Europe, North America · 10 Days · 9 Moments · May 2018

26 May 2018

5/24: Coming home was exhausting. Waking up at 4:15 am and being on the bus by sucked...but hey made it home safe. Blew through customs and everything. We did good.

25 May 2018

It’s the night before the flight, and I’m so nervous !! I have never flown before, so it is a little intimidating. I have been assured by many that flying is safe, and I have nothing to worry about. So, we will see! Hopefully all goes well. On another note, I’m very excited to go to London and Paris. I can’t wait to go on this new adventure and take many pictures. This memory will by far be the best of my life. I’m also excited to get to know the people on the trip.

23 May 2018

5/23: As a group we started the day off with a breakfast. At first it was supposed to be down the one hall and to the left, well it wasn’t there until about 8;30. Some of us were lucky and got good breakfast while others weren’t so lucky. We got shooed away quickly from the good breakfast. After breakfast we had a bus tour began with a guide named Audrey. My favorite part of the tour was going to the Eiffel Tower. This is where we experienced our first pickpockets, we had nothing taken that we knew of. We toured a square, but I don’t remember what it was called. There was an awesome fountain and an Egyptian monument. From the square you can see the famous Arc. It was awesome. The OG group- Alison, Abbie, Taylor, Matt & I all walked roughly 7 miles through Paris. Super fun. After we walked the Louvre and had a yummy supper. It was a fun last day in Paris! Thankful for meeting everybody!

22 May 2018

5/22: I was really disappointed on the train ride to Paris to find out you couldn’t see the water and sea life. They should’ve put something in so you could. When we arrived at Paris we walked through too drop off our luggage and then started exploring the city. It started to downpour and I bought and didn’t last longer than an hour and a half...I was mad, but it was funny. As it was down pouring we waited in line to see Notre-Dame, it was beautiful! There was so much to look at that we went back in and walked around it twice seeing stuff we hadn’t the first. We tried to go to the towers and didn’t succeed because tickets were 10 euro. Abbie and I walked to the Jewish memorial and it was words can describe the emotions running through you... We had duck for dinner this night and it tasted like roast beef. Overall, our rainy day was pretty nice.

21 May 2018

Starting off the day, Matt, Alison, Abbie, Taylor, and I all went to the London Eye. It was very exciting and most definitely not really worth it. You take one photo and you’re done. After the eye, we went to the dungeon. It was pretty fun and I was definitely scared. My favorite part was the ride at the end, but I was hoping it’d go a little longer than it did. Afterwards, we went to the Natural History Museum and it was fun. There were many different exhibits, but my favorite was the vault in the minerals section. I also enjoyed seeing the elephants in the exhibit. Later, we all met up for an Indian dinner...after the dinner some Of us went souvenir shopping in Piccadilly and it was a success. The free day was by far the best days we had since we were able to choose what to do.

20 May 2018

5/20: Today we went to the British Museum, Tower of London, and on the Jack The Ripper tour. The British Museum was fairly exciting. I didn’t enjoy it as much, because we didn’t see much. My favorite part was the Roman sculptures and Keith’s descriptions. After this, we went to the Tower of London. The armory at the Tower was pretty awesome. So much history in one building. Another thing I visited was the place they held prisoners. There were a lot of interesting engravings. The last thing we did was the Jack the Ripper tour. Our tour guide was really into it which made it more fun. We learned about the crime and where they happened along with more details on who they thought the killer was. Some of us then went to the Ten Bells Bar. It was fun! Then we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

19 May 2018

5/19: Today, we went to Bath, England, and Stonehenge with a Alan, our tour guide. At Bath, I was able to tour the famous Roman Baths that are natural hot springs. It was pretty hot and steamy in there! My favorite part was seeing the water coming in and knowing that it was all rain water. After bath, we attended Stonehenge. I wasn’t as intringued with Stonehenge, but it was a pretty site. At Stonehenge, I met some people from The other groups and we sat down and had coffee and stone cake at the little cafe on site. When we got back from Stonehenge, we were able to wander around London by ourselves. Beverley, Kayla & I went to Freddy & Benny’s for supper. I had chicken strips ( I know..soo American of me). After we ate, we went to Trafalgar Square and sat on the edge of the fountains for an hour enjoy the serenity. After we got back to our hotel in Wembley, we hit all of the soccer fans coming from the stadium. It was after 9pm when we arrived too. Going through the day, it was fun.

18 May 2018

5/18: Today we went to Hampton Court, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden and watched a “The Play That Goes Wrong.” All of the places we visited today were absolutely breathtaking. The paintings in Hampton Court were amazing and so intricate. My favorite was the sleep one. Afterwards, we went on to Buckingham Palace and the Westminster Abbey. The architecture in these buildings was pretty awesome. I wish we would’ve been able to tour the insides, but we weren’t able to. I also got to see the House of Parliament today, and there were ALOT or cops guarding it. Afterwards we went to covent garden, Abbie, Taylor, Matt, Alison, & I all ate ate Bella Italia and it was pretty good. I tried a strawberry Collins and it is my new favorite drink. After eating; we went to the play, and man oh man it was funny! I thought they were definently going to make the platform fall completely off the wall. One of my favorite days.

17 May 2018

5/16 & 5/17 My first flight went better than expected. It seemed like I was a pro. I think it was because I took Dramamine to calm my stomach. I forgot to take it on the second flight; but I was fine. On the plane, they fed us. My favorite one was breakfast. It was a bagel with some yummy spread. After we landed, we went straight to work touring London. We took our first trip on the Tubes of London and traveled into Southwark. We visited the market in the area. There were so many options, but I chose to have mussels for lunch. They were in this delicious wine sauce. Afterwards we saw Saint Paul’s cathedral, London bridge, a modern art museum, millennial bridge, criminal courts, Thames river and had fish and chips for supper.