United States of America · 16 Days · 83 Moments · June 2017

Louise's journi to United States of America

23 June 2017

Once at the airport we were upgraded to premium economy and then given access to the lounge which included 2 free drinks of beer or wine and snacks. Premium economy was great although o still wouldn't choose to pay the extra price, we were given wine before take off, glasses , a menu to choose our dinner from and very attentive air stewardess' needless to say the flight was great but sleep was a little lacking.

22 June 2017

Once our baggage had been removed from the plane we were ushered through the airport and back to the checkin area where we were taken by taxi to a hotel 10/15 minutes drive away called the Westin based at Lake Mary. The hotel was beautiful we were allocated evening meal, breakfast, lunch the next day and a late check out of 2pm. I was quite happy with this d al and excited to spend another day in the sun. The plane was also delayed coming in from Manchester so our pick up was made at 4pm the next day which gave us ample time to enjoy ourselves.
We checked into the airport quickly and got through security with ease and without queuing. On check in we had been advised it was a quiet flight so we would have plenary of room to spread out and relax. There's not much happening at Sanford airport so we headed for the bar to enjoy a drink before take off. Shortly before our boarding time an announcement was made over the tannoy system explaining that the last plane in from Manchester us hit a bird on its way in and as a result had smashed part of the windscreen. A second plane to Birmingham was also scheduled around the same time and as both planes were only half full they had decided to fly everyone into Birmingham and then bus the Manchester people up to the airport. As 2 planes were being combined this meant that they needed 7 volunteers to stay behind an extra day and fly home tomorrow. Following a quick call to Michelle who's looking after Storm and Trixie Chris was off with the passports volunteering our services.
Priorities before checking in at the airport include one last Flippers before home. We have had an amazing time but we have over indulged far too much and certainly need to make some healthy choices when we get home. Long walks and salad is on the menu.
Our journey should have been a total of 4 hours from Savannah to Orlando Sandford Airport. We chose to take the scenic route along the coast line which added around 2 hours to our trip but the scenery was breathtaking. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share with you as I was either sleeping or driving but I can assure you it was stunning and we have chosen a couple of costal spots we would like to come back to.
Alvin eventually met his fate following 3 states and 14 days it was eventually time to say farewell. This made a great breakfast before our road trip South back to Florida and ultimately home.

21 June 2017

Following our wander round the streets and into one of two of the shops it as time for a refreshing drink. Georgia is the peach state so what better to drink than peach sangria it was delightful and very refreshing. One of the pictures (5th look in the background it's not easy to make it out) on here also shows a container ship travelling up the Savannah river and out to see, Savannah has the 3rd largest port in America making the Savannah river very busy with its paddle boats and container ships.
These cars are parked outside the Savannah police station. I love the old cars but alarm find the anti drink and drive advert in the form of half police car half taxi very effective. And yes that is a Coors light in my hand, Savannah is in fact one of eight states in the whole of America where you can drink alcohol in the streets so it felt very rude not to.
Here are some of the buildings we saw during our walk around Savannah. Some of the streets were very picturesque and quaint and the buildings had character and in American terms history. The history of Savannah only date back hundreds of years as supposed to our thousands but it's very interesting all the same.
After another pint and posing with the captain we headed back to the hotel for showers before heading into Savannah as we hadn't really seen much of it and were interested in having a walk round an taking some pictures.
The boat trip was brilliant we both really enjoyed it and seeing the dolphins in their own habitat was magical. It's illegal according to the state law of Georgia to interfere with the dolphins and their habitat in any way. I would love to have swam with them but this too is against the rules. You could however rent a paddle board or kayak and the dolphins will come and swim so close to you so the next time we are over that's exactly what I plan to do they are amazing creatures and so graceful to watch.
Thanks to the Shrimp boat that was making its way to see the ocean was teaming with dolphins 🐬. They were following the boats in the hope they may get some of the entrails the boat was casting aside from it's daily catch. They were very quick so I struggled to get any good pictures of them the captain told us they can hold their breath for up to 15 minutes under water which is also another reason they disappear and then pop up somewhere else.
We head snout in the water way that would lead us straight to the the ocean in search of our dolphin friends we started to see them before even entering the open ocean which made for a promising boat ride.
We stopped for lunch at Cocos overlooking the Dolphin watching boats we were going to venture out on to see them play in the ocean I was so excited but also relieved from the driving duties so I enjoyed 3 pints of land shark which seemed a great idea till the boat felt a little rough ha ha
In the beach was a long pier stretching out into the ocean, at the end of the pier was a fishing tackle and bait stand where you could buy or rent fishing gear. We spoke to one of the fishermen who tells us that shark up-to 5ft are regularly hooked from this pier, the shark have to be released as shark fishing is against all of the rules.
We had enjoyed the previous day on the beach at Hilton Head Island so we decided to visit Tybee beaches which are on an island attached to Savannah, the weather was much hotter and with less rain than the previous day. The beach was being enjoyed by lots of people but wasn't too busy and wasn't over commercialised with brollies and sun loungers to rent.

