Australia · 191 Days · 28 Moments · September 2017

Lucas goes Australia

21 March 2018

1.I am here in the Ocean beach Backpackern straight on the cottesloe beach where George a fried of Simon life. The hostel is also very nice, in the Dorm wheree I live I met a from England and one from Cuba, it was good we cooked always together so could save more money because shared our food. in the second week I wanted to go out like Lancelin Sand Dunes and Pinneles Desert, I search for tours and in facebook maybe have someone the same plan. I had luck someone posted in Facebook that he had the same plan than me, perfect. We started few days later, to Lancelin Sand Dunes I was maybe be 1 hour drive, my first Roadtrip in Australia :).We arrived there it was just amazing I have never seen so much sand! Sand everywhere! There were a hire Station rent Borden for Sandborden like Snowboarding, but not with snow with other Ground Sand. I was much more harder snowboarding, because the sand breaker the Bord, but that wasn’t a matter it was really fun and I have a few great Picture :).

28 February 2018

for the next 3 weeks I was in Kendale on this location where the wine vyand is so I had Wwoofing there. That actually pretty nice. The Famelie was very friendly. I had my own room for me. Finally a own room for me :). We ate always together I was like a member of this Familie. That’s crazy. The work was always different on my first day we were in forest and cut a tree. It was dead tree so dangerous to cross the customs road. And on my next few days a kind of gardening, put woodsheds on the floor. After this work it looked always better! the farmer had big problem with grapes, because there lot of insects too much for him. On the next day he sprayed with a big machine on the track, the material was just soap he was very proudly about this. On the weekend we went to an popular beach it was close to the farm. I was very nice withe many rocks. but the water was very cold I think it was the coldest water I swam since I arrived in Australia. There were also nice a walk on the beach. 2.

10 February 2018

in the second week 2 more girls from Japan were caming and this girl from Korea left. this week was more fun! In this week we had very good Japanse dinner ;). We cooked every dinner together, everytime different. The work was also not too bad this week, we had work in an park reserve so, we cut the branches of the trees, on the right and left hand side for clear the the road. It was nice. Once the Japanese and me went to the Roundhouse in Fremantle, it is sightseeing place, and it’s really special. Why? you can se on the Pictures. Before I left Perth, my Friends from Japan and Switzerland had to sign my Ausie flag

2 February 2018

On the end of the australian open I flew from melbourne to Perth 4 hour flight. When I arrived in Frematle in the CVA Office, I got to know the other Volunteers, one Girl from Korea and one Woman from Switzerland. Here in Perth started my last CVA Praject. The accommodation was in fremantle a cute Suburb in Perth. The hostel was the Fremantle Prison in the past, pretty cool cool to live in a prison. In the first week, we did a lot of wedding. I was very boring. We put the weet plants out and that the whole day. It was not really my favorite work, I did that really when I had a CVA project. The other Volunteers wasn’t also happy, so I called the Leader of this Project and I ask for availability to change the program. She could help me, she said also we can take a day off if we want. - We took last day in the week of Friday. It was good to know „Yes, you don’t have to work tomorrow „.

28 January 2018

On Men-Final day I went against to the australian open area, not in the Arena, just around the Melbourne Park where the Australian Open located. actually cost the Ground Pass in the Final time 50$, but I bought Kids Ticket. That is the most cheapest Ticket :). The Atmosphere wars incredible. I bought something in the fan shop and on the way back I met Bouris Becker, I was just confused, is this Boris ? He is looks deftly like Boris. I asked for Selfi but, he was busy he said now. I thing he was on the way the TV Chanell Eurosport Germany Studio, because the men-Final was comping soon. I was not sad, for me it was just a funny situation. I will never forgot this situation ! :). It was was tramatic Match it went into the 5th set, Roger won his 20th Grand Slam tittle what Career

