United States of America · 27 Days · 44 Moments · July 2015

Lukas Buxbaum

Lukas's voyage Chicago to LA

10 August 2015

Can't help myself. I said hello to the comrades of station 95 with Ladder 95, E95, E295, HazMat Squad 95 and Rescue 95

8 August 2015

Los Angeles

7 August 2015

Finally in Los Angeles
Calico - Ladder Vegas - Grand Canyon

3 August 2015

Finally ended up at a staff party. ^^

31 July 2015

3 days no Internet 😉
Two time zones. Texas - New Mexico

30 July 2015

Redneck action

29 July 2015

Some pics of today

28 July 2015

First time best Western

27 July 2015

Route66 Hotel aka The first Holiday Inn Hotel in history.
Old gas station with fire engine

26 July 2015

A walk to Navy Pier
The Kidney
Willis tower

24 July 2015

My new ride from Monday. 😍😍😍
Three dots and a dash - a must when in Chicago

23 July 2015

Route66 😃😁
And finally I ate it aswell. 😂 #tacobell

22 July 2015

Harley Davidson museum.
First 200 miles gone.... Second state.... Wisconsin Milwaukee watch out here I come

21 July 2015

Great night out!!!

20 July 2015

Some drinks on a roof top 😂😂😂
Millennium Park
Today I will change my comdo.... I will leave Diana and go to a funny Greek guy. 😃😃
There is nothing mad up your mind walls a guy arround the corner being in the same club as you.... 😁😁😁😁

19 July 2015

Next brewery next style. 😂😂😁😁😁
Found a place serving Stiegl Bier. 😁😁
Now I know where slides are come from.

18 July 2015

Surprise surprise
Never thought that I will see that in real. 😀
Breakfast after hamgover

17 July 2015

Having a cigar and some beers put of mugs. 😁😁😁
Nightlife is safe. Es gibt Stiegl Bier.

16 July 2015

First station done. Engine 124 - Truck 38 - Ambulance 32 - Battalion 10
My bed for the next seven days. Looks like it's getting fun
Americans are funny. So many funny questions and then such an ignorance of spoken English. 😀😃😄😁 O'Hara here I come.
Taxing and take off.
There we go boarding starts.

15 July 2015

Two hours to leave my apartment and still 5 kg left in luggage. ^^
Last preparing hours.