20 June 2017

Following a lovely Italian meal we watched fireworks over the marina at one of the water inlets on Hilton Head Island. Every Tuesday through the summer they put a firework display on it was beautiful.
After crossing the island we went to the main harbour where the lighthouse is located. In order to get here you have to pay a toll of $6 although there was no parking fee to pay once we arrived. It was busy with people but we had been told this was a good spot to see the Dolphins and that's exactly what we had come for. It didn't take us long. Score we could see them playing in the water, we must of seen 4/5 swimming between some Kayakers it was magical I would love to have seen them closer and am hoping to book a boat trip from Savannah tomorrow to see them close up. At the harbour we enjoyed people watching whilst relaxing in one of the many rocking chairs that were out in the street for anyone to relax in.
We relaxed in a Tiki bar at the side of the beach and watched the day pass us by, a live band was playing all afternoon. It was lovely and relaxing and I've decided if we head this way again I want to stay at the hotel attached to this bar right on the beach at Hilton Head.
We decided to have a beach day and cross the Savannah river to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina since we had convinced ourselves that Savannah was in South Carolina and not Georgia. Hilton Head was beautiful and although it was cloudy and overcast today it was really warm and I enjoyed a great swim in the sea. The sea was warm and the waves were great.
Meet Arnie the most travelled avocado he was purchased in Walmart Florida and has been to both Georgia and South Carolina whilst we were waiting for him to ripen, he has been told this is a one way ticket so he needs to man up and prepare to be eaten!
We enjoyed our breakfast of Krispy Kreme doughnuts although this far into the holiday I am ready for fresh fruit and veg I think we will both be eating salad for a while when we get home, America is great but we love too much of the bad stuff and can still look skinny on the beach.

