Australia · 3 Days · 4 Moments · September 2017

Lucy's adventure in Australia

10 September 2017

Few days, also I'm meeting up with Danielle and Anisa tomorrow at kings cross station at 12.15 to see how we bond together and if we want to go on these trips together, it should be a lot of fun, but for now I'd better get to bed and get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be a busy day 😁
Day 3 has been by far the best day, I got a bit more sleep then yesterday, I've stopped crying spontaneously which is a mega bonus for someone not used to being that emotional, I had the best shower ever, because my bag had finally arrived (hazzarr) which is good despite my solar panel charger being nicked πŸ˜‘and then I went on what I can only describe as a trek around Potts point, the royal botanical gardens and I've seen the Sydney opera house in the flesh and it's absolutely huge, it could easily engulf Big Ben and the House of Parliament, to top it all off I had a lovely few slices of pizza, and had a really nice evening chatting to a lad named Sam who's been here 5 weeks now on a working holiday visa, so all in all this is my best day so far, and tomorrow I'm off to Kmart to find some things for when I'm by myself again for the last portion of my trip here in Australia, things are looking up and I'm so glad I haven't thrown in the towel and gone home like I've wanted to these past

9 September 2017

Second day in Aus has taken a slightly better turn then the first, the airline have located my bag and it's now in Sydney airport being process and I should get confirmation it's on its way to me tomorrow so that means I can finally have a shower and change out of these stinky clothes, So hopefully I'll have even better news tomorrow

8 September 2017

When ever you read travel blogs the one thing I noticed which was conspicuously absent was how much you are going to ache, economy class is never comfortable even lying down the chairs are not deep enough to make it comfortable for the 24hrs you're about to subject your body to, then there's the airsickness, that's going to hit you like a ton of bricks when you're 18,000 ft in the air and you hit a little turbulence, your skins going to get prickly heat, you're going to sweat something fierce and then you'll get that creeping feeling in the back of your throat which signals imminent danger and you need to grab that sick bag before you projectile vomit onto the seat in front of you, then after you've experience all that the airline you trust with your bag puts it on the wrong plane forcing you to stay in the same stinky clothes for another day, so that's been my first experience of Australia, not very nice but it could be worse