Ireland, United Kingdom · 4 Days · 86 Moments · February 2017

London with the girlies!!

26 February 2017

Katie is in hyper mode! We are sitting on chairs and there's a man sitting behind us pissing himself laughing at the conversation! They had a 10 min conversation about getting tea and going to the toilet, followed by the comment that "everyone is smelly except Shauna" (which includes herself), the fact that people can look smelly and that most things are an enigma
Sooo we have boarded the train! I have a seat!! Yay!! I'm beside the toilet! A kid just went in with his dad and all you can hear is "wow, how can you do that? You just like popped it out and it's all wobbly! I don't know how you did that!" Couldn't help but laugh...

25 February 2017

Security guard: please keep moving, have your ticket ready... please do not stand and stare at the gates because they will just stare straight back at you. Use your card or your oyster to make it react!! I thought that was just hilarious!!! Still laughing 5 mins later!
This is where we are!!! Cool!! Bitta grub before meeting the girls!! This place is definitely worth coming back for
This place has so much Ireland stuff everywhere!
Last of the Camden markets pictures!! It's cool that the "Camden markets, come in we're open" actually says "come in, we're very open minded"!!!
Posing in a food section of the markets!! Cool mug stand & wall too!!
Sorcha got hot chocolate (chocolate soup!)
A glimpse into a few more shops! This child mannequin was quite creepy with its extended arm!!
This place just keeps getting bigger!!
I found my teenage bag! And a sign that's very appropriate!
Really pretty lantern shop!!
There are so many cool unusual bits here!! Hand made leather and all!! Such weird clothes and things too tho! The man in the first picture is hand making a buckle and the wall with skeletons are all toilet roll holders!
More markets! It's like this place just keeps on going!! This is the horse tunnel market (you can see the sign behind the girls if you zoom in - I know, stretching it!!)
A few more quirky bits!!
There are so many cool quirky bits in here! It's like flash back to India but more organised and some more expensive things like cameras!! Weekend got to see a really cool magic demonstration at this magic stand!!
In we go!! These markets seem mental busy!
Sorcha Ailish Katie C and I have headed to Camden! The buildings are really cool!!!
Up early and out! Half the group are heading to Madam Tussauds and the rest of us are heading to Camden! Time for breakfast in Sainsbury's!
Rave music, strobe lighting! Oh no! We went up the stairs, still rave music, and the third floor was the same but at least there were seats! We sat down and after a while I went with Sinead and katie C to get drinks! We met three lads at the bar who were lovely! They shook our hands after talking to us and I noticed one of them only had 2 fingers. Sorcha said after a while that she was thinking of going home and I jumped at the opportunity! I hated to be a party pooper but I didn't really want to be there! We left and a friendly taxi-getter helped us to get a lovely taxi man to bring us to the hotel! I hope Sorcha wasn't forced to bring me home though!! I'm off to sleep for now! I hope the other girls have a great night!!
Wow. Just wow. I'm home (Sorcha and I came home early)! So we went to Egg... queued for 30 mins to get in.. they took out passports to scan on a machine that took our picture too, followed by going through a metal detector, being scanned with a hand scanner and someone searching thoroughly through our bags (the woman took my chewing gum, a cereal bar and opened a pad I had and was really angry that I tried to bring them in!!) Then we had to que to pay... this was a "push to get your place" scenario... after eventually getting to the top, they told me that they don't accept card and I have to go to a machine that charges £2.50 to take money out!! I turned around and couldn't see any of the girls coz they had gotten their tickets before me!! Queued for the machine, got the money, queued for ticket, paid £22 to get in!! Found the girls and explained the story and we headed into the nightclub....
Finally made it to the nightclub and met the girls.... but it's £27 to get in!!!!!! And there is a huge que!!! The bouncer told us that there is a better one called Egg!! We are going to try get a taxi to get to it.... it'll take a while!
Time to go out!! The reception man has ordered a taxi for us! The girls have a lovely merc a class! We got a lovely a Volkswagen! Who'll get there first???

