Australia · 63 Days · 63 Moments · April 2017

Lottie's journi to Australia

17 June 2017

We started today by abseiling down a 25m rock face which was really cool and a lot of fun! Then we walked down to the creek and spent some time there in the sun! After that we moved on to natures window which is naturally formed and has an incredibly view! After lunch we stopped at shell beach which was cool and finally watched the sunset before heading to our accommodation for a BBQ!

16 June 2017

Today we started our 4day 3night trip to monkey Mia and then back to Perth! We stopped first at the national park where the pinnacles are, there are a couple of theories how they were formed. One is that they are the remains of old tree trunks which where conserved by the sand which built up, eventually the wind blew it all away which is why you can see them now! After a lunch stop we stopped to see the HMAS Sydney II memorial in the town of Geraldton and it was beautiful, there's is a bird on the memorial for every person who died. Finally we headed to our accommodation which was on a farm in the middle of nowhere for a campfire and marshmallows!

15 June 2017

Today we got a ferry over to rottnest island where we hired bikes for the day! The weather was lovely and there are over 60 different beaches and also lakes in the middle so there was plenty to explore! The island is also home to the quokka's which were very cue and also very friendly! I went for a bit of a paddle whilst Ed went for a swim and the sea was so clear so it was really lovely, especially in the sun!

14 June 2017

Unfortunately the tour we where meant to be doing today got cancelled because there weren't enough people booked on! But this did mean we could have a walk around and do our food shopping for before and after our monkey Mia's trip!

13 June 2017

We packed up everything this morning ready to fly to Perth and had to get rid of a few bits like the coolbag and all of the cooking bits we had collected like oil! We landed at 5:30 local time which meant we gained an hour and a half

12 June 2017

Today we got a bus towards the coast and did a sky challenge! It was like a go ape but a big metal structure and you had 2 hours to do as much as you wanted! It was awesome as some of the rings you could do were really original, they had a swing on the top level and you could play swing ball against each other whilst trying to keep your balance! At the end you jump of the end attached to a cord which was fun!

11 June 2017

We got woken up in the early hours of the morning by a fight in the corridor, there where some sports teams staying in the hostel and it was their last night so they had been out drinking! We waited until it got quiet to go to the toilet and there were 5 policeman in the hallway! After lunch we headed to a go karting place which had an indoor and outdoor track and it was awesome!

10 June 2017

Today we made the most of the free bike hire in Adelaide and cycled from the city to Henley beach along the river! It was 12km each way and the bikes really weren't that comfy but it was still great fun! We enjoyed a lunch by the beach before cycling back to Adelaide to find a pub because we thought we deserved it!

9 June 2017

After a the last few long and busy days we just had a nice relaxed day today, playing pool and wandering around Adelaide!

8 June 2017

We where up early again this morning and being in the mountains we even had to defrost the bus! We drove about 10mins up the road following a kangaroo which hopped along the middle before going for a hike up one of the mountains which was a great way to start the day! We had over 500kms to travel so we didn't do much else except lots of little stops and we did a bit of time travelling at the border between Victoria and south Australia where there is 1/2 hour time difference! We played hangman and squares on the window using glass pens which kept us entertained for hours! When we arrived in Adelaide we had KFC for dinner so I'm sure grandpa would be happy!

7 June 2017

We had a nice early start this morning and headed to some awesome rock formations! The wind was freezing because there's nothing between the coastline and Antarctica and you could really see how that had weathered the rocks! One bay was where a ship had wrecked and only 2 people survived by crawling into a cave! Another area was called London Bridge (I didn't see the resemblance!) because it used the be connected to the mainland like a bridge before finally getting too thin and crashing down! Then we went to the grotto which is where the waves have carved a hole out of the rock! After that we headed to lunch at Tower Hill which is a dormant volcano and had a walk around the park there! After that we headed into the Grampians, here we went to a cultural centre about aboriginals which was really interesting! Then we went to see Mackenzie falls before finally heading to a lookout to watch the sunset in the mountains!

