India · 8 Days · 39 Moments · December 2015

Luv's odyssey through Pondicherry /Bangalore

13 December 2015

There was a time, there was a place But there was fear inside A witty line to save my face A parachute of pride To cross the line takes a tiny step But will the spark cause the bridge to burn My fear entwined with my regret I beat a path for safe return - thing called Love

10 December 2015

Its 0535 hours. Got down at Bangalore for the next bus to Pune. Funny, this city reminds me of Mumbai.

9 December 2015

Last coffee at this place, back to my life again. Cant wait actually. I got what i wanted. I would recommend this place to everyone. Its magical. The peace I found what I was looking for, something thats been in me all along. Its in each and everyone of us. Sometimes you find it, sometimes its just need a vacation to come out!
No matter how chaotic my life has been... Its my chaos.. I am going to enjoy it, respect it... Everything is up for change.. I promised myself in taking comfort in the rich random patters of my life... Lets do this !!
If you’re struggling with talking to strangers because you think it’s weird, realize and accept that it’s not. It’s only be weird if you make it weird. People love talking about themselves, so if you’re willing to listen it’s a win/win situation. Once you see someone you’re interested in meeting approach them immediately. For one this’ll prevent you from making justifications on how you don’t want to bother them, or why you don’t “really” want to talk with them. In addition it prevents you from hovering around them and putting off a massively creepy vibe. I think the important thing to realize is that although there’s interesting people and potential connections to be found almost everywhere, it doesn’t matter if you’re not willing to initiate conversations and make the connections.
We all the capacity to be happy, we all have a right to be happy... we all have an Obligation to be happy !!
When you do something for a long time it starts to become a part of you, and it’s difficult to let go. When you try to let go of who you are for who you can become you’ll find yourself on the emotional roller coaster of your life....You’ll second guess yourself and wonder if you’re really making the right decision. ...Listening to your heart may be the most difficult thing you’ll ever do, but it’ll also be the most rewarding. It may require great courage to pursue this path, but it’s the only real choice you have....

8 December 2015

Father of our Nation !
Almost time to say Goodbye to Pondicherry
Take a minute to step back and look at your life. Look at all the things you’ve overcome. Look at your current struggles. Look at who you once were. And look at who you want to be. After you’ve done all that imagine a bottle of water. Alone water has no form. Rather it’s flexible and takes the shape of whatever container holds it. When you pour the water from a bottle to a glass it changes form. People are the same way. We have no default form. We’re capable of adapting to almost anything, but we never adapt to things unless our environments force us to. A quick trip to the grocery store can provide you with enough sweets for a week and because of internet porn you can see more hot chicks (or guys) in 5 minutes than your ancestors would see in several lifetimes
Nightlife: This is an interesting subject. I am like in the most gorgeous version of Goa, this place is so clean,so well maintained . There are so many Lounges here, but for some reason I don't feel like roaming here. I would choose just 2 pegs of JD instead of a night where we drink all night, get sloshed. I often wonder if I am old. or have my thoughts got old. but even this has a story. I started roaming with Mature people ( Uncle types) from an early age. I grew up listening to how people damage their life because of Alcohol. I would quietly just have 1 Peg of whisky and pretend to be having like so much alcohol. Not because i cant handle alcohol but I would often worry about people around me being safe has I would always be the designated driver and also I don't fancy alcohol so much.