19 June 2017

We are in a Greek restaurant that was alongside the river it was a welcome change from the food we had been eating. We shared falafel and hummus for starter, for main course I had a chicken kebab and chris ordered pasta marinara however when the food arrived we were both brought kebabs, I thought this was a little strange but accepted this must of been Chris' choice when he ordered vinegar for his chips. The waitress was great and got it sorted pretty quickly.
We ventured out for food, most things are within a walk from the hotel and st first glance it appeared to be very similar to Seattle but warm and sunny. The river savannah runs tight through the centre and boats both pleasure and huge containers ships travel up and down the river. Here are some photos I took whilst we were out and about last night.
We then had a 2 hour journey to Savannah which up until we arrived I believed was in South Carolina but is in fact at the very top of Georgia. The journey was good and we arrived st our hotel for the next 3 nights Thunderbird one of the top 20 Americas greatest retro hotels. The hotel is simple but nice with homemade lemonade and hit popcorn available at all times in the reception area.Breakfast is coffee and doughnuts and free cans of retro Coke and moon pies were left in our room. Very quirky!
We then went to walk the boardwalk I wasn't completely sure what this was but knew it entailed a 90ft observation tower. Chris had signed s disclaimer for this at the start of the day but as I was too busy purchasing tickets I knew nothing about what it entailed. The boardwalk was a pathway through the swampland which was only a foot maybe less from the water which considering we had just heard alligators can jump 6ft is a little crazy. When we reached the end of the boardwalk we climbed the tower, I made it to the top but was a little unsure if the height and you could feel it moving in the breeze. The views from the top were amazing and the camera didn't do it justice all I could see in any direction as far as the eye could see was swamps and wetland it really helps put into perspective how big the wetlands are at Okefenokee.
We then got a close encounter with some of the animals first it was the box turtles they can close themselves up completely into a box. I can't remember what the snakes were but they were of course harmless and un venomous and then we got to meet monster one of the baby alligators. He was around 1 yr old and even at this age could cause some damage so we were only able to touch him rather than hold him, his scales felt all hard but his belly was soft.
After the boat we were taken on a train ride through the swamps to Pioneer Island. Here a village was set up just like the swamp people would have lived in the past. We didn't get very long here before the train blew its horn for everyone to get back on, I had nipped to the toilet when this happened which seemed far away from the train Chris was waiting for me panicking and explained to one of the workers he was waiting for me. When I came out of the toilet my chariot awaited in the form of a golf buggy that took me back to Chris he joked all day I must of bought a VIP ticket and when was my man going to pick me up again lol.
Some facts about the swamp. The Okefenokee is 438, 000 acres of peat filled wetland. It is the largest black water swamp in North America. Okefenokee means land of the trembling earth. The wetlands are home to all kings of birds including, egrets. Cranes, herons. Hummingbirds, woodpeckers and many more. Lizards, frogs, turtles, snakes including diamond back rattle and cotton mouth both venomous and potentially deadly. River otters, black bears and alligators all call this home and we had come to meet them!
We saw lots of different creatures and insects but some I didn't manage to photograph. Here is s collection of the Gators we manage to see. They are really cute as babies but some were huge all the waterways were left open got them to roam completely free there were signs everywhere reminding people these are wild animals and extremely dangerous.
There were spiders like this everywhere, apparently they are called golden silk spiders. They can bite but are non venomous and harmless but looked quite big and scary.
Meet Old Roy, he used to live here at the swamp and passed away due to natural causes.
We went on a boat ride down alligator alley. The swamps were beautiful but I was very mindful of the spiders webs above us and snakes that could fall out of the trees. I didn't sit too close to the edge.
This morning we headed off to Okefenokee Swamp Park, the warnings were everywhere surrounding insect bites and following our recent encounter with mozzies in Saint Augustine we were taking no chances. I had long trousers, full shoes and a jumper yes a jumper in 40c and Chris had long trousers, hoodie and crocs with socks ha ha yes I promised i wouldn't tell anyone. We were covered in skin so soft and Deet to keep the little monsters at bay. The signs on the way in made me feel a little apprehensive and I considered putting my hood up. The swamp experience would involve a boat ride, train ride and a walk on the boardwalk which we knew very little about however Chris had signed a disclaimer for us both which I never read so have no idea what I had let myself in for.

18 June 2017

This is the effects of my afternoon roast, I am blaming Chris for his workload I have to have someone to blame for my stupidity. I could also bame Sophie Kinsella she wrote the book I am currently reading and am hooked on.
We decided on a lazy day today as Chris had sone work to catch up on and the weather being so nice I decided a lazy day round the pool with my book would be awesome. When I had d coded I had roasted enough we headed back to the bar from last night where I sampled Gator Tail a mind a Rib Eye Steak l. The gator tail was a little bit like Chicken and Pork but mildly fishy. Chris enjoyed it so now I can say he only eats Pork and Gator lol. Chris enjoyed mozzarella sticks and stuffed salmon for his main course.
Breakfast was self service and consisted of fruit, juice, cereal, toast, eggs and homemade waffles. After studying the Americans making them I guessed I could give it a go. Here is mine and Chris' attempt they were lovely and we shared one I'm not sure how you could eat a full one of these.