22 January 2018

After the Match with Roger I was running to the next Stadium because the Match with Dominic Thiem was on. This Match was in the Hisense Arena you can enter with a Ground Pass, but I could also with my Ticket of the Rod laver Arena. Dominic Thiem is one of my most favorites Players, he is a Player on the „Grün-Weiß-Mannheim“ Tennisclub. So, that Match was unbelievable again :). It was a five Set Match. An up and down Match. Thiem won one Set that won after that again Thiem. In this Match there are 3 Tailbrakes that says everything pretty hard Match for both Players. On the end Thiem lost this Match, quit taff for both of us! It was the best Match I have seen live on the Australian Open in real live, of course it was sad that Thiem lost, but that’s sport that can happen. That’s Why I am, who I am and how I am! I defiantly love this sport as an Fan! - I spent the whole Day on the Australian Open, from 10 am till 10 pm. Of course was this Ticket for the Rod laver Arena very ex
Roger Federer vs. Márton Fucsovics After the Match witch Angelique Kerber, followed the Match with Roger Federer and that was completely different. the whole Area was full so amazing. I had pretty good seat because, I think I was in the VIP area. The people there seat there looks very good nice tress and …., but I knew nobody:( .I said to me „Yeah, I am on the right place“ :). The Match was kind of special, I have a few memories withe this Match. Federer served once the ball maybe 50 meters in the air, I think the was 1 meter over the Arena, so the Arena was open. One time the ball of federe flew to public, I catch it already, but I touch so good also a good memeorie. to the Match, it was a save Match for Roger, he won in 3 Sets.
I loved the the australian open I wanted to se a special thing. I had to go in the Rod laver Arena 😍. I wanted to se Angelique Kerber, Dominic Thiem and Roger Federer. In that case I bought a ticket for the Rod Laver Arena (Center Court), on this day I saw four Matches. I can’t say which was the best Match on this day, but I was very excited for the Match with Angelique Kerber. That was a really taff Match even for me :). The Match was between Hsieh Su-wei and Angelique Kerber. It was an incredible Match. In the first Set Kerber won comfortable and very cool. In the second Set Hsieh Su-wei was very good she did getting better that was not good for me my feelings was very high🙈. I gave always a yell ,, go on Kerber“ „weitermachen,ich weiß dass du besser bist!“. or „auf geht’s“. In the 3rd Set Kerber came back and won this set and this Match finally.It was great experience to se Kerber.

19 January 2018

On Friday we from Warrnabool back to Melbourne. I was so excited because I know what’s happened. the Australian Open is on! And I have tickets had two tickets. So, we went back to Melbourne before we went to the Australian One we went to our Airbnb Accommodation. After that straight to Australian Open the first time for me was incredible feeling. the Melbourne Park is so big! There are 3 Arenas and round about 30 Autdoorcourts. On this day we saw Superstar Rafael Nadal, it was amazing to saw the world no. 1 in the world live in the stadium.

4 January 2018

In Melbourne was real great project. In Melbourne was one of best experiences in this whole Journey in Australia, what it was. You will know in the next story! - From the beginnen. I flew from Sydney to Melbourne, it was a really Taff trip, because my flight was in the morning but very early in the morning, actually too early for me. My flight was on 7 am a clock. And the trip to the airport took round about 2 hours. So, I didn’t slept, my bus to the city went on 1 am. That was the reason why didn’t wonna went to sleep. I arrived in Melbourne. on next day I went in the morning to the Volunteer office and knew my next international Volunteers for the next two weeks. We went by Train to Warrnabool it was like 4 hours away, the time in warnabool was really good. my room mate want to go to the Australian open with me. and the leader of our Volunteer work was really tennis interested, so I talked almost every time with him about tennis. That was very impotent to know how works the Aust

24 December 2017

on 24. December I fly from Cairns to Sydney :), I arrive in Sydney at 10 pm in Avlon at 2am 😩. I was so tired, I don’t why it that happened. dosen’t matter. on next day I went to Bondi beach. I took some amazing picture and know an indian gay, he was cool he made a little fotoshooting we walked along the cliffs on bondi beach.