6 June 2017

Today we started our great ocean road tour! The road was built after the First World War by soldiers and in some cases they literally had to hang of the side of cliffs and carve the road out of the cliff side because previously there was no route between Melbourne and Adelaide! It is therefore the longest war memorial in the world! We stopped in a surfing town first and went to some ripcurl outlet stores before heading off down the road, after stopping at a few lookouts for pictures our next stop was Kennet river. Here there were wild parrots which came and sat on your shoulders and koalas everywhere in the trees! We then stopped for lunch in apollo bay before going to Otway national park to walk through a temperate rainforest! The area is a national park because they have carnivorous snails which are an endemic species so only found there. They also have the second tallest trees in the world! Finally we went to the twelve apostles rock formations to watch the sunset!

5 June 2017

We had a lazy morning and did some washing ready for our great ocean road tour! Then we went rock climbing in the afternoon which was something different and fun! There is a really cool centre in Melbourne which you pay $30 for a day ticket so you can climb as many times as you want and there where loads of different walls!

4 June 2017

I got up to go to the toilet this morning and came back to find a lot of balloons and a birthday banner which was a nice surprise! We even had birthday cake for breakfast! Then we went to the eureka tower for some great views over Melbourne and the river! Whilst we were up there we did the "edge" experience which was essentially a glass box which slid out the side of the building so we were stood looking down! Then we had a walk along the river and saw the Melbourne grammar school boat house! After that we had a drink by the river and then went to a nice italian for dinner followed by a rooftop bar!

3 June 2017

We went back to the markets this morning to pick up some bits we had seen yesterday, but didn't manage to get to before the shops shut! Then we had a walk around the CBD before going to the Australian moving images centre which was really cool because they had lots of the old video games like Pacman and space invaders. Plus there was also loads of information about how they make cartoons and things like that! On our way back we found some more cool street art including one of a couple of owls!

2 June 2017

Today we had a look around queen Victoria market which is the biggest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere so there was so much to see! I brought a few souvenirs and got a personalised passport case

1 June 2017

I found a self guided tour online that went around some of the street art in Melbourne which we decided was a good way to see a lot of the city which you wouldn't normally see! Some of the stuff he map suggested seeing had actually been painted over which made it a bit confusing at times but we found lots of other bits! Some of the street art was detailed and amazing especially on hosier lane where all the walls where completely covered and some of it is actually commissioned by the council! It was cool to see all the little laneways which had a lot of little cafes so we stopped for a hot chocolate!

31 May 2017

We arrived in Melbourne pretty early this morning so luckily when we got to the hostel our room was ready which meant we went back to sleep for a bit because even though I slept on the coach it's never the best nights sleep! We went for a bit of a walk round and then sorted out our food for the week! After that we made the most of the cinema room the hostel had because he weather wasn't that great!

30 May 2017

We had a nice relaxed day today, we had to check out this morning and we watched the rest of a film we started earlier in the week! We went out for a walk around at about lunch time to sort out something for dinner and then we went back to the hostel! We went out for a walk around in the evening before getting our overnight bus to Melbourne!

29 May 2017

We went to Taronga zoo today where we fed giraffes and also saw the 3 day old baby elephant which was really cute! We also did a couple of high wire courses which are over the zoo which was a lot of fun and some of them were quite hard!

28 May 2017

This morning we did a helicopter tour over Sydney which was a surprise I didn't know about for my birthday and it was amazing! We flew over the bridge and the harbour out to all the beaches and we also saw whales in the distance! That took up most of the morning so we headed over to bondi beach in the afternoon and it was nice to see such an iconic and well known beach!

27 May 2017

We had a blue mountains trip today! We started at a wildlife park where we fed kangaroos and pademelons! We also saw koalas, wombats and dingo cubs! Then we headed over to the mountains where we did 2 walks, one to wentworth falls and then by the three sister mountains! The views were amazing and the tour guide had lots of cool stories to tell us! We also saw one of the worlds most poisonous spiders the funnel web spider and lots of other cool birds!

