Asia · 51 Days · 35 Moments · August 2016

Luke and Katie eat Asia

14 October 2016

I think I need to become a saffron dealer...

11 October 2016

Bye Chiang Mai, be back soon...

10 October 2016

Need to remember what this style of soup is called. Khao Soi still wins tho. The juice is rosella or chrysanthemum I believe...

9 October 2016

Back in Chiang Mai

7 October 2016

Lod cave, spelunking with the boys (Tim, Henry, and Tak). Took quite the ride up and down the mountains and soaking wet back through the rain, but well worth the trip.

6 October 2016

Black rice pancake, toasted over the coals, glazed with condensed milky and sprinkled generously with candied black sesame seeds. This is my favorite dessert yet, and it was served on a banana leaf.

5 October 2016

Late night lady followed all the pai partyers.

4 October 2016

Larp or Laap. Northern Thai dish of chopped meat with a kind of Thai 5 spice (clove, cinnamon, cumin, guesses). Raw, spiced, mixed with the blood, served with sticky rice herbs and pork rinds. Must be eaten by hand. This was with my student Qs aunt and uncle in their little country house in Pai. He taught us how to smush the sticky rice and eat it "Thai style." Like nothing I've ever tasted. I didn't recognize a single herb, all grown in their garden. Most authentic meal yet. Not much left in this picture...

3 October 2016

Pai Canyon

1 October 2016

Taking to the streets. Chiang Mai Saturday walking street market.

30 September 2016

16 September 2016

Celebrating my first bugs with Sri, Viola, Pinky and Tim.

11 September 2016

40 baht ($1) for what she called ma ma. Thin wheat noodles with crispy chicken and fried egg. I doused it with the self serve fish sauce and peanuts obviously.

5 September 2016

Pano of International House Chiang Mai, not a bad place to train as an English teacher.

3 September 2016

More shameless food pics. There was a street food festival the night we arrived in Chiang Mai. A long stretch of stalls went down for blocks on this street. Im gonna shake Katie down for her pictures of the bags of squid and salt crusted whole fish. Also, some amazing fru fru coffee drinks. They use the sweetened condensed milk in these and it's so rich and amazing.

2 September 2016

The only pictures I took in Singapore. This was the most delicious Indian food I've ever had. Saag paneer, chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and cucumber raita. However, either this or the nasi goreng (indo fried rice) off the beach from the night before kept me up all night peeing out of my butt.

31 August 2016

30 August 2016

A friendly visitor found sniffing at our room door. We fed her some foul smelling shrimp chips. She was pretty meh about them as well.
Indonesian dentist recommend!

29 August 2016

Tanah lot.
Bali kitty

28 August 2016

7 dollars worth of food in Bali. Careful where you eat tho....

27 August 2016

Super clean and friendly hostel. Private little bunks, plenty of storage, best vending machines ever. (Wish I'd taken a picture, Japan does vending machines right. 10-12 USD a night in the heart of Asukasa.
Owl/bird prison in Taito cafe. Poor little birdies were chained up. This guy protested the injustice on top of Katie's head.
Okonomiyaki!!! Cabbage egg and flour for the pancake batter. Pork and green onions with an egg cracked right on top. He glazed it was some kind of pork lard demi and a healthy dressing of mayo. They let you cook it at your table if you prefer but this guy was a total boss so we let him do the damn thing.
50 and 100 dollar Wagyu beef cuts. Much marble.
The smallest bar in Asakusa

26 August 2016

Roast beef with ponzu sauce, chicken and potato salad, raw vinegar marinated shrimp. First time having a raw shrimp and it was delicious. Some local beer, think it was called Coedo. Garlic rice prepared on the flat top right in front of us was also dope. Also clam miso ftw.
Kawagoe warehouse district preserves the architecture of the edo period. First picture reflects my uberhangry mood while Katie took all the pics. Felt much better once I got a couple beers in me.
Sushi breakfast in Asakusa. Tried bonito raw which was amazing. Yellowtail tasted way better than any time I've ever had it in the states where as the salmon was just ok. Tuna head bits were also amazing. ¥2,790 total or about $28 for the two of us.

25 August 2016

Fried pork and noodles. Kinda like a lomein noodle but partially fried to give it a nice crunchiness that created a super nice texture with the bean sprouts. The raw egg is stirred in kind of like carbonara and they actually give you back up raw eggs. I added another yolk about half way through. The pink gooey bits are the first real weird shit that we tried. It is salt fermented squid, which, according to this restaurant is the most traditional of all Japanese dishes... It was so weirdly chewy and really strongly flavored. Like pungent and potent and salty and gooey and chewy. Probably will only give this one more shot. Try anything twice ya kno?
Pedestrians own the streets in Shinjuku! Actually it's probably the yukuza who own the streets tho... This section of Tokyo was like Times Square on acid and the Amsterdam red light district.
Sensoji Temple and Asakusa shrine. Where we found out about the owl cafe that we must now visit.

24 August 2016

First proper meal at ippudo ramen right behind our hostel.