17 June 2017

After arriving and checking into the hotel we went to a local bar and had a beer, the bar was packed with it being Saturday but we did manage to find 2 seats at the bar and sampled local beer made in Georgia called long ridge, it is a pale ale with a fruity citrusy flavour. The bar maid Laurie was lovely she was very busy but impressed us by never allowing anyone to sit with an empty glass a remembering everyone's name although she must have put this in the till as you can see on the receipt. We then ordered the biggest pizza in the world and headed back to the hotel for pizza and a movie in bed. We were both feeling tired and guessed an early night would do us both good. Papa Jons pizza was amazing but I was defeated after half.
So we finally made it to Georgia the 2nd state of our trip. We are staying in Waycross around 5 miles from okefenokee swamp, this is one of the largest swamp lands in North America and we were hoping to visit whilst we are in town. The hotel was average but as expected, it had a pool, some of the other residents are loud till all hours I described it a being in a ghetto but it's fun.
Before leaving Saint Augustine for good we headed to the North Island which was called Vilano Beach the South Island was called Anastasia Island and this is where the lighthouse was located. I have added a map to show you. Whilst at the winery the other day one of the employees prior to testing all the wines and not buying anything gave us some recommendations of places to eat, one of them was a place called Aunt Sally's so this is where we went for our food it was in a beautiful location and the food was good!
Following breakfast we packed up the car and went for a final stroll round old town Augustine. You can see from the Spanish military medicine museum that pets are welcome and this was very much the same in all the museums I had seen is Saint Augustine. America seem to be much more doggy friendly than us, I had however also seen at least 4 owners pushing dogs in prams this I find a little weird especially if the dog is capable of walking although I am sure Storm dog would approve. Just before we left Saint Augustine the pirates landed again I think we left just in time they looked quite mean.
This sign was at the entrance to the hotel I had to go and ask at reception if it was ok for Chris to come in.
We were given the opportunity to sit on the balcony and enjoy breakfast but considering my 15 mozzie bite look like this and I have self diagnosed myself with skeeter disease we sat inside and enjoyed a sausage quiche and fresh fruit. The breakfasts here have been great, you get whatever's cooking but it's nice to have a variety.

16 June 2017

We sat in the local Oak Park Music Venue eating ice cream and listening to the live band that were playing it was a lovely place to sit as the sun set watching people dance and have fun. We stayed a while before heading to another bar. Lots of the bars here have live music of a weekend and the town was buzzing with people.
This is the view from the balcony we chose to sit on to have our evening meal. Saint Augustine is beautiful and we would definitely visit again in the future.
Walking round the old town was lovely all the shops were quirky and individual. The streets were narrow which is unusual for America. You could smell coffee, cakes and all the other delights some if the other places were selling.
This is Magnolia avenue which was named due to the magnolia trees that lined the road, unfortunately they all died and were replaced with live oak trees. The live oak trees complete with their trailing Spanish Moss act as a natural canopy. This road has been used many times for tv and film. Unfortunately due to restricted growing space and damage caused by hurricanes the trees and their canopy is starting to thin.
Meet the senator he is the largest live oak tree in Augustine and possibly North America. The senator is over 600 years old making g him the oldest resident in Saint Augustine.
We then decided to jump on one of the trolleys and visit the worlds tallest cross. The cross is 208ft high, it marks the site where in 1565 the cross of Christianity was first planted in the United States. The cross was erected in 1966 to mark the 400 anniversary of that day. It's built with 70 tonnes of steel plates and the bottom third is filled with concrete to prevent toppling by hurricanes. It is called the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche.
Following all the pirating we were tired an in need of refreshment so stopped off at a bar close by to shelter from the rain.
We then visited the Pirates and Treasure Museum. St Augustine was subjected to many pirate attacks back in the 1700. I never realised Sir Francis Drake was a privateer (pirate commissioned by the British government) in fact he had a 3 day spree here burning down the town and robbing people he was knighted after returning to Britain with his riches. There were a few British born pirates some of whom were hung for their crimes and left hanging at the gallows for years along the side of the Thames in London. The museum was full of treasures said to have been recovered from pirates throughout the years. I was locked in the ships hold, fired a cannon fending off approaching pirates, raised the jolly Rodger flag warning another boat I was a pirate and attacking once i was close enough they weren't able to fire their cannons, the boat chose not to cooperate so I raised my red flag to tell them their would be no mercy killing all on the boat and sailed off into the distance.
This picture was taken at s little farm shop not far from the hotel. It made me smile.
3 lighthouse keepers were used to run this lighthouse station back when it first opened the Harn family were the first and Mr Harn was the first head lighthouse keeper, he and his family lived here at the station. Once electricity was introduced in the 1930, this reduced to only 2 keepers and then following automation the job of the keeper was made redundant and now the museum look after the lighthouse cleaning the lens daily and painting the lighthouse when needed.
Here are some interesting facts about this lighthouse station, It took 1.2 million Alabama bricks to build it back in 1884. This is a Light house station not just lighthouse. The light at the top weighs more than 2tonnes and is made up of 370 prisms which were taken up separately and then assembled. Each lighthouse is unique and the paint is specified by the government this one has black and white spirals to the right and cherry red at the top. The beam goes out every 30 seconds and all navigational charts are marked with this information including the colour scheme to help the ships navigate.
Today we went to visit St Augustine's lighthouse station based on Anastasia Island.

