Europe · 19 Days · 30 Moments · December 2015

Lucas and Erin's Europe Trip

8 January 2016

Caffe. Gifts given to the pope from the Italian soccer team. Carbonara II.

6 January 2016

Last half day in Paris. Palais de Tokyo. "I ♥ JOHN GIORNO"

3 January 2016

The louvre.

2 January 2016

Crepe. Le tour. Etc.
Musée d'orsey.
Stumbled on a (student) movie set.

1 January 2016

Dinner with Spot and Luigi, and then a walk past the Dame.
Assorted Paris. Bread tree. Cemetery. Pastries and street art.

31 December 2015

Montmartre. Sacre-Coeur
I made it through the boulangerie experience with my horrible high school French. And isn't that all that's needed? Chouquettes. 🙌

29 December 2015

Last day in Amsterdam.
Pancake. Statue of Libert(y/ies). Evicted squat. "Appeal to tourists." Krautwurst.
Sandwiches and Leffe. Thrift market. Canal. Stroopwafel. Scientology. Leidseberg.

27 December 2015

Canal. Red squares for free education abroad 🔴 SIM card, finally. "No bicycles, no tourists." Canal dinner boat. It's a trite irony of Amsterdam that its oldest church sits in the heart of the red light district, with window prostitution and a nursery school both visible from the pews.

26 December 2015

"Everything on a Stick"
'Nuff said. Kurdish rally. (Viva Rojava ✊) Yes, we saw the Rembrandts (and Van Goghs) and ate some doner.

25 December 2015

Amsterdam shouldn't work. An incongruous and incomplete synthesis of gaudy tourists seeking red-light delights, a cosmopolitan capitalist metropolis, and a storybook town with canals and bicycles. The short rectangular buildings are both the illustrations on the wrapping paper, and the chocolate bar itself.
Introducing Erin to Jewish Christmas. (Chinese food in Amsterdam)

23 December 2015

"None of that soy, proper milk." ~ Gruff gent Me and my waitress: "What's brown sauce?" "Umm...."

22 December 2015

"Season's Greetings" from the Millennium Bridge.
The Thames.
For some reason I'm continually amazed that drip coffee is an America-only option. I guess Americanos aren't bad, but it's not the same thing.
Tate modern, sausage, the Thames, and meat pie with mash.
Day 2. Sherlock, American dry cleaning, xmas market, the globe.

21 December 2015

Nothing's more British.
Landed with <5 hours of sleep. Found our hostel; more importantly found coffee and a place suitable for public napping.