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Lynda and John's adventure in Spain

25 September 2017

More pics of Alhambra
More pics of Alhambra
Today we visited the Alhambra, a fortress city with palace overlooking Granada from a high. Our guide was an historian with Moroccan and Spanish heritage - 3.5 hours of exhaustive information. We toured the Alhamar fortress, the Generalife gardens and the Nasrid palace. The Muslim history dating back over 1000 years and the various Muslim, Visigoth and finally Christian kings that came here make this a truly unique site. The architecture, aqueducts, buildings, factories etc. gave insight into how life was lived in those times. Once finished it was the steep decline back into town for lunch before the steep climb back to the hotel for a little rest before venturing out again for a wander and din re. The next few days will be mainly walking to different areas of Granada, we don't have anything specific planned, we just want to relax and take it all in.

23 September 2017

Up early and off on our next journey to Granada. We didn't realize that halfway on the train we had to all get off and board a bus as they were working on the rail lines all very well organized and the bus were so comfortable! We got to our beautiful hotel in the Albayzin area about 5 so dropped the luggage and headed straight out. We definitely have our work cut out for us as it's all hills and I mean steep hills! We walked for about 3hrs and got VERY lost as all the streets are tiny and all look the same. We had trouble reading the map as it was so small, must be getting old. Anyway we eventually found our way back, had dinner which consisted of snails which I hated then had a few drinks then went back to hotel totally exhausted'

21 September 2017

For two days we just wandered around Seville at a relaxed pace. We had seen everything we wanted to, so now we just took it all in and enjoyed the Seville atmosphere. We walked many kilometers and loved every minute of it - along the river, into historical buildings, through the narrow streets, and eventually to an innocuous looking bar that served delicious tapas for a song - Lynda had mackerel with strawberries - yum!

20 September 2017

Today we did a tour of the Real Alcazar de Sevilla which was fantastic, I loved the gardens, John was amazed by the building and its history, so much intrigue with the kings and queens that graced it - Hope our pics do it justice. After a couple of hours wandering, it was the time for me to do some birthday shopping!! After I spoilt myself with a pair of shoes before it was time to get ready for dinner. We had booked a restaurant the previous day - a table outside under the lights of the magnificent Seville Cathedral. We had an wonderful day, I am very spoilt by my beautiful husband.

18 September 2017

Started the day at the Sevilla cathedral, first ones in because Lynda pre-booked. Largest gothic cathedral in the world and its spectacular. We raced up the Giralda Tower first, all 26 floors to see the views. The history, art work, and trinkets dating back 1000 years really put Sevilla in perspective. Then we walked across town to park Maria Luisa. The gardens were lovely to walk around as we headed to Plaza de Espana (seems every town in Spain has one of these). Lynda chatted up a mounted policeman, guess she's not on the watch list any more! The Plaza is beautiful, so we had lunch nearby before wandering back (via every shoe shop in Sevilla and there's lots!). Dinner was a shared paella, Sangria and beer. We're really fitting right in here- ha ha!
Got to Seville very easily from Córdoba and only on train for 45minutes!!! Hotel is lovely and in a great area close to the popular sights. We went for a huge walk around the river sort of like our bridges but not nearly as big. Then a quick meal and a wander to get our bearings. We really do need to follow our map here as the streets are again tiny and about 4 times many as Cordoba. Tomorrow we will go to the Cathedral which looks to be the biggest one I've ever seen!!

15 September 2017

We are now just enjoying Córdoba as we have nearly walked every inch of this beautiful city. I've attached some pics of a very eccentric man at a perfumery that made me some perfume based on what I liked and my personality. He couldn't speak English but we managed to understand each other and the end result was lovely. I've also attached some pics of our divine resident dog whose name I can't pronounce.
We got up early and visited the Alcazar which had lovely gardens and a building which I thought was a bit underwhelming however John liked it. We walked to the top of the tower up the tiniest stairs and no order as to when to go up or down so it was a dangerous free for all, ha ha. We then jumped on a bus and got a free ride through an area we hadn't seen which was great. Mostly through tiny cobblestone streets that seem to go on forever. There are literally hundreds of these beautiful streets to get lost in. It's taken us 3 days to stop using the map to get back to our hotel! Because this app only allows a certain amount of words per day I can't go into much detail about the places we visit as I'll run out of room so keeping it all very simple, it also only allows 10 photos. Not nearly as good as the Travelpod we used last time.

14 September 2017

We started the day with the hop on/off bus then visited the Mezquita which was originally built by the Muslims but were kicked out by the Christians in 13th century and turned it into a Cathedral. The Muslim architecture was was absolutely stunning! We spent quite a few hrs there. Then walked again for ages around different parts of Córdoba before it got very hot and everything started to close. We wandered back to our beautiful hotel and had a lovely swim and rest for a few hrs. Then back out until we got completely lost in the Jewish Qtr which took us some time to get back on track. Then a very late dinner (Lisa and John it was 9 when we sat down). Then off to bed We have already ticked off all we wanted to see so now we are just taking our time and enjoying the Spanish way of life.

