Italy · 1 Days · 10 Moments · September 2017

Lorena's adventure in Budapest, Hungary

20 September 2017

A lot of concerts of any kindd very often.
Architecture is most from the period of Habsburg dinasty and it's beautifull but a bit ruined by ugly and huge socialistic buildings.
City doesn't have a lot of parks but its suroundings is full of woods and mountins.
There are various restaurants (hungarian, greek, indian, chinesse) with great prices!
There are a lot of nice coffee places (+books) all around the city.
Public transportation is great, city has great conecction even with the airport.
A lot of culture events are taking place almost every day.
There are various shopping malls in the city with fair prices.
Great nightlife, especially during the university semesters (September-June). Prices are very low.
There are various hotels with nice accommodation like Casa de la Musica.