China · 2 Days · 30 Moments · June 2018

Luke's voyage in Zhejiang, China

10 June 2018

I would like to thank Chris Xu and his family for this wonderful get away and for taking extraordinary care of me and my grandparents. His family handled all the logistics and fees to ensure us all a great and comfortable journey! Thank you for everything!❤️
We're now back again, at the train station. After a 40 minute train ride, we took an hour long subway ride back to FuDan University where my grandparents live. We arrived at 10pm, exhausted but happy from the great trip over these two days. Well that about ends it. Both the trip and the day. 😇😇😇
We just landed back from the last island. After walking through the tourist shop street, we drove back to the train station to go back to Shanghai.
Right as we were about to leave, there was a flight of stairs leading to another place with these statues of famous people. Unfortunately, I don't recognize any.
This is a statue of HaiRui giving food out to the poor. If you take a look at the bowls and spoon, you can find money in them. It is pretty cool seeing people put money in there that now it appears as HaiRui giving money to the poor. Still synonymous to what he did so long ago.
This stone monument was HaiRui's gift to his mother. It is the word for filial piety. The cool thing is that he wrote it so that flipping the word upside down is also the same word. His mother was really touched by this amazing gift.
I then took a flight of stairs towards a place that literally nobody went. I don't know if it was not allowed but there was no signs blocking it. However, when I got up, there was a building that was being constructed (by modern workers) to model the old styled buildings of the time. The workers were really nice people who showed us arround. There was tools and wooden planks everywhere. Here are the displays they were building. I think it may be a future exhibit but I don't know why nobody went up there. It seemed like I was the first to discover it 😎😎😎.
Now this island is getting really fascinating. This is HaiRui's, an Ancient Chinese Official, temple made in his honor for being extremely kind and caring to the people. He was a humble man who never turned his back from his home town and family. Even after becoming a powerful official, he still helped the people to overcome hardships. This building has an extremely intriguing architecture from the time period of HaiRui. It is a great opportunity to see such fine details in the architecture and carpentry in these buildings.
On the third island, there is a building commemorated to the Communist Party Officials who surveyed QianDao Lake. Not really much in this building, but the other sections of this island is really cool.
On the second island, we kind of just ate lunch. There were bunnies and a snake on display. As well as a store with a gigantic pot. They made some really good grilled fish goods in the large pot.
We've just landed on the first island, Meifeng Island. We took a lift to get to the top of the island. The view was gorgeous, even with the foggy background! There was even a place you can buy some red tea and enjoy the scenery!
As we near the islands, you can clearly see that the shores of these islands are not sandy beaches, but dirt slopes that eroded away from the mountains. Even after almost 50 years of isolation and limited resources, life is still green and thriving on these islands. There are still many plant life, including patches of bamboo forests, on these islands.
We took an opportunity when it was not raining to take a few pictures on the deck of the ship.
So now we're on the boat to three of the thousand islands in this lake. When you look into the distance, you can see the uncountable islands that used to be mountains. QianDao Lake is a man-made reservoir that became a tourist attraction after the many mountains in this region became little islands. This used to be a mountainous region so the government force-relocated most of the citizens living in the area (with a compensation of a measly 200 RMB). Sadly, the ancient city of SiCheng, established during the Han Dynasty, was submerged. Fortunately, it is well preserved and many archaeological research have been done on the city.
Setting off on a boat trip around the lake. We'll be visiting the three main islands of QinDao Lake.
On our way to QianDao Lake. This is the Chinese countryside.

9 June 2018

This is my grandparents' room. Each room has a different style. Pretty cool mate.
Arrived at our hotel to check in and settle down. We're leaving at 4:30 to go somewhere else. In the meantime, I'll be relaxing on the red bean bag 😎
These are the buildings that the ex-farmers would live. This neighborhood feels like stepping back into the 1950s. People planted vegetables outside their houses and had terraced roofs.
We then went walking around New Xinghu Lake. There were people taking wedding pictures in the pavilions here.
The view from Guo Residence.
Some flowers and fish in Guo Residence.
Guo Residence built during the Song Dynasty. The ponds are connected to Xihu Lake.
Just arrived at our hotel! It is a refurbished house that used to be farmer's huts.
The train station feels more like a mall.
Subway Line 10 all the way to the end (top end).
Not too many people are up and early on Saturdays. 🤭 We're in the older parts of Shanghai. These are the typical old 1970s Chinese apartments.
We're setting off to Hangzhou today at 6AM! This is where my grandparents and I live, in Fudan Dormitories, Shanghai.