7 December 2015

Sleep part 2 Alarms may be necessary for work, but if you’ve tested how much sleep your body naturally needs at least you can structure your sleep schedule so you’re getting a healthy amount. It’s in your best interest to sleep when the sun goes down and wake when it rises. You’ll feel more well rested and you’ll actually be healthier for it as well. The final thing I’ll mention here is stress. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out when you go to sleep that’s BAD. Not only because stress sucks in general, but also because it’ll negatively impact your sleep, and thus potentially make tomorrow suck as well which puts you at a risk of entering the dangerous negative spiral.
Sleep part 1 Sleep is so freaking important. You’re going to struggle living to your potential if you’re not getting decent sleep. Also consistency in Sleeping and waking up at about the same time everyday. How long to sleep, my mum keeps on saying you need atlas 8 hours sleep, its not possible, I work in the Advertising industry. Its practically impossible to sleep early. I always say people have different sleep needs, but it’s been shown that I am TERRIBLE judge of determining how much sleep I need. I’m no doctor so don’t take this as medical advice, but if you need an alarm to wake up there’s a good chance you’re not getting enough sleep. When possible, try allowing yourself to wake up naturally for a week or so to determine how much sleep you actually need.
Before you start implementing new habits you need to have a vision of what you want your life to look like. While creating this vision it’s important to realize that regardless of what you’ve been in the past, there’s no limit to what you can become in the future. When you’re visualizing your future it’s important to have a vision that moves your soul and inspires you on a deep emotional level. I’d go as far as saying that when you’re picturing your ideal reality it should really move you and you should even cry a little bit. My eyes never fail to tear up when I think about the things I’m going to accomplish or more importantly, the lives I’m going to change.
Cafe De Arts... The warm feeling of this place.. Makes you feel so comfortable. After sleeping like a log... Now i know the importance of sleep.. So why not write about it ...
Priorities Ahh on of my favourite topic to talk about, I sill have to master the art of giving priority  Is it a coincidence most people struggle to wake up at 6 A.M. on an average day, yet they’re perfectly capable of waking up at 4 A.M. to catch a bus to Pondicherry? I think not. One of the biggest reasons most people procrastinate is because they’ve got their priorities mixed up. They’re too focused on instant gratification rather than long term prosperity. Humans have evolved to want things now rather than later (because our ancestors had short life-spans) so we naturally tend to take the path of least resistance.  “So evolution has screwed us over, and we’re all do
Wow .. Something good cooking up here !
I used to be a BIG procrastinator. I never did things until they absolutely needed to be done. If I was at an average weight I wouldn’t start working out until I got fat. If I had work I wouldn’t start doing it until my favorite TV show was over. I never did things until the last minute and as you can imagine that produced a lot of unnecessary stress. I’m still not perfect, but I’ve improved my habits and learned a lot about procrastination in the last few days.
Nothing is inherently good or bad. It’s all about the way we interpret it. A common example of this is from somthing that you see almost everyday One guy may be brutally rejected by a girl and feel depressed and question his self worth afterwards. Another may find her reaction absolutely hilarious and share a laugh with his friends over it.( I do that, always ) It’s all in the way they choose to frame it. Fortunately reframing goes far beyond pick up and can be applied to almost any aspect of life. Instead of feeling nervous before a presentation( especially with my bosses in it ) feel excited. Instead of dreading having to travel for work( pune-Mumbai) look at it as a perfect opportunity to be alone and enjoy the outdoors. Just about anything can be looked at in a more positive light. When you begin to make reframing a habit you’ll find that you appreciate the little things in life more and you’ll also feel negative emotions much less frequently
Ive officially given up on myself trying to control. Everything here looks amazing .
My moms gonna kill me !! Juicy Pork Burger
Lets eat !
Welcome Pondicherry

6 December 2015

Meeting this idiot felt amazing, one of my really close friends in Pune.. Now Mrs.Bhopalam.. Oh wait.. She kept her surname... But Im really happy for both. They wanted to be together and they worked towards it. I kept wondering what happiness is and i saw them. I got my answer. Thank you for the hospitality.. Now on my way to Pondicherry.
Kormangala ..the Koregaon Park of Pune. Fun place to be with. And met the brother from another mother Nikita.. And her friend shwetHA.. The gossips i missed with her. Im glad shes enjoying it here.. Now off to meet the next idiot .... Im starting to like bangalore
Rickshaws are shitty expensive in Bangalore !!! And the drivers Rude !! The roads are similar to Mumbai or Pune, roads crowded... But ... The fancy part about this is the Rickshaws are GREEN... (I know thats lame) but im being positive and trying to find good points about this city I was here in 2012, not a happy trip.. So flashbacks of thoses roads, people ... Hoping to spend happy 5 hours before i head for Pondicherry
Welcome Bangalore !!
Starting to become a fan of this person. His travel stories are much more intresting. Being a driver in the gulf, moved back to Hubli for the family..
Listening is loving
We always rely on someone to make you happy. That one person who makes you feel good about yourself. Lets just make it easy on ourselves Lets ans this Does that person make you feel A. Up B. Down Once you answer that. Doesnt matter if the person is with you or not !
We are beautifully imperfect beings, operating in a very imperfect world, and that is just the way it is meant to be. Striving for perfection is a hollow goal, one that can never be achieved. Society shows us doctored images of perfection constantly in marketing, media, opinions and expectations. We so that in our Jobs. Do not buy into this illusion; it will only lead you into darkness. Embrace your quirks, your flaws and the fact that life is a roller coaster at times. Strive for excellence, have high standards… but never confuse that with the crippling behavior of perfectionism.
Somewhere in Ranebennur, hve entered the territory of unknown language. We have stopped for breakfast the Idli's the wada. What we eat in Maharashtra is such a rip off. The sambar taste'so diffrent.
One of the most humble bus drivers Ive come across ! He is from Hubli, Karnataka..he loves his job and his priority has always been passengers safety. I asked him if we could stop to eat somewhere as me being an over confident idiot didnt eat before boarding. He said now they would stop directly for breakfast. 5 mins later he came to my seat and gave me biscuits to eat. I thanked him on behalf of all the travellers across india for letting us be home on time and Safe !!
Going on a jouney.. Happiness awaits just round the corner

5 December 2015

Solo travel is at an all-time high with both men and women being encouraged to explore the world in the company of themselves. But what about solo vacations? Not everyone wants to lug a backpack around from hotel to hotel or hit the road on a tiring journey across a new city every time they travel alone. Sometimes solo travellers need a real vacation, complete with beach chairs, all-you-can-eat buffets and unlimited fruity cocktails. Pondicherry thats what i expect from you !
Got in the bus, and there is someone snoring already. I thought only I do that
My first trip .. Alone trip.. A trip that has no planning.. Just a thought that i wanted to go alone somewhere .. Pune - Bangalore - Pondicherry.. Got