15 June 2017

We ended our evening at the sunset grill eating coconut fried shrimp. We were both very tired from the day's activities and I was itching from all my bites the American bugs just love me!
The winery is only a short walk from our hotel and little did we know until we arrived their it is he sister winery to Lakeridge just up the road from the villa. The wine was similar but labelled differently, in fact all the grapes used to make the Floridian wine cones from the winery in Clermont in juice form as they don't have the facilities here in Saint Augustine to press find juice the grapes. We tasted all that was on offer but in true Yorkshire style we purchased none, we did have a fun time though. 🍷🍷🍷🍷
Following our lunch and jumping back on the bus to the town centre we walked on the harbour before deciding the best was to finish our day would be with a winery tour complete with tasting.
Following our tour we hopped on a free shuttle bus and headed to the beach, we decided to find refuge from the hot sun and find food as it was now late afternoon and we were starting to get hungry. I enjoyed beer, corn fritters, jerk chicken and seasoned fries, chris too enjoyed a beer with mahi mahi fish marinated in Havana sauce served with sweet potatoes and cinnamon dip with Caribbean rice. As you can see we did finish it off with cake, Chris' cake was called monster cake and as you can see it certainly lived up to its name.
We bought a trolley ticket to help us get round town. The trollies operate daily 9am - 4:30pm everyday. The gave 23 stops throughout St Augustine picking up and dropping off at land marks and museums, we did the full circle which took us an hour and 25 minutes. The buildings here are old and full of history and stories. The trolley tickets were $23 and will last for 3 days we can hop on and off at anytime. At night all the trollies become ghost trollies taking tourists on ghost trails round the town. I am intrigued but it's not my idea of fun so I will leave that for other people to enjoy whilst I concentrate on fine food and wine.
We woke this morning and had a lovely breakfast of fruit and eggs Benedict it was lovely and hopefully enough to keep us going through the day.

14 June 2017

We arrived at Saint Augustine at around 21:30 and checked into our hotel the Penny Farthing. The people who own it are British the man from Leeds and the lady is from Hull but they seem to have lived in the states many years originally Texas. The hotel is beautiful and very different but I could liken it to a sleep over at Grandmas, I can imagine the Americans love this though with it being so different. The hotel is surrounded by balconies all around with seating available we did sit out for a little while but were getting eaten to death by mozzies my current bite count not including the fire ants is 13!!
Rather than follow the interstate 95 we headed onto the coast road and stopped off at Flaglers Beach. Flagler is a massive part of the history of this part of Florida as he built the railroad right from New York to Florida Keys passing through these little towns.
The last time we were in Florida together we went t a place called Yellow Dog Eats thy were voted as the best pulled pork sandwich in Florida. Following our day of cleaning we were hungry and discovers that 2 hours into our journey took us close to another Yellow Dog Eats not far from New Smyrna beach around and hour and a half South of our final destination. The food was as delicious as I remembered.
The road trip has begun...... we are headed North to Saint Augustine for 3 nights. Saint Augustine is said to be one of the oldest towns in America and has its own fort. We passed lots of these signs but sadly or thankfully we didn't meet a bear.
We woke early this morning and could feel the effects of last nights shenanigans. We had cancelled the cleaners for the villa and were planning on getting it ready ourselves, it made sense since we had done most of it anyway. Here is a picture of the master with its new bedding and curtains. Check out my towel and toilet roll folding I may have to be careful or the management company will be poaching me to be chief towel folder 😂😂

13 June 2017

The neighbours came round for farewell drinks. It got a little messy and consisted of beer, salted caramel vodka, frozen cocktails and pudding shots. Pudding shots are amazing and pending purchase of suitable ingredients at home I plan to become the pudding shot queen they were amazing. They basically consist of pudding mix with whipped non dairy cream and alcohol I tested, chocolate and banana, caramel Amarula and pumpkin and spice they were so good and a modern twist on vodka jellies.
Meet Paco he came to visit and tested Lucky Dog Deli treats, he won't normally allow you to feed him by hand but was more than happy for one of those delicious treats we have another ambassador.
This little fella has made a home for himself in one of our neighbours' porches. He was massive but beautiful to look at, I'm glad he didn't decide to jump whilst I was taking his pic!
The afternoon consisted of a swim,repurchase of alcohol in preparation of the neighbours coming over and a few jobs round the villa.
This morning we got up early as we had taxes to pay ,when we tried to do it the other day they were queuing out of the door so we planned to be there when it opened at 08:30 and then have breakfast out. We decided on a local cafe Kekes and both opted for an omelette which was served with home fries (sliced potato) it was really good. I keep saying I fancy a proper American breakfast of waffles or pancakes but I haven't brought myself to do it yet although the table opposite did and they looked lovely topped with fresh fruit and cream mmmmmm.

