Brunei · 4 Days · 7 Moments · December 2016

Lucille's adventure in Brunei

31 December 2016

At night, this dog's coat flashes light
Another riverside Pasar. Fish fries, freshly fried, bouncy chews (Tapioca flour). The Durian Batik is the bomb. Grilled coconut stuffed rice, couldn't try them all. Best Buy~East Malaysian olives. Ready to eat after soaking in 3 quarts degree of hot water & salt (20 mins)
Gadong District. Local car plates are all BAL BAB BAE BAT BAG
天天 Restaurant. The name is still synonymous with chicken rice, but the glory days for chicken rice are now in the past. Still a good place for wallet-friendly eats though.

30 December 2016

Loosely named the "four-footed vegetable"
City developments - land reclamation, new Pasar and car connecting bridge (Korean developer)

27 December 2016

Playing with rice.