India · 1 Days · 4 Moments · July 2017

Lynette's adventure in Panchgani, Maharashtra

15 July 2017

On our way down to the main road on the ghat there was a viewing point. Many cars were parked.. Teenagers with their friends.. Couples out with the camera's.. Taking selfie pictures of themselves with the valley.. We also took some good pictures.. On that height wind was blowing, we were actually being blown away.. Now we are back on the road to our next designation.. Hubli.. Almost 6 hrs journey.. Frank is taking the wheels.. & as for me I'll take a short nap.. Then I'll take the wheels.. Bye for now..
Good morning guys.. Left from Sherbaug at 11.30 am.. Clicked many pictures at hotel.. It is really a nice place to visit.. Just for relaxing for couples.. It is a good place to come for family & friends.. But not for old people who can't walk.. 'Coz there is a slight walk from the parking to the hotel.. See for yourself. Come visit this place. Sherbaug Theme Park & Luxury Tents..

14 July 2017

Reached here at last around 9.30 pm.. Had to park the car down.. Long walk up to the reception.. Our tent is Tent No. 1.. It is very cozy place.. With a sitting area outside the tent.. Inside the tent a comfortable bed.. They have also provided a separate mattress.. So 3 ppl can sleep in here.. A TV set is also there.. A bathroom is also there attached to the tent.. A separate cement toilet attached to the bathroom.. Can't wait to see the surrounding tomorrow morning.. We ordered food.. The food was also very good.. See you tomorrow..
Started at around 2.30 pm from Andheri, after taking some snacks & filled the petrol & air.. Passed the vashi toll plaza at 3.30 pm.. Hopefully should not get any traffic.. Tentatively 4 hrs journey according to the Tom Tom..