26 May 2017

We finally arrived in Sydney after a pretty horrible night bus! After about an hour of being bounced out of our seats because something was wrong with the air or suspension the bus driver pulled over and we waited for a mechanic! 2 stops and a lot of hours later it was finally fixed and we missed out a few places to go a more direct route and only arrive 3 1/2 hours late! We got the ferry over to manly beach from our hostel for the afternoon and on the way back we saw whales which was really cool! Then after dinner we went back down the harbour to see the lights from the vivid festival which was amazing on the bridge and especially the opera house!

25 May 2017

We checked out this morning and went for a walk down to the jetty before going back to the hostel for lunch! Then we went stand up paddle board on the creek which was great fun and really relaxing, we even saw a massive sting ray in the water which was cool!

24 May 2017

We arrived in Coffs Harbour late last night to break up the journey to Sydney! We used the free body boards and surf boards this morning and went over to the beach with a group to give it a go but the waves weren't that great! We walked to the supermarket in the afternoon which was quite a way so took up a lot of the afternoon, then we just chilled and played pool for the rest of the afternoon!

23 May 2017

We were meant to be diving this morning but unfortunately we got a text saying all dives for the day had been cancelled due to the conditions which was annoying as it's supposed to be one of the best dive sites in Australia! We went for a walk along the beach instead to the lookout by the pass where everyone was surfing

22 May 2017

We went sea kayaking again this morning but this time in the sun! Once again we didn't see anything but it was still great fun! It was a lot more difficult to get out past the waves today because there was a really strong current which also meant everyone got tipped out by the waves on the way back in! This afternoon we got the call to say that weather was right for hang gliding so that was what we did! It was awesome and during my flight we had a sea eagle flying around below us! You land on the beach as well which was pretty cool!

21 May 2017

Once again the forecast for rain was wrong so we woke up to blue skies and headed down to the beach to make the most of it! We headed back to the hostel for lunch and then Ed went to have a surf lesson, I went for a nice walk around the shops in Byron and then the whole way along the beach watching everyone surfing! We went back and chilled on the hammocks at the hostel which was a nice day to finish the day!

20 May 2017

The weather forecast said it was a 90% chance of rain for most of the day today but we woke up to blue skies and no clouds! We went and spent the morning at the beach to make the most of it! It clouded over a little by in the afternoon so we planned what we want to do in Sydney and booked that all up!

19 May 2017

This morning we went sea kayaking in the hope of seeing dolphins! We only saw them on the horizon so the company logged the outing as no sighting meaning we can go again for free another time! It was a bit drizzly but it was still nice and warm and the water felt really warm in comparison! Getting out past the waves was hard work but really funny because you have to try and hit them straight and keep paddling otherwise they are likely to tip the kayak! I got a lot of mouthfuls of sea water from the waves being sat at the front! Once we were past the waves it was great fun and surfing back in was even more fun! It was still drizzly in the afternoon so we didn't do that much!

18 May 2017

We got up super early this morning to walk up to the lighthouse which is the most on the most easterly point of Australia to watch the sunrise! It was amazing and definitely worth the early start and walk although it was a bit confusing trying to work out where to go in the dark! But we had walk over 7km by 7:30am! We were meant to be diving this afternoon but there was an issue with Ed's dive medical so we managed to move it to early next week as we didn't have anything booked up for them yet so hopefully we can get it sorted out!

17 May 2017

We had a walk around Surfers this morning after we checked out because our bus wasn't until midday, it was nice to walk along the beach and we saw the focus tower. This is where they did the I'm a celeb plank walk! We've moved on to Byron bay this afternoon and we've just had a bit of a walk around and a sit down by the beach watching the people surfing this evening!

