Costa Rica, Argentina · 9 Days · 23 Moments · January 2017

Lola's adventure in Costa Rica

21 January 2017


20 January 2017

Orchid and grasshopper

19 January 2017

Under the falls!
La Fortuna waterfall
Coati animal related to the raccoon. "When provoked can be fierce fighters with strong jaws and sharp canine teeth". Looking passive here by the side of the road.
Hanging bridge above the canopy in Arenal
La Fortuna Volcano. Last erupted in 1968

18 January 2017

Our little but tough 4WD SUV
River crossing; we made it!
Hummingbird photographers
A tree hugger in the Monteverde cloud forest
Tree cuttings planted in the soil in a row with barbed wire attached to make a fence; more cuttings, more fence.

17 January 2017

Beautiful beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula

16 January 2017

Night tonic from the carao plant; we're addicted and sliding into bliss!
Nice hike on the Samara nature trail.
Spikes prevent howling monkeys from climbing up the tree and eating the leaves.
Howling Monkey; sounds like a lion.

14 January 2017

Garden mask

13 January 2017

Vince buying our dinner.
Iguana for sale!