North America · 5 Days · 58 Moments · August 2017

25th Anniv! Brit. Columbia /Orcas Island

10 August 2017

Border crossing Peace Arch
The Pinnacle Hotel on Hastings Ave. would stay here again, grocery store right around the corner and lots of pedestrian friendly waterfront areas. Posting so I remember for next time.
Trying to use up our Canadian currency before we cross back over the border into the US. Breakfast time around the corner from our hotel. Urban Fare name of restaurant and has a grocery store attached to it. Super fresh. But Rice Krispies cost 6 a box!

9 August 2017

Just keep walking Jim!
Vancouver walking tour to find Dairy Queen.
Canada Place
Had to find a Dairy Queen after we checked into our Vancouver Harbor area hotel. Google led us on a fun walking tour of the harbor side of Vancouver. Full of bustling pedestrian areas very young urban professionals everywhere kinda crowded people use mass transit like crazy. The DQ was in the food court of an amazing modern mall, 8 stories in places. Called the Pacific Center. Impressive and massive. Totally worth the hunt!🍦🍦
Someone please stop me from taking so many pictures and writing such LONG captions on Journi!!!!!
Vancouver, Canada. Coho Loop Trail. This trail is part of a large system of trails that we are definitely coming back to do!! The pics that follow are all from the Capilano Salmon Hatchery that we happened upon because of Siri (phone app voice response babe). Thank you Siri, such a great use of our remaining hours in Canada. Best kept secret!!! And free!!!
Downstream from the salmon hatchery there are miles of wooded hiking trails that cross the Capilano River with narrow suspension bridges. Hiked the Coho Loop. You can tell the air is hazy down here in Vancouver too. The wildfires are really impacting the entire western Canadian area.
Hatchery had tons of my favorite flowers! More captions on the Capilano Salmon Hatchery follow below.
Above ground at the Capilano Salmon Hatchery. The scientists harvest female salmon eggs and fertilize them. Embryos then isolated and grown into babies (fry). Those guys go into ponds by the thousands, then grown into juveniles. Then the juveniles have their own tanks until ready to be released into the wild. This program helps offset the rapid dying off of salmon caused by urban development and pollution.
Exhibit went underground where we could see through the walls at the salmon climbing upriver into safety of managed pools.
More hatchery pictures!! I couldn't get enough of this place. Absolutely incredible what the scientists do here.
I am pretty sure the salmon guy is yawning, not trying to eat his friend.
Capilano Salmon Hatchery. Wow, can't wait to tell my dad about this place!
Vancouver, British Columbia. Rented bikes and rode around Stanley Park, English Bay and right underneath Lionsgate Bridge.
Smoke in the air looks like fog. Leaving Whistler and headed to Vancouver where the air quality is better but not great.

8 August 2017

Whistler Village. Normally, the whiteness behind hotels would show sky scraping green mountains.
Whistler Olympic Plaza. This plaza was built for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Bustling even in summer.
Whistler Village. Unfortunately the towering mountain background is hidden by white haze from wildfires east of here.
Our Whistler Hotel room has a second story loft. Been hanging out in the room a lot bc the air quality is so bad bc of all the wildfires.
Dinner tonight in Whistler. Salads from the local market. The fish n chips loaded us up, time for the gym. Becky better be in town next week!!!!
Arrived in Whistler! Beautiful but kind of hazy from the wildfires east of here.
Fish and chips at Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia. Trolls to go order became another picnic, repeat of 2010 with the kids.
Crossing into Canada right now. Looks like it will only be a 10 min wait.😊
Outside of our Orcas Island rental. Last picture before we leave the island on the ferry to Anacortes. Headed over the border into Canada in a few hours. Then to Whistler, British Columbia.

7 August 2017

View from where we had our picnic. We love Orcas Island so much that we tried to cancel our British Columbia reservations and stay the rest of the week here. But since couldn't get airline miles and money refunded, we will happily press on tomorrow.
Burned some calories on that hike!
Learned something new about my "Yim" today: he is drawn to the beauty of floating logs. 😊💚
Moran State Park. We are definitely coming back here on another trip to hike these offshoots to our trail.
This wooden bridge crosses the spillway below an old, little concrete dam.
We are in awe of how quiet and uncrowded these majestic areas are.
Hiked in Moran State Park today. Had a picnic at Mountain Lake trailhead afterward.
Our little cabin on Orcas Island is right on the water.🏡💚🐳
Spent part of the day wandering around Orcas' Eastsound village area. The History Museum was remarkable with original 1800s cabins restored with the stories of each family who lived there.

6 August 2017

The blue ovals mark where we've been so far in the San Juan Islands. So much to see up here, amazing country!
Orcas Island: wow wow wow. Oma and Opa, you were right, this place is breath-taking , pristine, almost untouched. Couldn't believe the beauty we saw from the moment we drove our car off the ferry!
Anacortes is as gorgeous as we heard it was. Need more time to tour here.
Lunch in Eastsound, Orcas Island. Madrona Grill on the water. We scored with this table! Good thing service was slow, we didn't want to leave.
On the ferry for an hour and a half. Played cards, looked over maps and enjoyed the scenery.
Ferry time!
Driving our car onto the Anacortes Ferry to Orcas Island in 10 minutes. Cars in the lanes all around us and pedestrians walking up and down to the shops on the dock. Fun!

5 August 2017

Steve Miller Band!!!
Peter Frampton!
Bought tomatoes and nectarines here for snacking. Amazingly sweet and wholesome!
Arrived Seattle this morning. Spending the day touring Pikes Place Market and the waterfront here.