problems.