24 February 2017

View from the girls' window! Ailish is nearly here!!
Tinder-Ing to find out where to go in London and fancy predrinks! We are waiting for Ailish to arrive home before going out! Sinead fell asleep a few mins ago and I'm very close to it! It's so comfy in here!
And back on the big escalators we go! That was a cool trip! We picked up dinner and drinks on the way home! I got pasta again! And a croissant for the morning! Home, change, out! I'm so happy to be in flat shoes!!!
We found some cool horsies though!! It took ages to get pictures without people in them!
Piccadilly Circus was a small bit of a let down! We thought it'd be more Times Square-y but there was only one big screen! It's mad to hear rave music coming out of such old buildings though! There's something cool about it!
Just spotted a bus saying Piccadilly Circus going the opposite way!! We've been walking for a half an hour.... in the wrong direction!!
Found Sorcha! Ailish is gone to meet her brother! We are going wandering for a while! We are looking for Piccadilly Circus! The buildings at either side of this crossroads are identical! That's kinda cool!
We decided to sit by the door... at least we'll see Ailish and Sorcha leave if they do! I'm delighted - there's great wifi here!!! I've just been asked by a random woman where I found penny's!
Katie and I got lost in top shop! There's a barber shop, makeup Parlour, hairdressers... it seems like everything here! We even went to the men's section looking for the girls! Weird clothes on the male models too!
We went to top shop! It's massive - apparently the biggest in Europe!! They even have a map for the place!! The style of the models here is mad!!
Went to penny's for runners! I'm so happy to be in flat shoes! The que was unreal though!! We saw a woman with ridiculously long white hair and really black makeup on (including black lipstick)! She was wearing such strange clothes too!! Katie and I followed her around to try to show her to the other girls!
Found hogwarts! The guy that was chatting Sorcha up last night works here!!
Seven exit roundabout!
I'm a paddy no mates over here after the girls left for the wax museum! I had no energy to cross the road! Luckily katie came to my rescue!
We got cookies and ice cream!!!!
Covent gardens
A few more from Trafalgar Square!!
Messing in Trafalgar Square with the big pole!
I've just noticed the £5 notes are see through! This is my attempt of getting Katie's (K) head and Sorcha's head in the see through part! Didn't really work!
Stopped for a lovely dinner!! Nicest pasta pesto ever!!! Yummmmm
Ladies walking together (if you zoom in... yes that's you guys!)
Cool street corners!!
Selfies again! I've got an eye in the middle of my head! Katie and I nearly lost the group because of our selfie antics! The results were worth it tho!!
He's got his knob out!!!! Funny how we passed this so many times and I only see it when getting off the eye!
Some pictures I thought turned out cool!
Trying to figure out where to go to next!! Decisions decisions... I should probably be contributing to the conversation rather than taking pictures of it
We met a lovely man who took our picture for us! I felt safe enough giving him my phone since we were in this massive glass and plastic tub in the middle of the air!
Selfie time!!
Few more pics!
Some cool pics from The Eye! Mad fact: it doesn't stop, you have to jump on!!
OH WOW!! The que for the London eye isn't just one que.. it's 2 ques segmented In the middle!! Some people are starting to get hungry, we might take turns to go to the fish and chip restaurant!
So, we came out of the London dungeons and saw a woman in a wedding dress! She had black boots on and the bottom of her dress was filthy! I thought she was part of the show... but we saw her later queuing for the eye! Ooops.... We went into a 4D cinema! Even though I couldn't see it right, it was cool to feel the air and bubbles coming out at us!!
We went into the London dungeons!! Stupid me thought it was a historical thing!! Such a scary adventure!! I tried to be as brave as I could! Sorry girls if I nearly broke backs, hands or arms! I was delighted when katie k said she couldn't do the ride at the end (30 foot drop in the pitch dark)!! We went into the tavern/pub thing at the end... as we left, we found out from the two absolutely amusing guys that there were free drinks in the pub!! To think we nearly missed out on a free drink of tropical juice!!
Ok, so the que wasn't that bad!! I decided not to go to Madame Tussaud's (I didn't realise it was the creepy wax museum filled with celebrities!) Buying the tickets was gas... we had just about bought them when Ailish said something that katie and I couldn't figure out... we ended up all going to the counter Ailish was at! I was entrusted with all the tickets ( I don't quite know what they are for though)
Holy shit this que is so long! Will we ever actually get to the end of it???? We have to que up to get tickets... and then join a que to get onto the actual eye!
Sneaky picture of the women looking at the river! Hope they don't mind, I thought it'd make a good picture!
The girls are happily skipping their way to the London eye! So excited!!!
This is a long-ass escalator!! It's mad to think that the pictures are hanging straight here!!
Breakfast on the go! :D
We met these two men who seemed very keen on bringing us to another party! We so sensible girls said no! Sorcha found a random chair at the side of the footpath and we had fun making human piles while half the group went home!! Smart Sorcha pretended to storm off and we had to follow her (we thought she was angry but it was just her clever plan)!!!
After witherspoons, we went to a club-type place! The dj met us by asking what music we liked and told us we were in the right place when we said cheese! We got drinks and sat at this really cool table made with coins! After a while we noticed that the place was filled with men... we thought it was a gay bar so Ailish asked the next guy who came to ask us to dance... he replied saying that "you girls are the only birds(?) in the place, that's why I'm over here" ! Once we got up to dance, we got free shots and had a great night dancing! So many of the men were saying that they were going home to their girlfriends/wives!!

