United States of America · 23 Days · 12 Moments · October 2016

Lola's adventure in Myrtle Beach, SC, Unit...

29 October 2016

And here’s the last sunset from home in the St Johns River.
Coming back through Jacksonvile, we saw some larger vessels and a sailing regatta at Jones College, and the Florida Georgia game was happening.

28 October 2016

Robert navigating without his glasses. They fell in the water. Getting closer to home now.

27 October 2016

Courtney brought her vegan food, practiced taking pictures with her new camera and read for a bit. This was as far out towards the ocean as we got on this trip.

26 October 2016

We passed Paris island where Robert went to boot camp

25 October 2016

We saw lots of dolphins on the way

24 October 2016

It got kind of wide open and busy when we were closer to Charleston

23 October 2016

The fall colors were pretty in South Carolina. And we finally found a wide enough spot to raise the sails.

22 October 2016

We saw lots of flooded houses on the way
It was cold when we started out
We had breakfast at the hotel, then spent some time getting Puffin ready before saying goodbye to Jerry and shoving off for Florida.

7 October 2016

We held our breath as hurricane Matthew breezed by Jax and then by Myrtle beach, but no real damage. Just downed trees. Then it was time to go get our new boat!