North America, Europe · 1 Days · 3 Moments · January 2018

Lynnette's journi to Ireland

12 January 2018

We could not win (but yet we kept winning). Martin, the concierge at The Inn at Dromoland, got a call from us first for the room being cold (they delivered a heater), then we blew a fuse trying to figure out adapter/converter and how it works with an extension cord (!), and he fixes that, then upgrades our room with this view and we thank him by mangling the ironing board. Then he invites us to walk the grounds, check out the castle, even to get a bite. "It's a lovely 15 minute stroll around the lake and across the grounds." "Brilliant", we say. Five minutes into our cold, rainy and VERY windy walk, we decide, "blank this, let's drive it". -And we were very tired. So we get a bit turned around, and Nikki's had little practice driving on the left. We can't eat anywhere near the castle cuz we ain't dressed for it. So we head back only to find the gate is closed and locked. Can't drive through. After calling, they give us the code, we eat at the Inn, go for a nap and wake 16 hours later.
This is it! We are finally here in Ireland 🍀🙏🏻😅! This is also the flight I had been dreading for weeks cuz of the stupid flight number. That's all I have to say about that! Phew! Thank you, Jesus!

11 January 2018

Mom and dad sent us off and gifted us with these to protect us from germies on the ✈️