20 December 2017

After Magnetic Island startet my last Project for this year in cairns. We were not really working on this time, because it was one week before Christmas. It was so hot it Cairns I was sweating all the time, it was crazy in Cairns! But went also to an small waterfall actually it was small lake in the rainforest. In the Forest was cool so it was good for keeping cool again. fortunately I was just one week in Cairns, I could mot stay more weeks in cairns.

13 December 2017

After the Whitsunday I went to Magnetic Island and I met the sibling from UK, this sibling were on the same Sailboat as me. I was so happy to met this guys. We went for hinking on national park on the the top was an amazing view. After thinking we went to pretty small beach.

7 December 2017

Skydiving 💪 Let’s do this! I was so excited and even so nervous the drive to the airport, but it was not bad I was the last person for skydiving so I became more relaxed with the time 😊. The Jump was amazing as well, so fantastic view over the Whitsundays it was definitely the best decision to do this here on the Whitsundays! The most beautiful area for this kind of action 😅. I am really happy that I did this experience and I am very proud on myself!
I arrived in Airlie Beach it so amazing place 😍, on Airlie Beach you can’t swim there because there are a lot of jelly fishes, but there is an lagoon and there you can swim. I spent on the Lagoon almost the whole day, on the afternoon I met few guy I had met in the Greyhound Bus. After that I booked in a adventure office Skydiving during the booking I was nervous 👌, picture follow soon in a new story. I saw the first Christmas tree in Australia

30 November 2017

Fraser Island is over, but it was so amazing! Driving on the beach is so cool, so fun and so powerful! I knew many new people the most from UK, this gays were so funny a few of them I will me this soon. One England guy had an England flag for signing after that I thought this is a very good idea; I have to buy a flag too and I did, today I bought an Australian flag 🇦🇺 for signing 😎

18 November 2017

After the week in Murwillumbah followed one week in Ballina. Ballina is little bit bigger than Murwillumbah. There are a beach, supermarket and typical Australian this city I ate my first Australian meals BCQ and pie 🥧. At work we made some wholes for the Gumtrees and other trees and sprayed poison around the trees. I was almost alone with my Leader Laura, but she was awesome, she was best Leader I have ever had. On last day I said „ you were a very good leader for me, thank you for that 🙏. I think she was thankful I miss her

13 November 2017

After the week in Brisbane changed the location to next week, for Ann was it the last week with CVA and I would be the last Volunteers, that’s why the location changed. I have spent the second week in Murwillumbah it was a quiet little town with lovely streets. Work was amazing I worked with few other volunteers I had a lot of fun with them. I learned a few words in a Australian accent.

3 November 2017

After Byron Bay started my 2nd working Volunteer project in Brisbane. Monday was our first day we are not so much volunteers just me and an other German girl. I and Ann understood us very good. On Monday picked up our leader we drove 2 hour outside of Brisbane. The accommodation was very nice, not so cosy like in the hostle, but how need this ? Back to work! We cut smal trees if there not good for the forest and after sprayed with gift.

2 November 2017

After Byron Bay I traveled by bus to Goldcoast. When I arrived on Goldcoast I was falling in love 😍. “Little Rio” big skyscrapers on the beach and the city was not too big, perfect for me. The hostle was also very cool, the hostle was equipped with tenniscourt, basketball bucket and an swimming pool. I met really cool guys in my room. One guy from Paris but he lives in Brisbane, an other guy from Portugal but he lives in Singapore. On this day there was a big party, four clubs on one night. We was four people Yann (from Brisbane) , his girlfriend Catteya, Singapore guy and me. The day after the party Yann and I went to the beach, relaxed, went swimming and top up our tan there.

