United Kingdom · 6 Days · 7 Moments · April 2018

London 2018 ✨

1 May 2018

Oh lord it’s the last day.. - Hey there buds, this is the last chapter of this holiday. It wasn’t too much but that’s because I really have to get into this app! Anyways I love it and will get better i swear. - After going to Greenwich and checking out some museums there we went and had the most amazing lunch ever. I’m literally craving another portion right now. And towards 3pm we headed to the Airbnb to get our stuff and drive to the airport. Where we ended up eating a light “dinner” at Starbucks. And after a while I had to board for my plane.. - That’s about it for this story! Hope y’all enjoyed eventhough it was written sloppy , yikes.

30 April 2018

Well this was the last day before heading out of London, which is a little bit of a bummer. I went shopping again for a little while, just because I needed to buy my bestfriend some birthday gifts. And ofcourse I had to check out some stores for myself hehe. After that I basically went out for lunch, which wasn’t too special. And for dinner we went to this amazing Vietnamese place, An Nam, and the food was just marvelous. I literally ate to an extend that it felt like my pants would burst. But they’re still fine and so am I. I’m going to workout and stuff like that when I get home. After that I finished packing the last couple of thingies and now I’m going watch one episode of American horror story, and go to sleep! Goodnight x

29 April 2018

So we didn’t really do too much today. We did hop in the London eye, and because we had fast passes we didn’t have to wait in line for hours. It was really really pretty though so I don’t regret going there. After 30 minutes we got off of it we headed over to the King’s Cross Tunnel which had loads of cool light walls. It wasn’t as big as I had expected it but it was still pretty cool. We went for dinner too aka Macdonald’s, and as usually it was really tasty. So yeah that’s basically it! Goodnight :)

28 April 2018

It’s my sisters birthday today! - Again woke up at the same time as yesterday, and we went and visited the art gallery “God’s own junkyard” which was amazing, all the lights and colors were just stunning. After that we visited shoreditch which is a district with the most gorgeous street art. And our last stop was the London bridge, what was beautiful from far and up close. When we were done there we drove home, changed, and went out for dinner in a Chinese restaurant. It was marvelous! Getting home I almost knocked out so it’ll be goodnight from me! 💞

27 April 2018

So today I woke up around 5:30am. And after discussing for a while, we decided to go to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. It was beautiful but also very cold since it was raining a ton. So after almost freezing to death, we went out for lunch what really warmed us up. After that we payed a visit to oxford street, and the stores there. And I actually bought some really cute stuff! We eventually also went out for dinner, the food wasn’t anything special but it was food anyway! Welp that’s mostly it, I’ll see you guys tomorrow ✨

26 April 2018

whoOoP whOOOoP, So I’m officially in London now, which is pretty exciting. I’m so pumped to show y’all what I’m about to experience and I hope you will enjoy! I also just went back in time, just an hour tho, but I did go back in time and that’s all that matters. I’ll talk about it more as soon as I arrive at my airbnb! ☁️✨

25 April 2018

Hey there buds, I just finished packing the last things, and I’m very pleased with myself. I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I’ll get my checklist tomorrow just to make sure I’ve got everything. I’m flying around 8pm tomorrow and I’ll arrive around 11pm if I’m right, so that’ll be a fun flight I guess. Today’s entry is not as exciting, but get ready for tomorrow! Goodnight.