13 September 2017

We trained from Madrid to Córdoba was only a couple of hours and very easy. Our little boutique hotel is just Devine! Recommended by Dani! Only 4 in the complex and its beautiful pics attached. We again hit the ground running after arriving here at 5pm and managed to walk over 10klms. We walked over the Romano bridge to the Torre De La Calahorra (tower museum) offering a brief history of Córdoba which was very interesting! It's extremely hot here so they definitely all have siesta here. All other places did not, perhaps as it was cooler. John had a drink at the smallest bar in the world - couldn't swing a cat in there. We then did a huge walk all around the city and found a beautiful restaurant at about 9Pm for dinner before walking back to the hotel. Tomorrow we will go and visit the mezquita which apparently is amazing! Ps saw a guy walking a little piglet on a lead!!!

12 September 2017

Today we went to the Prado Museum, which is just across the road from our hotel. Even thought it's not entirely our thing we did appreciate the history and can now say we went. Then we wandered around yet another area of Madrid and got totally lost which was great! After a couple of hours we found our way back to a favorite eating area and sat for the most delicious place of white anchovies, ' this dish has become a firm favorite of ours. Then we did more wandering and more stoping for drinks before it was time to stumble back to our hotel. Can you believe I drank another Sangria then a very large class of Baileys! John was quite impressed! We are loving daylight savings here.

11 September 2017

The day started with a wander through the botanical gardens which is just over the road from our hotel. Flowers, trees, herbs, vegetables from all over the world, very beautiful and interesting. Then we took our second on/off bus tour to the Parque Del Oeste, which had amazing views and yet more beautiful lush grounds. We then walked back into the hub of Madrid for some lunch then John disgraced himself by buying a heap of casual cloths! Wandered a bit further before realizing we needed to off load the shopping so back to the hotel which was about 7.30 so then had a beautiful dinner just locally in an outdoor restaurant. I had another Sangria but this time it was VERY strong so I literally stumbled back to our hotel and fell asleep!

10 September 2017

Part 2 Then we walked where ever our legs took us, and came across some lovely gardens behind the Palace which we missed yesterday. Then slowly made our way back via a great little street with open restaurants either side of the road and had more food and drink!!!! The waiter was so friendly, when John paid he gave us a complimentary aperitif (John told me that word, ha!) We are really loving the Spanish way of life, so relaxed with so many eateries spilling out onto the footpaths, with so many people enjoying the outdoors but most of all I love the fact people take their dogs everywhere and they are all so well behaved. Aussies need to get off their backsides and socialise their dogs so everyone can take dogs everywhere with no issues!! All loose lead walking, sitting nicely while owners eat/drink and other dogs can all calmly walk past and say hi, it's so civilised!!
Part 1 Fantastic day today, we had a little sleep in then off to explore the outer areas of Madrid city. We wanted to go to very big park called Casa de Campo which was about 7klms away from out hotel. We decided to walk and so glad we did as we stumbled across a huge open air market which took up about a dozen side streets. Then continued on to find, wait for it, a lovely off leash dog park which of course I had to go say hi to all the dogs. John unfortunately missed seeing me get greeted by about 8 dogs all at once!. Then we came to a river which was busy with runners, bikers, dog walkers and wanderers like us, it was fantastic so we followed that for a while until we got to the park which was also wonderful. Massive lake in the middle with restaurants, bars and eateries everywhere. We stopped here for lunch and of course a few beers for John.

9 September 2017

Spent a couple of hours at the restaurant watching the world go by then I got bored so left John to his sweets and coffee while I wandered. We caught up a bit later and spent the next few hrs exploring the city centre. We then jumped back on the bus and went to the huge Retiro park which has a massive lake where you can hire canoes. We were thinking of hiring bikes to ride around but there was so many people and dogs we decided against it and just walked. Then it was back on the bus for a ride back into the main district for a bite to eat for dinner then back to hotel. This is certainly a huge place and we are not quite getting our bearings yet, we think we know which way is home, then on google maps we are in completely wrong direction so taxied home. Tomorrow there is a big bike race through town so the bus we booked isn't operating so we will pick it up again on Monday to complete the tour.
We arrived at our Madrid Hotel very late last night after a long train journey so was exhausted and went straight to bed. Got up early and headed straight out to the hop on/off bus. This took us the first tour which was fantastic and took us to some really lovely places. We got off near the centre of town to see the Royal Palace. Unfortunately there was a queue for miles so we decided not go inside but instead wander around the grounds. We then wandered through the main part of Madrid Cetus centre and found it's a lot better then I had imagined. For some reason this was the place I was least excited to see but it's actually a beautiful, vibrant city with many beautiful parks. We then found the famous Sam Miguel markets which is another amazing place for food, wine, beer and much more. Bit busy inside so we found a fantastic little restaurant to eat outside which proved to be delicious! This app only allows a certain no. of words per entry so I have to start a new page.

7 September 2017

Our last day in San Sebastián before we head off tomorrow to Madrid. We filled our day with walking and eating?