16 May 2017

At sea world we also found out some more about the rescue programme they have in place and if they rescue an animal it is up to the government whether or not the animal is returned to the wild or taken in to live at sea world! We also saw penguins from the artic and watched fairy penguins being fed. They are the smallest breed of penguins and they live in Australia. We had lunch with a view overlooking the dolphins playing in their pools and we also saw seals, and polar bears so it was an awesome day out which we finished of by watching the jet stunt extreme show!
Today we went to sea world to make the most of the ticket we brought for wet'n'wild as it included entry to some of the other parks! We started by going to a sea lion show which was quite well put together and the sea lions were so well trained! Then we went to the ray pool and touched the rays and some of them were huge! Next we went over to watch the affinity dolphin show which was my favourite part of the day and so good we went twice! They started by one of the trainers coming in on a dolphin, she then dived under the water and when the dolphin jumped up in sent her flying up into the air as well which was really cool! It was amazing how well trained the dolphins were and they knew exactly what everything hand signals meant from splashing, spinning and waving their fins to being able to go and dive and do flips and spins perfectly in time with each other! They also jumped over the trainers and it's incredible how high they can jump!

15 May 2017

We went to wet'n'wild water park today which was great fun!! We got there before it opened so we where one of the first in! They had some really cool slides including one of the ones were you stand upright in a tube and the floor drops out from underneath you, then you slide down and do go around a loop! The also had some really cool slides were you sit in a ring and have a zero gravity drop and then go straight up the other side which was my favourite slide of the day! We went on all the slides and most of them more than once and we hardly had to que at all!

14 May 2017

We moved down to surfers paradise today which was a nice short coach journey, especially compared to the lengths of the journeys when we were further north! The hostel seems nice but the hotel it's linked with is a bit of a building site at the moment so hopefully it won't get too noisy!

13 May 2017

It was pretty cloudy today but we spent the whole day walking around Brisbane! We went on the big wheel on the Southbanks which had pretty good views over the river and city! Then we got the free ferry to the other end of the river and hired the city bikes to cycle back up to where we were staying, it only cost us $2 and it was a really nice cycle!

12 May 2017

We moved on to Brisbane today and found that the hostel had a really nice seating area on the top floor overlooking the river and the city which was cool and made a great view when we where eating in the evening!

11 May 2017

We headed down to the beach today with the body boards that the hostel supply! The weather was great and the waves were awesome, but only if you were in the right place and timed them right otherwise you got destroyed as they were pretty big...! We had a nice lunch in town opposite and sweets and chocolate shop where they were making sweets so we went in to have a look and found some pretty cool chocolate! We then had an ice cream and headed back to the beach to sunbathe and go back in the sea again!

10 May 2017

We had a surf lesson this morning, the waves were pretty big because of a cyclone which is sat out at sea somewhere but they were much more uniform than at carrownisky which made it a bit easier! I managed to stand up a few times as well which was really fun! We spent the afternoon relaxing at the hostel and watching a movie which was very nice because everything has been so busy so far! Then we had a walk around town to sort a few bits and pieces out

9 May 2017

Today we did a trip down the Everglades! It was an 80km round trip up the river to the freshwater area which forms the Everglades! To get there we had to cross some lakes which were only 3ft deep. When we got to or tea stop half the group got into canoes and canoed down to where we were having lunch, we got back onto the tour boat and headed to the area of the national park where we had a BBQ lunch! After lunch the groups swapped over and we canoed back up to the tea stop which was hard work against the wind! Unfortunately the wind also meant we didn't get to see the glassy reflective water that the river is famous for! It was still a great trip though

8 May 2017

Today we packed up and headed down to our next stop which was Noosa! We checked into flaskpackers where we are staying and got the food for the week sorted and a few more bits booked before watching a movie in the evening!

7 May 2017

We had a nice early start for our last day on Fraser Island and it was pouring with rain! We got in the trucks and drove up the beach to the Maheno wreck which was washed to shore over 70years ago! Luckily once we got out the cars to have a look it stopped raining and cleared up to beautiful blue skies for the day! We then headed over to lake wabby which was a 2.5km walk from the beach into the sand dunes. The lake is on a massive sand dune or sand blow like the ones we saw when we flew over the Island, after lunch we headed back across to rainbow beach for a good nights sleep in a proper bed!

