Europe · 7 Days · 117 Moments · September 2016

The voyage of Daphne and Louis in Austria...

21 September 2016

Hello Zurich!
Goodbye Prague (Praha)!.
Dear friends, To your relief, as you can see from this photo, our journey is coming to an end. Many thanks for your patience in following and reading the graffitis of our minds. If we shall travel again, we will very likely invite you all to join us at "journi" and share the fun with us. Regards, Daphne & Louis (from the Vaclav Havel Airport of Prague)
The side view.
A faculty of Charles University.
Delicious yummy yum
這是布拉格近年時興小吃,甜甜面包圈,個cone中間还放一杯雪糕,€5一個;若不要雪糕则賣€2.5,裡面個cone涂満Nutella 補数,惊肥您唔死!
The famous astronomical clock of Prague.
Why show this plain and drab door! O! It is the doorway to hell - the marriage registry.
Steve is here too. See his words - or words about him?
One tower at one end of Charles Bridge.
The figure below the king represents the faculty of law.
King Charles IV. He founded the first university in the western world. He was not afraid of intellectuals. He thought the presence of an inteligencia would make the country strong. The university here is named after him, so is the most famous stone bridge here that you just saw below.
Being thrown into the river here.
The confession (告解).
The honourable priest who is honored on the bridge in Krumlov. He was truthful to his oath - his oath of secrecy. He is also honoured here - the Charles Bridge. All statues here are made of stone, except the statues for Jesus Christ and this priest.
紀念披頭四樂隊約翰.連儂的這幅牆,當然是充满 imagin - ati o n 和涂鸦。否則很難IMAGINE。
The John Lennon's Wall in Prague. Does it not bring back your memory of the wall in Admiralty?

20 September 2016

Residence of the bishop.
Prague from height.
Delicious Prague.
First President of Czechoslovakia.
Capturing the St. Vitus Cathedral - one time known as Charles IV Cathedral - from different angles.
Revisiting my friends after 3 years - The Gallantry of Czech Republic - The Guards of the Presidential Palace.
Charles IV - The most adored king of Czech.
O Eve!
Eve cajoles Adam to taste her apple.

19 September 2016

Krumlov from height.
The tragedy of being a good priest. The queen confessed her sins to him (告解). He was loyal to his faith and duty. Not even the king could make him talk. To him, principle had precedence over life. Death was expected. He was thrown into the river at the king's order.
Krumlov resisted.
Photo without words.
Our hotel sits next to a lake.

18 September 2016

Opera House.
Bratislava 最著名的兩個街頭雕像。
The Court of Bratislava.
Music and poetry always go together.
這是給失明人士撫摸的 Matthias 教堂模型。
Matthias Church as renovated by King Matthias.
The Margaret Bridge 的另一邊。
The Margaret Bridge .
裴多菲橋 Petofi Bridge. 記念詩人裴多菲,他一首膾炙人口的經典作品,其中兩句: 「生命誠可貴,愛情價更高,」 其他的你們上 Google 看看吧。
The Liberty Bridge.
Yes. The Goddess of Liberty of 14 meters high holding the palm of victory and peace standing on top of the Liberation Monument of 36 meters high. It was made by Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl in 1947.
The Liberty Statue.
The Elizabeth Bridge. The original bridge here was destroyed in World War II. This bridge is a new design built after the war.
The Szechenyi Bridge or the Chain Bridge because it looks like a Chain at night.
匈牙利的鲜鵝肝扒,雖没法國的出名,但食味也很不錯,價錢也實惠,€19.3一份,還伴一串薯仔片和鲜茄茸,是维也纳的廣東話導遊建議的必吃美食。 這位玩世不恭的導遊此生應沒有白活,歐洲的酒食盡在他掌握中,所以我們雖吃过团餐晚飯,也留肚去吃宵夜鵝肝扒。 Louis吃不了鹅肝,只好飲匈牙利牛肉湯陪吃。Yum yum👍

17 September 2016

Pride of my life - my wife.
Pride of Hungary - Tokaji and grilled goose liver.
Late night Hungarian goulash.
Yes, partly my imagination. It's called the Liberty Statue.
Indeed, Budapest. 這就是聞名世界的歐洲多瑙河的布達佩斯段。
Goddess of love and peace standing at the top of the citadel at the peak of a hill overlooking Budapest (partly my imagination).
Yes, Budapest.
Not knowing what will happen very shortly.
Cava, nothing exciting except when you first glup down a STRUM - the sweet peach taste dynamite.
The dynamite.
An underground lake.

16 September 2016

Seafood broth. My wife says the fish fillets are fresh, soft, tasty and excellent.
It says what it means.
這位是Marie Theresa 女皇,她父親沒兒子,故修改法例讓她可繼承皇位,是奧地利第一位女皇帝,最為人所稱道是她對整個歐洲大陸的政治影響力,她共生了16個子女,都跟歐洲各國聯姻,其中最有名的是Marie Antoinette,即法國最後一位皇后,被送上斷頭台的那位。 Maria Theresa 的兒子努力想打破母親的記錄,他生了18名子女,卻無法打破父親的記錄,因他父親在外也有22名私生子,合共38人,挑戰他確有難度!
St. Stephen's Church - the church of the royal family.
Beautiful show window.
很受巴塞隆拿的Gauldi 影響的百水先生的作品,是廉祖屋。
A photo of the palace at the airport.
Breakfast time in Zurich Airport.

16 September 2016

Also Zurich early in the morning.
Mainland China in the middle of the night.
Zurich in the early morning.