23 February 2017

Some well deserved drinks!! Yippee! Katie had to go back to the hotel to get her ID but all sorted now!! Food was sooo good here! Witherspoons is my new favourite place to eat! The food came out so fast! It was great!
Just arrived in the hotel!!! Soooo hungry!! The girls have decided to get changed and then go out. I feel like I'm whinging loads but my stomach feels like it's gonna come out
Yay!!!! Finally got a taxi!!!!! Such a delay! We are all soo hungry and tired and cold at this point! We are gonna go to the hotel and straight out for food!
Feck sake! One disaster after another... so the taxi rank is filled with people and no taxis. The road that they come in from is completely blocked up. No traffic is moving. It's madness. Some taxis are coming and driving passed the stop too!! We met a lovely lady though!
Ok, we've decided to get a taxi! But after pushing through the crowds and out to the exit.. Sinead just realised she didn't tap out!! We asked the information guys and they said we have to go all the way back to the gate! Sinead said she'd leave it! It charged £6 for not tapping out. Ridiculous!
Ok, so just got this message from katie!! I'm actually freaking out. I don't want to be in this crowd of people with a gate in front of us. They won't even open the barrier to let us walk back. It feels like a huge bunch of people are being forced into a corner! I don't like this....
This is a massive station!! Wow!! So many different directions and trains!!
So we (the ones left behind) arrived at Victoria station!! Apparently we can't get the tube! The gates are up all over the place! One woman told us that she spent 20 mins in the front of the que and they still haven't opened the doors! It reminds me of the episode in Homeland where there is someone gonna bomb the tube!! I vote get out of here now and get a taxi! I'm a bit worried!!
So we split in 2 and decided to try to make a run for the train in 2 teams!! We got on!! Yay!! Next stop: Victoria station, tram to kings cross and then another tram to angel! Cool!
The ones that were left behind! Really we should be sad in this pic! Next train is in 25 mins!! Grrr
Bye bye Sorcha and Katie!! We will meet you at some point down the line (hopefully)!! We were on the train and they said because of the storm, they are cancelling our train so we have to transfer! We were squashed on the first train so there was no hope of us all fitting and the rest of the other passengers too! Ohh well!!
Taking a picture of the map in case I get lost!!
We made it to the train station!! Train is in 7 mins! See you soon Ailish!!
Just bought an Oyster card!! £40!! Apparently a taxi for all of us is £140 so expensive!! But we are 40 miles outside London! We are trying to look up ubers with no wifi!!
We got our bags!! Apparently there's no passport control!! Cool! Now to find our way to the hotel!
Just arrived! Wow the landing was so bumpy! We couldn't stop giggling! We kept going up and coming back down. All I could think of was poor Sorcha sitting on her own!! Now go que to get off the plane... it's gonna take a while! Thank god we have to wait for our bags to come out. Otherwise it'd be quite annoying! Yay!! the holiday has begun!!
Looking through the airplane magazine while we are waiting to take off!! Sinéad NEEDS this perfume!!
Turns out our flight is going to be delayed until 1.30!! Drinks time! Sorcha and I are adventurous with hot chocolate and Sinead is having a proper drink! We are such dry friends not drinking with her!
We just arrived at the gate! Sorcha and I are minding a random guys bags! He even left his laptop!! When he came back he didn't even say thanks - rude!!
Just about time to leave! London here we come!

22 February 2017

Looking up the weather!!! Yay! This time tomorrow we will be in London!! So excited!!