6 September 2017

There is such a contrast in weather from day to day, yesterday hot and sunny, today raining, cool and overcast, tomorrow sunny!!! We just walked around the city today then had the most delicious seafood lunch on the marina, the couple who owned it would you believe lived just around the corner from us in South Perth!!! She is Spanish and he's Aussie, John was able to have a full on conversation about the footy he was a Bombers supporter. Then off for another walk which never gets boring in a beautiful place like this with so many interesting sights.

5 September 2017

John decided today he wanted to walk up Mt Igueldo and Mt Urgull which has some magnificent vies of the bay, by the time he got back he was exhausted!! I decided to have a more relaxing day as this place is beautiful to just sit near the beach and take it all in. San Sebastián is not at all big so we have managed to see everything we wanted, now we can relax and just enjoy the atmosphere.

4 September 2017

Started with a leisurely walk into the center of town before wandering across the river Urumea and down to Zurriola beach, following the path around Mount Urgull - such a lovely outlook onto the Bay of Biscay. It was raining and overcast in the morning but the sun came out about lunchtime. After reaching the marina, we wandered into old town - it was almost lunch time and the Pintxos bars were starting to get busy. We stopped at one for a light lunch then hopped on the big red bus - i think the driver was a frustrated rally driver as we scooted from one end of town to the other. We laughed as we got off at Mount Igueldo and walked our way back along the gorgeous la Concha beach. John went for a swim while I chatted to a German lady. The day flew by so quickly - and as evening approached the town became even livelier. Sitting at a bar watching so many families out and about on a balmy evening was wonderful.

3 September 2017

Not much to report today as we spent 6hrs on train. We arrived safe, hungry and tired so did a quick change and went out for a bite to eat. It was dark when we arrived so can't see much. Really looking forward to exploring tomorrow.

2 September 2017

Lots and lots of walking today, we walked around Barcelona for about 10 hrs just continuously getting lost, it was wonderful! Found an amazing place to eat a late lunch with buskers and a table next to us with a young family that had a miniature Dexter who was so like him in personality and only had eyes for his mummy! John then went back to hotel for a few hrs rest while I continued on. Don't think he can keep up with me on this trip. Then a few tapas for dinner and off to bed as we leave for San Sebastián tomorrow which is a 7hr train trip. Thankyou Barcelona, so far my favorite city.

1 September 2017

The day started a walk from out hotel to our tour of Sagrada Familia which was great as it took us through a section we hadn't explored yet. Sagrada Familiar is an amazing architectural masterpiece originally designed by Gaudi, however after his passing and the destruction during the civil war of his design plans, new architects took over and put their own spin on the design. You can definitely see the different styles which I think is a shame as I loved Gaudi's style. After the tour we decided to keep walking and stumbled across the Barcelona zoo, definitely not as big as ours or as well kept but the animals looked healthy. Some enclosures looked small and I felt sorry seeing a few pacing but they did have a lot of construction going on to improve things. From there we walked along the beach front which goes for miles and stopped for a VERY late lunch. Then more walking through a different part of the Gothic quarter which is my most favorite area.

31 August 2017

More pics from today
Today we had a tour of Park Guell which showcases the architectural style of Gaudi, very interesting. We may have stayed a little longer but there was a big thunderstorm just as we finished and the heavens opened up. We thought we would try and catch the bus back to the hotel for a quick change but walking to the designated stop was very slippery so we taxied. Then out to have some tapas for lunch at the Boquerie Markets which was DELISH then off to do the second route of the hop on bus. We got off at Montjuic which was a great spot overlooking the whole of Barcelona including the harbor then we got off at the National Art Museum and did a tour inside. We are both not arty people however do appreciate the historical significance. The museum building itself is beautiful!!!

30 August 2017

We headed of early to travel on the hop on hop off bus which took about 2.30hrs. We booked for 2 routes but only travelled 1 route today, we will do the other tomorrow. It was fantastic, very informative On the way bach we got off slightly early and walked the rest of the way home. John then had a little rest as he ate something that didn't agree with him, so I took off for another wander returning 2 hrs later to a slightly worried John as my phone ran out so couldn't be contacted. I found some fantastic restaurants tucked away so we will wander there later for a meal. So much to see!!!!
First day in Barcelona and we have already eaten ourselves silly! Edge fGot to hotel about 2pm and hit the ground running! Our hotel is right next to Catalonia Square which is the start of Las Rambla. We found the La Boqueira Markets which are amazing and so colorful. I'll be heading back each morning for one of their amazing juices. Then it was a walk down Las Rambla which doesn't seem to have been affected by the sad incidents last week as people everywhere! We cut through to the Gothic Quarter which is full of narrow streets and very old buildings. Many locals live in this area, absolutely beauiful and vibrant. We walked all the way to Barcelona beach and the Marina. It was only 28degrees and the beach was packed! On the way back we stopped for a drink and A plate of authentic paela at Plaza Reial which is a popular eating and entertainment sq. By this stage John and I were very tired as we had been up since 3am so we meandered back to our hotel at about 8.30 to slee

28 August 2017

The adventure has started!