North America · 42 Days · 72 Moments · January 2017

Roberts's and Gallagher's Snowbird Tour 2017

25 February 2017

Not too much snow on the ground to say "welcome"!! Glad to know you're home safe & sound 😘😘
Home again home again jiggety jig
Where to next, Kimosabe??? You will be first to know, Tonto ... LOL

24 February 2017

So , we are in an Idaho blizzard headed for Butte, MT - you are what you eat

23 February 2017

Already snow at our first pit stop on the way home ... still in southern Utah -
Interesting contrast ... red rock and snow capped mountains - southern Utah ...
Last desert greenery
Off in the distance ... the snow ... in Utah
Left Nevada this morning ... caught the northern corner of Arizona ...headed for winter

20 February 2017

Went to see "cirque du soleis" show "LOVE" ... playing tribute to Beatles music . WOW! Snapped some night pics too
Downtown Vegas ...
The "gardens" in the Bellagio Hotel are so beautiful ...
Checked out the new "Aria" Hotel and casino on the strip, to see the water features . Then took the Aria Tram to Bellagio ..

19 February 2017

Saying good-bye to Laughlin NV where we have camped the last 2 rainy nights in Tropicana Casino parking lot ... Headed to ..... VEGAS BABY !!

16 February 2017

Dougie, getting his tinkering fix ....

15 February 2017

Went to see Brian and Susie Lynn at their house in Mesa . They are totally renovating it, and doing a great job !

14 February 2017

Our new campsite (Motorcoach Resort) at Chandler Az (suburb of Phoenix). We parted ways with Gordie and Roxy who are camped at friend's Doris and Wendall's Resort in Mesa for a few days ..

13 February 2017

Our new campsite in Mesa Az... at "Casino Arizona" ... and we had a fire in the parking lot! LOL

12 February 2017

We went to the Yuma Territorial Prison State Park . Built in the 1800's , it has a lot of interesting history . The guards almost kept Gordie! LOL
View from the Guard Tower at the Prison ..

11 February 2017

Went to a Simon and Garfunkle Tribute with G & R and Norm and Bonnie. It was good!

10 February 2017

We went to see the Imperial Sand Dunes .... just to the west of Yuma in California. The little black dots in my pics are quad enthusiasts playing in the dunes ! How fun would that be for our boys!!!
The black fence is the Mexican border! I guess Trump has a head start ...

9 February 2017

Norm and Bonnie came or supper ! Dinner under the awning...
Ola! We went to Mexico yesterday . Arrived there at 8:00 and it was already filled with snowbirds , shopping and doctoring !

8 February 2017

Norm and Bonnie's place in Yuma , and the view they have from their patio ...
Norm and Bonnie Nelson (the biker dude and his chick) biked to our campsite , and led us to Martinez Lake (north of Yuma) for lunch . A little oasis in the middle of the desert .

7 February 2017

Who doesn't love The Eagles! ??
Went to Lute's Saloon in "Historic Old City Yuma" - for burgers, .. the old bar was very eclectic and rustic. We then tripped across the street to "Yuma Historic Theatre" , equally as vintage ... and enjoyed an Eagles Tribute Band . They were excellent ! Rock on !!
Our new campsite .... "The Palms RV Resort" in Yuma - our new camp with full lookups until Monday the 13th ... nice !

6 February 2017

Our new campsite in Yuma ... at the "Paradice Casino
Quartzite sunrise - and biking for deals ! What could be better!

5 February 2017

Lori, enjoying our first fire, had a good laugh at boys playing with the toy
First time for a campfire !! yay!!!
The boys, playing with mini parachutes ... meant for the grandkids .... LOL
We are in Quartzite, AZ now ... dry camping at Desert Gardens RV Resort ... the saga continues!!
Blaine came back this morning to get his glasses he left at our place... ( Gotta love "senior moments" , eh?) and to give us a send-off . We are continuing our journey... headed to Quartzite AZ today ... flea market and boon-docking capital of the USA!!
We invited Blaine and Mary Ellen Chapman to come to the Golden Boys show at the casino where we were camped last nite .. all 6 of us went .. it was good ! We also drove over to see the Chapman's "casita" in Palm Springs, yesterday ... very cozy little place , right on a golf course .

4 February 2017

Left our camp at Indian Waters RV Resort, moved over to Spotlight 29 Casino parking lot to stay one more night. Doug rode his bike with me again ...he is getting to be a pro , whizzing by me !