31 October 2017

After the project in Newcastle and Canberra, I traveled to Byron Bay. Byron Bay is quit smal the are just the beach and an lighthouse, but in the town there sweat streets with lovely restaurants and cafes. I spend only two days in in Byron Bay because I had a surf lesson there, that was so good. My surfing level was better than I was thinking about this. I was the best surfer in the whole course

21 October 2017

Today I was so a good feeling because I can slept out. After my got up time I booked my Accoumadition and it’s so amazing. I mean there are Tenniscourt on the roof. Fucking shit there are tenniscourt on the roof. I hope can playing tennis on the roof court! I booked this by Airbnb. After that I met with my friend from Switzerland, on the “National Museum of Australia”, than we went to the Parlament House of Australia. It was so surprised because that was the most beautiful Parliament House I have ever seen. There are an old Parliament House and an new Parliament House. After that we went to a food festival, it was olso cool. There are a lot of food stores, Japanese, Turkish, French, German and much more. I ate a “Bratwurst with Sauerkraut”😎

20 October 2017

On Friday morning we left Newcastle, it was rained actually a perfect day for traveling, we didn’t missed anything on this day 😊. That was a very long to travel to Canberra. We drove three hours by train and four more hours in the bus it was very comfortable and luxurious. The Volunteers pay for all Accommodation and way to Canberra.

15 October 2017

At Sunday I drove by Train from Newcastle to Sydney 3 hour way and on Sunday it cost only round about 2,40$ for one, on week day 10$. That’s so cheap for 150 km. I met a friend from Language Course his name is Danilo, we went to a Asia Restaurant and ate something. After that we went to Darling Harbour, it is a place to be if you visit Sydney. So many modern skyscrapers and beautiful Yachts. After that we went to an shopping centre because I wanted to buy two beers for other friend, he had birthday for few days ago. After that I gave a call where we can met us. There arrived They is Thafarell Birthdaychild and his wife Nicoly. We had an awesome conservation. He was so surprised about his present. It was worth to visit Sydney 😀

9 October 2017

My first week was startet on “Australian Volenteers” I was so excited because I had no idea what will we do? but it was cool, we drove by car to the working place. We had to plant trees and water them.

18 September 2017

Lucas first Englisch Lesson Hello everybody My English Course started on Monday. At first we had to do an English test for writing , speaking and listening. After that we got the activities offer. After the English lesson we went to Opera House, that was wonderful. On Tuesday we had our first English Lesson, I was so excited but I have a nice class with beautiful students and so friendly teachers. And my English will be getting better. Today we went to City Tower in Sydney that was so brilliant with a beautiful view. I'm so curious what happen the next 2 weeks at my language course. see you Lucas

13 September 2017

at my first week we went to an Nationalpark it was amazing. very nice views, the Nationalpark was maybe 40 min. by car away from Hubert. Not so far. Also we went to Avalon beach for fishing it is next to Hubert, actually is fishing on the sea amazing, but I was afraid that I caught an surfer. That was an big problem for me, but it was okay. We were there perhaps three hours and I caught an Fish. my first fishing time and I caught an Fish, I was excited. We have an dinner meal 😊

12 September 2017

So, I arrived at Monday night, it was a dream Sydney by night 😃. The flight was very confortable, I have a fondness for flying by the plane. The outfit of Steward Crew was very pretty, maybe I find a picture. Singapore Airport was very modern I mean there are sightseeing tours from the airport and a prayer room. I had a lot of time to find the gate for the next flight, (2 hours), In that time I bought an chai and watched tennis on the TV until the boarding-time. Dominic Thiem 💚 he was so amazing. After the boarding time I had to fill the entry requirements, but I didn't had a pen so I waited for the plane and then I ask a steward for an pen. 8 hours later I arrived in Sydney. I got to know an Indian/Australian man he was very friendly, we talked about Australia and it was very interesting. The check out was very easy and no more problems with luggage and the Australian officer.