North America, Europe · 9 Days · 41 Moments · June 2017

Lorne's tour through Romania

17 June 2017

Comin' home in style! Thanks London!

16 June 2017

Overnight at Angelo hotel in Bucharest. The owner was in love with jazz so every hotel has a jazz theme.
La revedere Braila!
This morning we visited the Home of Hope childrens' home and the old clinic, the children at HOH have come out of dangerous or abusive situations and into the family of believer parents who live onsite. Most family homes have between 8-12 children.

15 June 2017

We celebrated new believers at the victory service at Holy Trinity Baptist Church on Thursday night, then hosted a pizza party for the new believers and church members!
Sharing the morning devotional and sharing the Gospel in the dental clinic with my brother in Christ Pavel on Thursday.

14 June 2017

Teaching about Noah's Ark at a small church in Ianca, where we were served homemade donuts from Nina!
Sharing the gospel this morning inside the clinic waiting room.

13 June 2017

Tonight we hosted a dinner party for several local pastors who minister to this community. This is a difficult place to preach the truth of grace because of how deep the roots of the Orthodox Church run here, and they deserve to be celebrated for their humble spirit and willingness to serve!
Delivering food baskets, goats, rain boots, and Bibles in the name of Jesus to the poorest of the poor in village communities outside Braila. ❤️🐐
Teaching about healthy brushing, eating, fitness and hand washing habits at Scoala Jon Bancila in downtown Braila. I taught the 5th graders how to wash "over and over the top / in between fingers / where the dirt lingers / over and over the top"

11 June 2017

Memorial service at Metonia baptist church for Gene Jordan, a faithful ServingHIM director, who passed away in September 2016.
Andrew and his family hosted us for an AMAZING traditional Romanian lunch!!
Pastor Joshua of Holy Trinity Baptist Church
At Holy Trinity Baptist Church, the pastor's son who is about Shepherd's age and just as cute, gets up in the middle of his dad's sermon and does the most Sheppy thing ever. He starts banging on the drum kit 😀
Dora, who leads the clinic on the ground in Romania, sharing with our team about Pastor Joseph Stefanuti's legacy and his vision for the Diaconia medical clinic.

10 June 2017

Casting vision and praying over the next phase of the clinic, which will include a surgery and post-op center, education and training facilities and (hopefully) Babe's Chicken Romania as a cafeteria!
Holy Trinity Baptist Church. This is the local church that partners with our clinic.
This Greek Orthodox Church was built in 1860. The plaque states that it is a dedication to those members of the church being held in"Communist dungeons."
This Orthodox Church was built in 1868. No apparent updates have been done (except electricity) so the church is mostly in its original condition. There was a christening happening when we visited. The priest on his cell is a nice touch 😃
Teaching proper brushing techniques.
Glucose and blood sugar checks at the community health fair.
Sharing the Gospel with balloon art!
Breakfast spread
Getting ready for the community health fair!

9 June 2017

A little bit of the Braila landscape.
Wild roses are everywhere here.
Digs and roommates for the week.
No radio edit on Romania radio #dirty
Welp. First time ever-I got sick on the plane from Rome to Bucharest 🤕🤒
Boarding for Bucharest!
Benvenuto in Italia!

8 June 2017

My in-flight watch list: LA LA Land Facing Ali Toy Story 2 BBC World News
A little in flight entertainment!
Dropping daddy off!!
Headed to the airport!!