6 May 2017

Today we went to Eli creek which is a lazy river we floated down on rubber rings in the sun! The water is so naturally pure and clean that we filled up all the water containers and bottles here for the day! We where about to leave and we had the opportunity to go for a scenic flight over the island which was really cool because the view along the beach was amazing and over the island you could see the butterfly lake which you can't reach by land! In the afternoon we headed to the champagne pools where the sea hits a rock ledge and bubbles over and then up to a view point over the island before heading back to camp to cook steaks for dinner!

5 May 2017

We went over to Fraser Island today for the first part of our trip! Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and there are no roads in the island so it was a self drive 4x4 tour, this means we were put into groups to drive in convey for the weekend but unfortunately we were too young to drive! When we got over to the island we started by heading down the beach to our lunch stop where we saw a dingo! Then after lunch we headed further into the centre of the island to lake Mckenzie, this is a perched lake which means it's on top of sand dunes and the water was so pure and turquoise blue on the white sand! We then headed to our campsite for the evening to cook dinner!

4 May 2017

We had a 15hour overnight bus journey from airlie beach to rainbow beach which I was very glad to get off at 10 this morning! We didn't do much today because we had to wait around to check in and then we had a safety briefing this afternoon ready for our Fraser Island tour tomorrow

3 May 2017

We were picked up at 5:30am this morning for a skydive over the whitsunday islands! The plane took off at 6:30am and we made our way up to 6000feet where 2 people jumped out, then the door was shut and we continued up to 14000ft which is where we jumped from! My favourite bit was the first part of the free fall where you are spinning and you fall really quickly! I also got to steer before we landed and the view was amazing! I really want to do another one already!

2 May 2017

We went out for a really nice dinner last night at a little cafe restaurant and the food was lovely! Today we had a bit of a lie in then went shopping for food for the next few days this morning and booked up a few more trips for further down the coast including sea kayaking with dolphins! We spent the afternoon on the beach and now we are packing up ready for an early start again tomorrow!

1 May 2017

We've been on the Atlantic Clipper sailing the whitsunday islands since Saturday afternoon for 2 nights! We didn't do much on the first afternoon just got to know people a bit and enjoy ourselves! On the Sunday we spent the day on Whitehaven beach, the sand is among the purest in the world as it's 98% silicon and the only people allowed to take sand from the area are NASA for the Hubble telescope! We went for a walk in the morning and spent the afternoon enjoying the sun on the beach, then we went back to the boat and moved around to a quieter bay for the night! We saw a wild dolphin in the night swimming around the boat and then there was quite a party for the rest of the evening! This morning we went on their giant inflatable slide which was great fun!

27 April 2017

Today we went for a walk around the Forts on magnetic island and spotted some wild Koalas! It was a really nice walk with great views! Then we went over to horseshoe beach for a swim but they didn't have the stinger nets out so we had an ice cream and headed back to read in the sun st our hostel!

26 April 2017

Today we got the ferry over to magnetic island and then got a bus to our hostel! The hostel is right on the beach in one of the many bays on the island! It was very hot when we got here so we got some lunch and then sat by the pool! In the evening we went on a sunset walk up to Hawkins point and the view was amazing, when we got back we had some dinner and then they had a big trivia quiz which was a lot of fun!

25 April 2017

We left Mission beach this morning and moved to Townsville, we got here just after lunch and checked into our hostel which is very nice! We walked up castle hill which was a lot of steps up in the heat but worth it for the view over Townsville! It's also Anzac Day today so everywhere is very busy and it's pretty noisy at our hostel!

24 April 2017

We arrived in Mission beach today for a quick stopover, spent the day sorting out lots of bits and shopping because everywhere will be closed tomorrow for Anzac Day! We also had a look at the beach and then a BBQ in the evening which was nice! We also had a quick swim and then an early night

23 April 2017

On Sunday morning the visibility was poor again and me and Tanya got a bit lost, even though we followed our compasses we somehow ended up the other side of the boat thanks to the current! In the last 2 dives I dived with Ed and we found nemo! We also swam around some lovely bommies and the brief of the dive was to swim around them loads and see how confused we got, we made it back to the boat though! In the evening we went out with a lot of people from the boat including the divemaster whose briefs were very funny and he kept briefing is through the whole evening!

