North America, Europe · 11 Days · 29 Moments · July 2018

London / Paris / Amsterdam / Ireland

22 July 2018

Our last activity was a visit to Castle Dublin. This is where each president is sworn in and they host many political dinners and hold many ceremonies. It was quite extravagant but nothing like what we saw in Paris or London. We then headed to our hotel close to Dublin airport to relax and prepare for our long journey back tomorrow which will take about 21 hours!
We then walked through a shopping area and made are way to dollard & co for lunch.
We then went to St Stephens green, a park that was beautiful in the heart of Dublin.
Last day of vacation before heading home. We started by going to trinity college where the book of kells is kept. The book of kells date back to the 500s and the library was very much like a scene from Harry Potter.

21 July 2018

We started to really run out of steam on Saturday. After sleeping in and having breakfast we left Galway with the plans to see a couple of castles. Well we saw one, Rock of Cashel, which isn’t a castle after all but was a cathedral back in the 1200-1500s. The site had a beautiful view of Cashel which back when it existed was a lush forest but now its farmland. We then made our way to Dublin and had drinks at the Liquid Rooms in the Clarence, which is a hotel owned by Bono, The Edge and two others. That was pretty cool. They recommended a steakhouse in the Clarence called Tomahawk where we had a nice dinner. Then we patrolled the Temple Bar area for a couple of hours before calling it a day.

20 July 2018

On Friday we flew to Dublin and rented a van. Customs at Dublin was a mess and that factored into our plans for the day as it killed a lot of time. We drove to the Cliffs of Moher which is south of Galway on the west side of Ireland. When we got there it was cold and looked like it was going to rain. But the rain and fog held off and the wind actually died down where it became perfect weather! We ended up staying there for 2-3 hours - it was very beautiful and unique. We then drove to Galway where we stayed for the evening in an Airbnb and had a late dinner at a bar called McSwiggans where we were pleasantly surprised with a great dining experience.

19 July 2018

We finished the evening with dinner and then a walking tour of the red light district. I think the girls thought it wouldn’t be fun but they all said it was better than expected and pretty interesting. We had some dessert then walked most of the way back to the hotel to wrap up our last day in Amsterdam. I think we all feel Amsterdam has been the highlight of the trip so far.
After lunch we took a nice walk up the Main Street along one of the canals and did some window shopping and saw some interesting things.
We had lunch by the park and then went through the Rijksmuseum which had a huge amount of art including the Night Watch which is a famous painting by Rembrandt. The garden outside was pretty cool - we all had a kick with this puzzle like fountain.
Thursday morning we went to the Van Gogh museum. It was better than I expected. We couldn’t take photos of any work but there were a couple photo areas. The surrounding area was pretty cool as the Rijskmuseum was next door and there was a huge field where hundreds of people were just hanging out and enjoying the nice weather

18 July 2018

After the Anne Frank house we jumped into a taxi and hurried over to the xrtracold ice bar where we had a couple drinks in sub zero temperatures. We then walked the immediate area and found Rembrandt square where we decided to have dinner which was nice. Kameron loves his steak.
We went to pick up tour tickets and then walked through part of Amsterdam which was really cool. The buildings and architecture was great. We made our way over to the Anne Frank house which was sad and great. Time fly by there because we were so into reading everything and listening to the audio tour. A true highlight of the trip.
We left Serris (suburb of Paris) and took the train to Amsterdam. The family was pretty tired and got some zzz’s on the train. When we got to Amsterdam we immediately saw why it’s such a cool city. Everyone’s mood became good instantly.

17 July 2018

The day at Disney was fun but I’m getting too old for this. We went on most of the rides in the two parks and had a nice dinner at Chez Rémy in the evening. Armida and I called it quits a little early and hit a nice cafe outside the park. The kids closed the park around 11:30!
We had a horrific experience with Disney area hotel Monday night but we didn’t let that ruin our spirit Tuesday morning as we were off to Disneyland Paris. We got there early and got a nice surprise that they opened the gates a half hour early.

16 July 2018

We had dinner and did the Eiffel tour in the evening. Beautiful night.
Monday early evening we did a one hour river cruise on the Seine which was cool
Next was Luxembourg palace and gardens and then we jumped on bus tour where we saw everyone starting to gather for the World Cup victory parade.
Monday morning we got up early and dropped our bags off at something called NannyBag which in this case was a cafe. Then we headed towards Notre Dame cathedral where we toured the towers. Lots and lots of steps!!! Our legs were shaking when we got done. Kameron wanted a picture with some pigeons next to the church. His reward was he got the pigeons to sit on his head and hands and he also got peed on and pooped on.

15 July 2018

Sunday evening we went to the Stad de France. The plan was just a concert to check out the stadium but it turned into much more with France playing in World Cup finals. Paris was a madhouse so the stadium was actually a great and safe place to be but when the family found out about the concert they were not happy. By the end of the evening after a great show people were in better moods but happy the music portion of the trip is over.
Sunday morning we take the train from London St Pancras train station to Paris du Nord. When we arrived we found Paris was going crazy over the big World Cup championship game which was being played later that evening. We dropped off our bags at our place for the night and then headed to Stad de France.

14 July 2018

Saturday night we went to BST (British Summer Time) music festival. The feature artist was Bruno Mars who was great. We said goodbye to London early Sunday morning.
We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon at Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. WA was far more interesting and enjoyable than dealing with the huge crowds at the palace. Had a nice lunch at the Conrad hotel and now resting up for the evening events at our rooms.

13 July 2018

We finished at Royal Albert Hall and then stopped for what i thought was going to be a quick dessert at Hard Rock Cafe (the 1st hard rock) but it turned into a birthday celebration for Ashley who is about to turn 21. Fun and busy Friday!
Friday afternoon we headed over to Tower of London. Traffic was a nightmare because of protests going on due to Trump being in town. We saw the Crown Jewels and the armour in the White tower among other things before jumping on a Thames river cruise back to Westminster. We then scurried back to the hotel to change for an evening a Royal Albert Hall. A huge highlight for me. It was first night of the proms which was classical music. Not our normal thing but cool anyways...
Friday morning, Kameron, Kristin and I toured Wembley Stadium, the National stadium of England. It was very impressive we then met the girls over at Abbey Road for a quick tourist photo opp and some lunch.

12 July 2018

Back in the main area we went to the Shard where we went up to the top which gave us an incredible view of the sunset and of London. We then walked across the Thames over to the theater district where the girls found dessert. In all, a lot of walking. 25k steps in only half a day!
We landed at Heathrow and found a cab which fit 5 people just nicely surprisingly. After dropping off our bags at the hotel we went over to Wimbledon on the train where we were hoping to hang out on the grounds but unfortunately that didn’t work out. We then grabbed dinner which was more challenging than expected and made our way back to the heart of London.
Arrived nice and early. No wait so dinner time.