United Kingdom · 7 Days · 30 Moments · January 2019

London trip 2019: Gracie, Micah, & Danny

5 February 2019

Outside St. Paul’s Cathedral
There was a bride being photographed outside St. Paul’s. You can see her gown is the white circle on the green lawn.
Sights from the Golden Gallery of St. Paul’s, including tower bridge, The London Eye, and the Globe Theater.
Climbing up to the whispering gsllery and higher to the Stone and Golden Galleries in St. Paul’s, at one point you look down a skylight to the floor all the way at ground level.
Micah and Danny looking around at the city from St. Paul’s Stone Gallery.
Micah took a photo of Danny and me in front of Churchill’s statue, but he forgot to get Churchill in the photo. With the William Wilberforce memorial in Westminster Abbey, before I remembered that photography isn’t allowed inside the Abbey. (Nor inside St. Paul’s Cathedral)
At Westminster Abbey

4 February 2019

Had a fun Zoo day today. We took photos at the parceltongue spot, and Micah got a lot of great shots of the wildlife. Tomorrow’s our last day to tour,😔but we’ll be excited to get home and see everyone!💜

3 February 2019

British Museum gift shop
The British Museum: we only did a couple of wings: ancient Egypt, and Roman and early Anglo-Saxon Britain-they were amazing. I wish I’d have gotten a photo of the boys with the mummies, it was just so crowded in there.
Ancient Egypt and the Rosetta Stone
On the way to the British Museum, our bus had to stop halfway there because busses weren’t allowed on The Waterloo bridge today. (Sometimes there are closures on Sundays in London, for events or repairs, etc) So we had to walk across the bridge area and catch the tube on the other side to complete our journey, which was a lucky accident for us, we found the outdoor Southbank Food Market, and a Turkish stall with incredible baklava and Turkish delight
We had a great church service at Metropolitan Tabernacle: which was Charles Spurgeon’s Church. Sadly, Dr. Peter Masters was out ill, but pastor Abraham gave a great message on I Peter 1:3-5.

2 February 2019

Inside the Natural History Museum, so much to see, it was interesting, yet the boys were not as happy once they saw all the animals were taxidermy. They wanted to see live animals. (Good thing we’re going to the zoo before we come home.) We did enjoy the life size blue whale replica. Now back at the hotel for a nice, long, restful evening before church tomorrow!♥️ ⛪️
The beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve never actually been here before today, and I really wanted to see this building, because I have the model of it in my Dickens Christmas Village, and it was stunning! (And WAY bigger than I’d imagined. I should have taken a pano shot of it. We didn’t stay long at all, it’s a free museum, and all the boys wanted to see were some samurai clothing and weaponry, which were great, then on to the Natural History Museum.

1 February 2019

Some of Micah’s favorite shots from the London Sea Life Aquarium today. We also had fun seeing scary London history acted out in the London Dungeon, which included a brief water ride and a drop ride. It was a great stop!
Statue and plaque of William Tyndale in the Whitehall Gardens
The Royal Cavalry changing of the guard. That horse was really friendly! I got to touch his nose.
Buckingham Palace, St. James’ Palace, statues of the Queen Mum and King George, Literary gentlemen’s club, of which Arthur Conan Doyle was a member (also Sir Winston Churchill) Our tour guide was named Danielle, and two of the 5 participants were named Daniel also. So, we were the “Danny group”.
Micah and Danny in Piccadilly Circus this chilly morning, waiting for our changing of the guard tour. It actually snowed briefly early this morning, it drizzled some during our tour, so we got to see the Cavalry changing of the guard instead of the main palace one.

31 January 2019

We stopped at Selfridges for some Turkish delight, and also here’s a shot of Danny enjoying candy from Selfridges on the tube ride home.
Shakespeare’s Globe Theater tour. I would love to go back during the warmer season and see a performance here! They open on April 23 (Shakespeare’s birthday), and run through October.
Micah and Danny seeing King Henry VIII’s armor, and other impressive displays in the white tower, as well as outside near tower bridge. We saw the Crown Jewels, but no photos allowed in there.
Started today (Thursday, January 31) at the Tower of London with a super fun (and chilly) tour by a Beefeater/ Yeoman guide. He made sure we knew he was not a “tour guide”, but all of them are heroes of England’s military and the selection process is grueling to become part of this elite group of bodyguards of the Queen.

30 January 2019

I was bummed that Big Ben was covered in scaffolding-would have loved for the boys to see it at its best! But The London Eye ride was still so beautiful!
Seeing London from The Eye: Wednesday, January 30, 2019
On the way to The London Eye. We walked, since it was only .7 miles from Sax.co.uk shop, according to my trusty “Moovit” app, which is awesome. Micah had just woken up from his nap on the sofa in the shop while Danny had been trying out saxophone mouthpieces, so he wasn’t at his “Magical Micah” best.
Danny absolutely loved visiting Sax.co.uk! They had amazing stuff, and he tried a soprano sax for the first time ever, and loved it!
Contra bass Sax in background on sale for only £25,000