United States of America · 14 Days · 24 Moments · July 2018

lori's voyage in Alaska, United States of Ame

22 July 2018

Been sleeping since I got home. This is how I feel
Friday July 20, docked in Vancouver. Left ship at 8:30. Got taxi to airport. Flight from Vancouver to salt lake city. Almost missed connecting flight to Orlando. We litterly ran thru airport with no time to spare. Delta great flight, watched some movies. Ron drove home from Orlando. Arrived home 2 am Wonderful trip all around.
Thursday July 19th, out to sea today, ate, walked jogging track. Gave hostess my long sleeve neon shirt she admired. Her reaction was priceless. "You have got to be kidding me "in her Russian accent. She was so sweet. After sit down lunch Rena and I hit the lunch buffet. Yes you heard me correctly. Deserts dipped in chocolate fountain. Walked deck then sat in Sun for the first time. Warmest day in 10 days. Packed, dinner of short ribs. Entertainment was comedian and impersonater. Rena and I got tea and sat in cafe for our last hoorah. Chatted with may worker from Philippines.
Wednesday July 18, 2018 Docked in Ketchikan, Alaska's 1st city. Salmon capital of the world and my nieces home for the last year. Amy met us as we docked and was our private tour guide. National Park where they talked about how totem poles were made and how each 1 told a story. Went to a spot where the bears roam but unfortunately we did not see any. Took us through out Ketchikan, stopped at their house on a hill overlooking the city. Went to museum, pretty cool stuff. We picked up her 4 year old Logan and we all went to lunch at fox cape restaurant overlooking the city. We walked around the town, shopped. They saw us off around 4:00. What a treat seeing Amy and Logan, it has been 2 years since we saw them. Lobster tails, beef Wellington and a big chocolate cake to celebrate our birthdays.(mine 6 months early) walked jogging path w Mark, very cold and windy. Broadway show at night.
Tues, July 17th. Docked at icy straits point . took shuttle into very small, undeveloped town, mostly native Alaskan's carving totem poles etc. No shops, very rural. Gallon milk 8.00. There was a wonderful nature trail and beach walk which we enjoyed. World's largest zip line also. Cloudy, cold and windy. Back on ship we got invited to Hello pad to watch ship set sail. Champagne included. Rena and I saw a few whales. All went to lounge, guitarist and singer, dinner, casino and show. Another full day

17 July 2018

16 July 2018

Monday July 16, docked in skagway ay 7 am, ate on ship then took shuttle into town. 1st stop museum, old train depot, raining a little. Found old little church st. Theresa where we all went in, prayed and took in the moment. Stopped at coffee shop before continuing on thru town. Stopped at jewelry store and I bought a beautiful sterling and northern light quartz ring.. Windy and cold all day. Walked more then back to ship for late lunch. Has the best orange cheesecake with coconut in crust. Received flowers and wine from shop for birthday. Celebrating 6 months early. Mark went back out to walk and saw a harbor seal. On our way to Quine restaurant, met Captain Nicholas in elevator. We had our pictures taken with him. Food was international family style. Champagne, food, desserts, omg, cannot move. Went to 70's disco show afterwards

15 July 2018

These photos are from July 12th talkenta behind Alaskan lodge
Sat July 14th, heading towards Hubbard glacier st 1:30 we were close up. Most incredible sight of mother nature. Dinner, then walked around until acrobatic duo show which was unbelievable. Husband and wife team. Ran into Randy and his cousin Terri and Ron.
July 15 Sunday, sailed into Juneau, raining pretty hard. Got my rain gear on, thank you kathy! Headed into town. Walked around for a while then hooked up w driver who showed us Where they use to pan for gold in mine and to sheep creek where salmon were spawning. Saw eagles also. Pretty amazing. Back to ship to get out of wet clothes and go for lunch. Best roasted 🦃 ever.. Great dinner, now going to see tribute to Whitney Houston in celebrity theater.
July 13, after wildlife rehabilitation facility where we saw bears, deer, porcupines, wolves and more we headed for ship. On by 5 pm, eating by 5:15, lol. Saw show with comedian from New Jersey, Dan Wilson. Very funny, lol funny. Long day.

14 July 2018

July 13 dress up for captains night dinner. Out of order but I don't want to mess ar9 with the photos and loose them lol

13 July 2018

Ate breakfast at hotel, on our way 8 am to anchorage with Mike the bus driver and our guide Elise. Going into town, the wildlife rehabilitation center. These photos are anchorage, only stayed 1.5 hrs for lunch, then on our way to wildlife rehabilitation center.

12 July 2018

Stayed at talkeetna Alaskan lodge thur night, July 22th. As fog lifted and clouds rolled away, we got to see mt. McKinley from the back of our hotel. The sun was shinning and we are outside on patio with the view of McKinley . doesn't get much better than this. Temp 60's. Met Randy, guy from the villages who's son lives in grand haven. What a small world!
Drive into Denali state park, saw a moose, fox and rabbit. Tour was 4.5 hrs 27 miles into the park. Met native Alaskan Cheyenne? Talked about different languages of her people. Stopped at several special attractions, one being the Marines memorial, in memory of my wonderful dad

11 July 2018

Took coach to Denali park village where we are staying in a lot cabin. Little village within w shops, restau, ledge. Sun came put for first time. We sat around fire pit listening to a couple sing and play guitar. Heading into town to eat with our mountain man Joe as our bus driver. Ate in this very old restaurant where the floors we so slanted it was amazing the food stayed put. Raining, Joe picked us back up , back to our cabin.
July 11th, had breakfast on dome train on our way to talkeetna wilderness express. Very beautiful. mountains with a tip of snow, so much untouched land, did not see any wild life yet. Left phone in luggage by mistake so I could not take any photos. Will get from Rena and post later on.

10 July 2018

My view from the plane. Stayed at Marriott in anchorage. First stop was talkenta. Mark and I Walked around talketna raining a bit. We met R on and Rena at cafe in town. Had best seafood chowder at wildflower cafe. Went into Denali for dinner and shopping, raining, so we skipped the shopping.

9 July 2018

July 10, 2018, Leaving Orlando 1 pm to Minneapolis to anchorage. Stayed at Marriott hotel in anchorage.