United States of America · 29 Days · 46 Moments · September 2017

Loyd & Janet’s trip to Colorado 2017

10 October 2017

Got into Fort Stockton RV Park in time for a good meal @ Roadrunner Cafe, but also found the hot weather. After dinner Janet had to cool off at the pool. Heading to Austin tomorrow to have dinner with Nick then to Home. Been a great trip.

9 October 2017

El Paso to Fort Stockton shorter trip today so we could stop at Roadrunner Cafe in RV Park. On the way had a Cheetos Toast to Tom and enjoyed to 80 MPH speed limit. Open straight roads of West Texas. After a good dinner Janet put her feet in the first pool that was open on this trip. Headed to Austin tomorrow to buy dinner for Nicholas Chance Gilbert.

8 October 2017

South on I25 with destination Home. But will need to make a few more stops. El Paso tonight, Fort Stockton, Austin and Home.

7 October 2017

Watched the gas filled balloons launch for a distance race and the other balloons glowed at night. Pictures cannot show the awesome beauty of the night glow. And of course when you go to a festival you must have a corny dog.
More pictures
More pictures
More pictures
More pictures
What an exciting morning at the Balloon Fest in Albuquerque. Had to get up much earlier than we normally do but well worth it. This was one of the most exciting events we ever attended. The weather was perfect with clear blue sky to show off 500+ balloons. Attendance was estimated at 150,000+ so we were not the only ones there. Being a new comer and not knowing any thing of what to expect we set up in the perfect location. It looked like the show was for us. Little did we know when we set up our chairs that the balloons would be inflated beside and all around us. I developed a crick in my hand from taking about 1000+ pictures.

5 October 2017

Stayed around the bus this morning, Janet was not feeling well. Afternoon got us out for Dinner and she wanted to get here nails done. For Dinner we found a restaurant we knew quite well “Pappadeaux” in Albuquerque. We were treated with a beautiful full rainbow.

4 October 2017

In our travels around Colorado we realized the International Balloon Festival was opening in Albuquerque on the 7th. Janet started calling RV Parks and found us a site. We moved today and will stay through the 8th.

3 October 2017

After the meal had to have dessert and that was ice cream. Janet went shopping and I found a bench over looking a mountain and snow.
Janet and I went back to Silverton for lunch. Decided to eat at the Thee Pitts Again Bar B Q featured on the Food Channel. Mascot of restaurant is a “Flying Pink Pig”. We had the Pull Pork sandwich and it was great 👍.

2 October 2017

Took the day off and did laundry

1 October 2017

Ricky and Johna headed home this morning. We had to move to another RV Park “Westerly RV Park” for next 3 nights. When we arrived had concerns on location but worked out real well.

30 September 2017

Ricky went into Silverton again this morning. We all went to a late Lunch that afternoon.

29 September 2017

Additional photos on trip to Durango
Travel to Durango from Montrose. Very steep and crooked road. A little longer way to travel to Durango but the scenery and foliage was great.

28 September 2017

Trip back to town (Silverton) from Ghost Town.
Ghost Town
Travel up to Gold Mine Ghost Town. 100+ years. First thing out we came up on a moose walking down the road below us.
Big Day headed to Silverton for lunch and going jeeping into the mountains. Visiting a 100+ year old Ghost gold mining town.

27 September 2017

Got to Montrose CO and setup. Ricky came over and told us he heard it was snowing up the road and he was going. So we all climbed into the Jeep going to find the snow. Guess what it was 56 miles into the mountains toward Silverton. Near dark when we found it. Bad drive back in the rain.
Traveled from Colorado Springs to Montrose (north end of Million Dollar Hwy into Silverton). Foliage was beautiful.
Visited Black Canyon before leaving for Montrose, CO north end of Million Dollar Hwy.

26 September 2017

Dinner at Italian Restaurant recommend by a gentlemen at the Air Force Academy. Have to say one of the best meals I ever ate. Even tried fried eggplant (not bad).
Air Force Academy
Visited Garden of the Gods Park

25 September 2017

Traveled South today to Colorado Springs to meet up with Ricky and Johna. They called us after arrival asking us to meet them at the Golden Bee for lunch. A very interesting place as it was an old building in England that was dismantled and rebuilt here as a restaurant. Very nice place and food was good. Then went into Old Colorado City for ladies to shop.

