North America, Europe · 11 Days · 71 Moments · May 2015

La Dolce Vita

16 May 2015

Arrivederci Italia!

14 May 2015

Dinner at Cantina de Miky - final night in Monterosso 😩😩😩
Had to go to La Spezia for a little shopping!
Moody Monterosso. It ended up clearing and being sunny that day, but I liked the drama of the clouds.

13 May 2015

Hiking from Monterosso al Mare to Vernazza

12 May 2015

She got me!
First views of Monterosso al Mare
Florentine humor

11 May 2015

Dinner at Acqua al Dua
Stopped by Greve in Chianti to go by the butcher and cheese cellar
Winery tour and tasting at Il Palagio

10 May 2015

The. Best. Porchetta. Ever. For only €3.
Apartment in Florence
Florence Duomo

9 May 2015

Food! We tried Pizzarium which has awesome Roman-style pizza and suppoli. And then gelato from Fatamorgana (I had a scoop of pineapple and ginger and a scoop of almond, apple and cherry). Delish!!! A few evening shots of the Spanish Steps and Triton Fountain, and of the hotel pool.
We returned to the Piazza di Popolo to visit Santa Maria del Popolo to see the artwork there. Artists work shown here include Raphael, Bernini, and Caravaggio (Crucifixion of St. Peter and Conversion of St. Paul).
On to the next hotel - the Waldorf Astoria Cavallieri
1. Theatre of Marcellus - built for dramas and plays 2. Temple of Portunus, built in 2 BC 3. Temple of Hercules Victor, built in 2 BC
The national monument to Vittorio Emmanuel II ("Il Vittorio"), the first king of a united Italy.
View of Piazza della Repubblica from our hotel
Yes. That is a pyramid in Rome. One of the emperors was so obsessed with Egyptian culture that he decided that he wanted a pyramid as his tomb. The castle-like structure in the background is an original part of the wall that surrounded ancient Rome.

8 May 2015

Found another jazz spot!
More Cacio a Pepe! I'm addicted 😁
Our waiter was giving Shaune the business. First, he couldn't get over her dislike of cheese. Second, he made it clear that in Italy you eat all of your food - she tried to say she was done and he brought back what she didn't eat on a smaller plate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. And gave her a major side eye for ordering a salad before finishing her first course. I was laughing at them the whole night!
Caravaggio's The Fortune Teller. The depth of detail is unreal.
Additional Capitoline Museum pics
View from the museum's rooftop deck
Model of the Temple of Jupiter and the remaining section of foundation wall behind it
Bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius
Hall of the She-Wolf - statue of the wolf that supposedly suckled Romulus and Remus, the twin founders of Rome
Bust of Philip the Arab, who ruled as Emperor from 244 to 248 AD. Never knew someone of Arabian descent was an emperor in Rome!
Bust of Trajan, purposefully showing the stress of ruling the Roman Empire during his time
Capitoline Museums - home of the many sculptures and artwork discovered by various Popes over centuries during renovations, and donated for the viewing pleasure of the masses
The market at Campo de Fiori
Piazza Navona
The Pantheon
Hadrian's temple - now a bank
Piazza del Popolo
Making new friends
Views of Rome and Piazza del Popolo from the edge of the Borghesi Gardens
View of the Piazza di Spagna from the top of the Spanish Steps
Got photobombed by some random kid
Fontana Triton - one of the fountains sculpted by Bernini, with a guest starring role in the movie Angels and Demons. It's a triton balanced on the tails of 4 dolphins, blowing a conch shell.
Palazzo Barberini - houses one of Rome's museums for ancient art
Charity Cafe - great spot for jazz (no cover), not the best drinks. Order wine!

7 May 2015

Dinner at Felice a Testaccio. My primi was Cacio e Pepe - basically fresh pasta with a cheese and black pepper sauce that is a specialty in Rome. Secondi was Roman style oxtails with sautΓ©ed chicory. Dessert - the restaurant's famous deconstructed tiramisu. All accompanied by an awesome local red wine that was less than half of what we'd pay for a bottle in the States. And last but not least, our extra flirtatious almost-waiter. We actually had a different waiter but he kept intruding lol. He remembered me from dining there last year. He let it be known as soon as we walked in how much he loved black women and competed with our real waiter for our attention from that point on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Inside the tomb believed to be for Romulus, one of the twin founders of Rome. After the Roman Empire converted to Christianity, it became a church.
Roman Forum
The Flavian Palace and related buildings as they were believed to look back in 400 AD.
Palatine Hill, site of the Flavian Palace and Mussolini's mansion (which is now a museum).
Constantine's Arch
Exhibit pieces from the Terrantica exhibit currently on display in the Colosseum
Il Colosseo
Trajan's Column
Boscolo Exedra Roma

6 May 2015

Best spot in Milan for a quick bite to eat - €2.7 for golden fried deliciousness!
The Duomo Museum
The golden Maddonina on top of the Duomo. It's rumored that the Maddonina was the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty.
The Duomo
Boscolo Milano
Local tastes
Milano Centrale train station
I'm convinced she has narcolepsy. Every time we get on a plane or train, she's asleep.
Crossing the French and Italian Alps

5 May 2015

Soooo they hand out hot towels prior to dinner service on the flight. This guy next to me used it to clean his face and both ears. 😐
Had a moment of mini panic. I checked in online but received a message saying I had to obtain my boarding pass from the ticket counter. No Bueno. I'm flying into JFK, and I'm not trying to exit in order to go to the ticket counter. So we get here. Of course, no one is at the gate. I call customer service and they say we have to go to the counter and come back through security. 😩😩😩However, an airport employee told us to try the Emirates lounge. Bless him. We go to the lounge and talk to the nicest woman ever who is more than happy to print our passes for us (bless her too!!!). I would have DIED if I had to go through the JFK TSA line!
First flight boarded!