United States of America · 5 Days · 18 Moments · June 2015

Louise's trip to New York

13 June 2015

To end up the day I went to a french restaurant called "Olivier Bistro" on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn . I ate foie gras (yes yes I did) and for the first time of my life I ate a snail ( I know I'm French..)! The food tasted like back home, and the bread was the best I had in America (bread from Baltazar in Manhattan) ! So I totally recommend this restaurant!
For lunch I ate in a ThaΓ― restaurant on 5th avenue in Brooklyn. They were a special event, I'm not quite sure what event it was but looked like a gay pride. But really confusing because they were tons of stands of everything, from food to jewelry to ThaΓ― massage (and I ended up getting my first ever massage in the streets of Brooklyn). It was really interesting!
For the first time in NYC I went shopping, I would have enjoyed doing something else with my day but sometimes you just don't get to choose :) So we went thrift shopping and I ended up with new leather shoes, Levi's shorts and jeggings ! Not bad :) Later I went to another store and got a "Brooklyn" shirt :)

12 June 2015

Before the Guggenheim I ate at a Italian restaurant few blocks away from the museum. Grilled avocado with grilled corn, it was small but so good !!
After the museum I went to the park for a looong walk in Central Park. It's incredible to see how calm and relaxing can be this park in the middle of this huge city. If I closed my eyes I could imagine being in the middle of the country ! It was just georous 😍
Visiting the museum Guggenheim, I don't think I appreciate art enough to enjoy it a lot but it was still interesting to see.
This morning I walked on the Brooklyn bridge. Again it's filled with tourists but more worth seeing than Times Square ! The second picture is a panoramic, click on it ;)

11 June 2015

Discovering time square, this place is only full with tourists. Cool to see but when you think about it, they spend so much money on ads just for tourists, just for an attraction. So idk, king of dissappintibg in a way.. And also the Chrysler building, probably my favorite skyscraper 😍
I went to Grand Central station, it's HUGE. You probably can't realise how huge it is in pictures. And it's beautiful. Then on our way to Times Square I saw the Chrysler building and the Public Library of New York, huge and beautiful buildings.
Climbing On Top Of The Rock to see Manhattan's wonderful view. With on one side Central Park and on the other the skyscrapers such as The Empire state building and the Chrysler building.
Panoramic from the ball field, baseball games are actually pretty cheap compare to football games and we had pretty far but really nice seats !

10 June 2015

I've already spent 1 day in NYC and I'm already falling in love with this city ❀️
First experience in New York's subway on our way to the game at the Yankee stadium ( New York Yankees against Washington Nationals )! The subway actually feels really safe and contrary to what I thought, New Yorkers are actually really nice and friendly and start conversations REALLY easily ! πŸ˜ƒ

9 June 2015

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow!! πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ‘πŸ»
Finally got to NYC, the plane (for whatever reason) was going in circles and gave me an awesome tour of NYC πŸ˜„ Took my first yellow taxi πŸš– And to end the day nicely what about a walk through Brooklyn ? Already falling in love New York ❀️
Bye Wisconsin, goodmorning Michigan !
Captain Louise βœˆοΈπŸ’πŸ»βœˆοΈ
Getting ready for the plane Greenbay-Detroit !! πŸ˜†βœˆοΈ