24 September 2017

Weather still nasty but our plans were to visit with Janet’s niece that lives In Denver. She called and asked what we wanted to do maybe go for a hike. We were quick to X that idea and suggested lunch. Her choice was a real treat, Brunch @ “Bacon Social House”. As the name says Bacon 🥓 was the key ingredient for their menu. Started with the sampler tray of Bacon with a side order “Billionaires Bacon”. A bacon lovers dream!!! Each chose something different and tasted each other’s. It was all GREAT!!!😀🥓

23 September 2017

A terrible day here in Golden wet and cold. Was going to visit the Coors Brewery but with the weather decided stay in with a little pizza. As you can see we wanted a big one for all day. Lol 😂Lol 😂 not really. We had the smaller ones that were very good. Watched a marathon of “Law and Order”. A good restful day🌧🌧🌧☔️

22 September 2017

Traveled to Blackhawk for some entertainment. We seen beautiful foliage and mountains during the trip. Blackhawk has several casino and we found Ameristar which is a part of the Lauberge family. Did not win but did get points that counted at home. Beautiful day for traveling.

21 September 2017

Today we leave Estes Park traveling to Golden, CO. Our stay was a true joy full of great weather and beautiful mountains. We decided to visit a local restaurant near the RV park for breakfast. As you can see it was delicious.

20 September 2017

After trip to park went driving around and found several herds of elk. Then after dinner when driving back to RV park came upon a large herd in the yard of a house. The big bull and about 15+ cows.
Trip to Sprague Lake in National Park nice walk around lake.

19 September 2017

More pictures along Trail Ridge Rd and back to Estes Park for food at recommended restaurant (Poppy’s Pizza). Probably the best pizza 🍕 we ever ate. Ate on an outdoor patio with beautiful stream flowing by. A truly spectacular day in the Rockies. 🌞🌞
Trail Ridge Road trip into Rocky National Park

18 September 2017

Wild life calling this evening, went back to Rocky Mt Park to find them. Found several herd of Elk, along with several hundred watchers all on the same small narrow road. The finish to another great day in the Rockies.👍😀😎
Up to another gorgeous day in the Rockies. Earlier we got up 40 degree temperature. Have a nice small stream running around the park across the street from the bus. Decided to burn a steak and sit out side in the 60 degree weather. Now days our vice of the day is a little oxygen now and then. Going back to national park this evening to scout out some animals. Words cannot describe what a beautiful day it is. 😀😀😀🌞🌞

17 September 2017

Got up this morning to 40 degree temperatures. Plus Janet woke me in the night wanting more blankets and heater turned on. After breakfast we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park. We were not the only people headed that way all parking lots was full. Found the fall foliage beginning to pop. Decided to do some hiking around Bear Lake. It was beautiful and not real challenging to hike around, but did rest a few times. Back into town for lunch at Penelope’s Hamburgers, highly recommended. Being a true burger lover they fell short. After the exhausting hike back to RV for a nap. Then the Saints loss and a Toyota 👎 won the NASCAR race but did get a good nap 😴. Had a little rain shower this evening. Good day 👍👍. Gorgeous Day in the Rockies!!!!

16 September 2017

Went to Lazy B Ranch for dinner and show. Food was good old western cowboy food. The show was exceptional with a variety of music and comedy like a Branson Show. Temperature has been dropping and a little chilly for Janet.

15 September 2017

Headed toward Estes Park today. Seen some beautiful country. Got into the park around 2:30pm and had trouble getting an RV spot. Planned on 6 days here and had to accept one spot for 3 days and move to another spot for the next 3 days. Looking forward to visiting the area via car.

14 September 2017

Spending night in Pueblo KOA and yes had to wash Bugs again. Not Love Bugs but plenty of big ones that made a big mess. We do have a nice view looking over the mountains in the distance. Eates Park is our destination tomorrow. Looking forward to getting to the park and all it’s Colorado beauty.
Amarillo, TX brought us to a nice RV park. When we checked in they told us about a limo service that would pick us up for travel to the Big Texan Steak Ranch. The big thing is to try and eat a 72 oz steak, baked potato, salad, 3 shrimp and a roll in 60 minutes. Record was just set by a 100 pound women, 4 minutes and 40 seconds and she eat 3 full meals in the one hour time limit. One guy tried the 72 oz steak, but he was under the influence of alcohol (did not even come close). We had a great evening and meal. Going to Pueblo, CO tomorrow.

13 September 2017

Trip to OK we came upon a Bucee’s and had to have more snacks and sandwiches for lunch. Then over to WinStar “World’s largest Casino” with a beautiful RV park. Had to wash bugs again but not as bad. Going to Amarillo tomorrow.

11 September 2017

Got a late start leaving Lake Charles headed to Bossier City. After hours of washing and waxing the bus we took out 10,000 plus Love Bugs. Not sure what color the bus was when I started washing. But got it cleaned and then over to Margarita Ville for dinner. Tried my luck but it was not there. Heading to WinStar in Ok tomorrow.