2 February 2017

Jazzie , G & Rs little doggy , is waiting patiently for food from the big guys ...
It looks like you're having a wonderful time & the weather is lovely!! Keep on having fun!! We are! Thanks, Erin!
We went to "Villagefest" in Palm Springs, a big outdoor evening street market .. It was fun! Tons of people!
Roxy and I snapped these pics on our bike ride this morning!
Camped at "indian Waters Resort" , still in Indio , which is on the edge of Palm Springs... deciding what to do today .... sigh ... such hard work ... :) Doesn't Doug look like the female version of "Maxine" - the cartoon character?

31 January 2017

Camped at the Fantasy Casino in Indio, California ... hot here today ... got up to 22 D C !!

30 January 2017

Could there be gold in them thar rocks ??
We went climbing! G & R are standing at the bottom of the big rock we conquered!
We went biking too ! Yes , I have proof!! That is Doug and HIS BIKE , taking a break , watching the lazy Colorado ... awesome ...
Deciding what to do today. ......

29 January 2017

Now camped at buckskin state park ... just 1/2 hr south of havasu ... After settling in, we went to the Desert Bar , which is the site of an old Gold Mine , converted to watering hole for thirsty travellers ... we had a burger and listened to the live band . Very cool

28 January 2017

Cool saloon we found ... Golden Goose ... beer and clam and a bucket of peanuts ... !
For everyone following ... just a note ... sometimes it appears that our pics are cut off , but if you double tap on the pic , it brings up the whole pic .. swipe across towards the left, and you will see the whole series of pics

27 January 2017

Lori made us super day 12, yummy
Lake havasu is so beautiful ! Doug and Gordy lounged outside all morning ... coffees in hand ... Roxy caught up on laundry here at the Islander RV resort , and I found a bike bath ... Yay! Snapped some pictures as I toured around .... the last pic in this series was sunset affecting the colours of the mountains ... very cool !

26 January 2017

Campsite at the casino by Laughlin ... what a beautiful morning ! First time that it was warm enough for Riding bike ... and coffee served outside!! Officially snowbird activities!! Colorado river meanders as slowly as we do this time of year ... :)

25 January 2017

Day 10 ! Dry camping at Avi Casino on the Colorado River in Laughlin! Chill in' with Cheladas
Bye bye Vegas
Saying goodbye to Vegas!! Look out Laughlin - the 4 amigos are headed your way!
Dougy, getting his house ready to roll !

24 January 2017

The sun finally shines on these snowbirds !!! The girls are happy and Gordy is shouting from the rooftop!

21 January 2017

Beautiful fountain at Silverton Casino ...
Lost our money but got glory from the pretty falls
We saw the Popovich Pet Show before leaving for Vegas this morning ... and it was good , too! What a wild schedule these snowbirds keep!
We scored tickets to a Rod Stewart Tribute concert last night ... it was rockishly nostalgic ...even Doug and Gordie were smiling (although in Doug's case it might have been because of the beautiful eye candy that accompanied the faux Rod) . HOT LEGS!!!
Leaving Mesquite- Vegas or bust!

20 January 2017

Looks like you all are having a great time!! Love seeing your pics 😊😊

19 January 2017

In Mesquite, we camped the first night at Sun Resort .. walking distance to grocery , casino. It was nice for Gordy and Roxy to open up their unit and "thaw out", and good for all of us to stock up with camping "necessities" . Because there is a hot air balloon festival this weekend , here in Mesquite, there is no vacancies at any of the resorts , so we scored a free dry camping spot in Casablanca casino parking lot ... the balloons will be set up in the lots right beside us ! Fortune smiles upon these snowbirds! Hopefully , she will continue to do so when Doug goes to casino ! ... :)

18 January 2017

4th day ... we are all still talking to each other !!! Snapped this pic of Gordie and Roxy in front of the Casablanca casino in Mesquite Nv

17 January 2017

2nd nite camped in Fort Hall ID .... would there happen to be a casino there ?? Doug was the only winner 1400 Yankee dollars! Whoop whoop! While the other 3 amigos tried unsuccessfully to play a movie in the bus ... tech savvy anyone?

16 January 2017

First nite camping in Great Falls MT !!! -9 D C .. Gordy and Roxy had to cuddle for warmth in their mobile house !!

15 January 2017

Leaving Stettler Jan 16th ! Yaaaay! Let the games begin!! Meeting Gordy and Roxy in Hanna