Europe, North America · 27 Days · 116 Moments · August 2014


13 September 2014

SF-bound! Thats it from this part of the trip, see you in our shared US roadtrip journi :-)

12 September 2014

Wildlife sightings on this trip: Black bears, grizzly bears, eagles, caribou, arctic foxes, wood bison, stone sheep, local birds & squirrels. Whew. The north is indeed quite wild :)
On our way into Vancouver. I'm sure all those folks have a data plan and are uploading photos in realtime. Oh, how I'm looking forward to experience the Internet again! ;)

11 September 2014

Clean car!
Stuff for another month. About half the space is taken up by camping gear.
Campground #13: Nairn Falls. Staying here for two nights, to hike, clean the car & pack stuff. Nice place, but noise from highway & railroad is a bit disturbing. $20/night.
Hike to Upper Joffre Lake, and continuing a bit further towards Tszil Glacier. Pretty views, steep trail in some parts.

10 September 2014

Highway 99 into Vancouver through Whistler. The scenic route, indeed.
Almost back in Vancouver! About 700km on the map.
Pretty lake! At night we almost drove down the boat launch into the water because we couldn't see the lake at all.
Campground #12: Tadyah Lake. Long drive, reached the park at night. No one there, and it looks like a big day-use area. We put up a tent anyway. $11/night.

9 September 2014


8 September 2014

Moonlight & camp fire :)
Stone Sheep Trail near Muncho Lake. Pretty views!
Welcome to the Northern Rocky Mountains!
You dropped some food? Don't worry, I'll help you!
Moose like hot springs too! Didn't see any real ones though.
Dinner: Pasta & Sausages, Breakfast: Coffee & Granola

7 September 2014

Campground #11: Liard River Hotsprings. Staying here for 2 nights :)

6 September 2014

Got myself something to read in Alaska :)
Campground #10: In the woods near Teslin Lake.
Foggy landscape near Carcross (Caribou Crossing).
Crossing the border into Canada again. In total we did 3 little trips to the US in the last 10 days - compared to immigration when flying in, this was quite painless by car.
Skagway up to Carcross. Supposed to be a pretty scenic drive. We can only imagine!
No service *sniff*
Glacial Smoothies & Espresso in Skagway: As if they transplanted a coffee shop from SF to the north. Good latte, great sandwich :)
Ferry coworking space anyone? ;)
Boarding the ferry to Skagway, Alaska :)
"Normal Operations"
And there are indeed bears in the area!
Campground #9: Chilkoot Lake, near Haines, Alaska. Beautiful, with lake view!

5 September 2014

Haines Highway, beautiful scenery if you like mountains.
Kathleen Lake, on the way to Haines.
Thank god, this visitor center has stable wifi and power sockets! #comfort

4 September 2014

Good beer!
Campground #8: Lake Creek near Kluane National Park. Nice & quiet :)
Little detour down & up again due to a big gap in the highway. However that one happened!
3333 miles on the odometer!
Day trip to Alaska - Denali mountain range on the horizon.
Campground #7: Gold Rush Camping in Dawson City. Nice hot showers, laundromat, slow wi-fi - but no fire pit.

3 September 2014

Grizzly Lake trail. Pretty views, but quite icy up there.
Morning view :)
1. Leave t-shirt outside to dry 2. Wait for sub-zero temp. 3. Frozen shirt!

2 September 2014

Remains of a day in the North. 10:28pm.
This campground would win by a large margin if there was a competition for most beautiful scenery right outside your tent. Surrounded by mountains, high up on a plateau of 1100m.
Campground #6: Tombstone Territorial Park

1 September 2014

Dinner: Sausages, potatoes & naan.
Cleaning dirt off the car - uff!
Tombstone Territorial Park, mountains all around!
Heading South again :)
Journi Selfie!
Back in the Yukon!
Black bear by the lake.
Beautiful endless sunset and sunrise here up north.

31 August 2014

Campground #5: Jak Park near Inuvik. Great because of the showers, good firewood (take as much as one person can carry), and beautiful 360 view from a small lookout tower. $30 with firewood.
Hot showers on the campground! This feels like quite a luxury now.
Missing someone special. T-25 days until we see each other again :)
Sunday evening in Inuvik = pretty uninteresting. Where is my data plan? :(
The north is actually not that interesting - once you get off the mountains its basically just trees. Unfortunately the highway doesn't really go across the tree line.
Two ferry crossings, luckily with basically no wait :)
Our GPS thinks we're driving across the river - well, kind of.
Breathtaking views on the drive.
Crossed the Arctic Circle!
Today's journey takes us from the edge of the Tombstone Mountains to Inuvik, a little village at the end of the highway.

30 August 2014

Made firewood from wet/moldy stumps - worked out just fine, and we even returned some to the empty place where there was supposed to be some.
Tonight's dinner: Steak.
Campground #4: Engineers Creek. 150 miles south of the arctic circle, still plenty of daylight until 10:30pm.
Pretty mountains, again!
Oh hello, Grizzly Bear!
Tombstone Territorial Park - oh so pretty!
Wildlife, there is a bunch of it!
The Dempster Highway: Basically a gravel road with extra potholes. Dirty car guaranteed!

29 August 2014

Planning near the fire - making the decision: We'll head all the way north to Inuvik, Canada's northernmost city accessible by car, at the end of the Dempster Highway.
Campground #3, Fox Lake. Unremarkable, alongside the road, just outside of Whitehorse - a town of 29,000, 80% of Yukon's population.
Beer! The essence of a roadtrip, some might say.
Both BC and Yukon have experienced a lot of wildfires - there is many small signs along the road, remebering the so-and-so year's fire.
Tent remained dry - thanks to the magic blue tarp.

28 August 2014

Nice campground here at Kinaskan Lake - recommendable, apart from the slight noise coming from the highway.
Chili & rice for dinner - almost feels like a burrito!
Constructing a rain shield, practicing for those nights when we'll actually need it.
Campground for the night. Quiet, and according to the host: no bears :)
Oh, hello there! After this one we saw another 7 black bears today. Near the road, munching berries and looking at us, curiously.
Pretty mountains are pretty!
Bear country, salmon - but no bears!
Welcome to Alaska!
Glaciers near Steward, BC.
Morning coffee!

27 August 2014

British Columbia is big - it'll be another 1000 miles until we hit the Yukon.
Bonfire <3
1, 2, 3, tent!
First campsite of the trip at Tyhee Lake, after driving 1100km today. Its a long way up north.
My dad got a brand new car just in time for the trip. Good stuff.
Heading North :)

26 August 2014

Hello, Canada!

25 August 2014

The Egg-cellent Buying Guide.

24 August 2014

Brunch @ Palomino :)

21 August 2014

SF coffeeshop office.

19 August 2014

Every single flight on this trip so far has been delayed between 30 and 60min. Looking forward to having solid ground under my feet again!
SF-bound :)
Into The Wild <3
Wouldn't mind if this flight had a layover in Iceland - beautiful island!
Take me to Vancouver, big bird!
Hotel room office.

18 August 2014

Hello UK! I shall be here for some good sleep.
Late plane is late!
Thank god for a power socket! Old czech train had none.
Its a long way to San Francisco!
First class train to Prague feeling pretty regular. Oh well!
Stuff for 2 months.