22 April 2017

Part 2: We also saw Brian the massive 150 year old turtle sleeping in his cave and then one of the massive turtles swam over the top of and in front of our group which was awesome and definitely a highlight! We then stopped st a bar 5 metres below the boat and turned our torches of so we could see the sharks swimming around! We had a bit of a celebration in the evening because a lovely Swiss couple got engaged under the water in the afternoon dive and we sat on the top deck looking at the stars and the edge of the milky way which was amazing!
we got up early to do our first dive before breakfast, we completed a few more skills and one other dive which meant we were certified! After lunch we moved to another site and me and Jess dived with Ed and Allen which was fun but it's difficult to keep track of where 4 people are or to get anyone's attention to point out anything like the turtles we saw! We also saw a couple of sting rays and unfortunately didn't make it to the "fish bowl" before we had to turn back! We did dive through some tunnels in the coral as well which was a tight fit in places but very cool! In the evening I did a night dive with my group and instructor, the lights attract sharks and we saw them before we even got into the water! Me and Jess were at the back of the group so they circled around really close to us but they're small and only reef sharks so don't worry Dad! It's the salt water crocs that you need to worry about because you can't go near the sea on most beaches because of them!

21 April 2017

We've spent 3 days on the Prodive liveaboard boat on the Great Barrier Reef, it was very weird when we finally got back to land because everything still felt like it was rocking slightly! On the Friday the crossing to the reef was very very choppy so a lot of people were being sick but I quite enjoyed the trip over! We then did 2 of our training dives and completed some of the skills we had to do to become certified divers, it was really cool to finally be in the sea doing it rather than the pool but the visibility was only 4-5metres so we didn't see too much! In the afternoon me, Jess and Tanya decided to brave the waves and go for a snorkel, it was very hard work with a lot of current despite the shelter of the reef but it was worth it because it was shallow enough for us to see the reef! In the evening we watched the certified divers do their first night dive because you could see where their lights lit everything up and then played some card games with some of the others!

19 April 2017

Spent the last 2 days in the classroom and pool starting my PADI open water diving course and we are off to the reef early tomorrow for 3 days and 2 nights! Breathing underwater took a bit of getting used to but I can't wait to try it out properly in the sea! We had a nice BBQ by the lagoon yesterday evening and finished just in time before one of the tropical showers hit!

18 April 2017

Today we went on a tour to Cape Tribulation, where the Daintree rainforest meets the beach! We went to Mossman Gorge to start with and had smoke ceremony led by one of the indigenous tribes that live in the rainforest. We then went over to the Daintree and crossed the Daintree river by boat and saw a couple of salt water crocs! Then we had lunch and a walk along the Cape Tribulation beach and you have to be careful to stay at least 5metres away from the water because of the crocs! It was cool to walk around the rainforest and see all the mangroves and wildlife that we learnt about in geography. We also stopped to have ice cream which an old lady makes by hand from local fruits and produce and there were loads of different flavours!

17 April 2017

17/04/17 part 2
We went on the rainforests and falls tour today which was awesome! We started at Babinda boulders and had a short walk through the rainforest and then a swim, we moved on to Josephine falls which was really cool because it has a natural water slide which went down the rock gave! Although the rocks were very slippy to climb up and get the top! After lunch we went to Milla Milla falls and we sat behind the waterfall which was cool! The last place we went to was lake Eacham which was a 65m deep volcanic crater with turtles and also one fresh water crocodile, we went for a quick swim here as well because the water was a lot warmer! We've spent the evening playing cards with some people we've met and are getting ready for another early start tomorrow!

15 April 2017

My flight landed slightly early so I got to the hostel by 11 and had a chance to chill out and walk around Cairns to get some lunch before checked in yesterday! We had a free BBQ in the afternoon and then had a walk down to the lagoon because there isn't a beach in Cairns and you can't swim in the sea because it's stinger season! On the way down we saw loads of huge bats as well. Today we've had a fairly relaxed day but we've booked lots of trips for further down the coast so the rest of the month is all planned and booked!