United States of America · 7 Days · 65 Moments · July 2015

Going to Disneyworld and Dallas has no idea!

20 July 2015

4th day straight in the same princess Anna dress!!!! Heading home:-(
Heading back to Texas. It's hard to be a princess.

19 July 2015

Helium air balloon
These are Legos

18 July 2015

Breakfast and off to Animal Kingdom Theme Park!!!

17 July 2015

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
We're at Disneyworld and her favorite so far are ducks!
Jasmine was beautiful!
The Little Mermaid!!! She told her all about her Fin Fun Mermaid Tail!
First Princess at our table!!! Snow White!
On the way to Magic Kingdom!
Going to magic kingdom

16 July 2015

By the beautiful pool
Putting on makeup
We are 45 minutes from Disneyworld! She still has no idea!!!!!
Dallas and Pinky the manatee
About to head to Orlando! She still has no clue!
Heading out on Crystal River to see manatees
Looking for manatees
Our hotel at1 am

15 July 2015

Waffle House! Yum!
Dallas's first set of fake nails! Lol
We're here!
Shaggys on the beach!
White sands!!!
Bay Saint Louis!!!! It's all beach from here!
We're in Mississippi!
Aww, reminds us of Mrs. Lacombe...best kinder teacher ever!
Crossing the Mississippi
Love these guys.
Driving over Henderson Swamp
Sleepy already
On our way to see beautiful white beaches!

14 July 2015

Dallas thinks the gross hotel we're staying at on our way is super cool. It's not.
Just made it to Louisiana!!!
Crazy girl
First stop of the trip. Apparently it's delicious!
Just got our first "how much longer til we get there."
We're off to Florida!!!
We're off to Florida!