12 June 2017

So today consisted of hanging curtains and moving furniture to clean and vac underneath not my first choice of plans but needed doing and felt very accomplished once done. I was treated to a delicious meal at our favourite restaurant D'Antonios in Celebration. We had a glass of Beringer and enjoyed a stroll round old town. Old town is full off novelty but themed shops it's really quirky although very touristy but nice to have a look all the same.

11 June 2017

So following copious amounts of alcohol mainly Beer and Margaritas (Dargaritas potent family recipe) we decided to venture out into the lake. Jen and Bills house sits on the lake and they have their own jetty, Bill likes to fish early morning and some of the good food eaten was fish caught here called Crappy pronounced Croppy. I took one of the kayaks out and even took a fishing rod and sat eagerly awaiting a fish bite not sure what I would do should I get a bite but had visions of being pulled into the reeds I certainly didn't fancy sharing my Kayak with a flapping fish! Anyway it wasn't a problem I would have to face as I didn't get a bite with the exception of the turtle reed I kept bringing up. I loved been out on the lake and could quite happily adapt to a way of life like this. We didn't see any Gators here although I'm sure there were plenty around...... people regularly swim here and I too was happy going in the lake although knowing my luck with bites I would be the one!
Kevin and Emma my American biscuit testers approved the Lucky Dog Deli Treats although like most dogs they like everything except snow peas and celery so they would of been really bad to be rejected!
So the picture you can see is the fire any nest I decided to stand on whilst attempting to view a turtle, I never got to see the turtle but the fire ants were an experience...... Fire ants were imported to America in the 30's they bite and sting and release a pheromone to one another so they do this at the same time ouch!!!! After looking on the internet I think I got off lightly and thank goodness I had shoes on and not flip flops. It's all in keeping with the usual tradition of Louise getting bit, I should be an expert on bites by now!
We reached the canals and were lucky enough to see 2 baby gators and a very large gator ......let's put it this way if he'd of decided to get out to say hello I may have broken a sprint record he was huge!!!! Unfortunately or fortunately I didn't get close enough for pictures but at a guess I would say he was between 8-10 feet.
We saw lots of wildlife on our walk, black racer snakes, butterfly's, spiders, lizards, vultures and I even had a close encounter with some fire ants ....... more to follow
Today we met Bill and Jen and their two boys Tate and Liam (used to live be next door to the villa). We went for a walk at Lake Apopka. It was so hot and humid. Tate decided to run some of the way and I'm sure he looked much fresher than I did following his run in the heat. Lake Apopka is the third largest lake in Florida we didn't see much of the lake as we walked through the woods our main purpose was to head to the canals in search of Gators!

10 June 2017

Today we discovered a new favourite, Culvers a similar experience to McDonald's but so much better, their concrete mixers were similar to a McFlurry but you could choose exactly what goes into it, Florida is so not good for my double chin or non existent waist line.... the temptation is too much I will resign myself to salad, fruit and veg when I get home.

9 June 2017

The view down highway 27 coming away from Clermont heading towards Four Corners.
Can you believe you can buy, a tyre for your car, a gun, inflatables for the pool and your groceries all in Walmart .......I will meet you in the tyre isle!

8 June 2017

First stop was Flippers the greatest pizza shop ever. They do the most amazing folded pizza mmmmm They are only in Florida but they have 17 restaurants .
So here we are in Florida, we got through security within an hour which is our fastest time yet. Bags were fairly quick and we headed to our last stop point through baggage control and the guard spots chris' tshirt. He calls someone on his radio to come and take a look saying this guy thinks he's coming in wearing this. He then calls for the dogs to smell our luggage thankfully they didn't sniff out the peanut butter and banana dog biscuits I had freshly baked the night before.