Colombia · 16 Days · 24 Moments · May 2017

Lola's adventure in Colombia

9 June 2017

Our South American trip ends in Colombia after 6 full moons. We've learned so much... can hardly wait to give a big hug to family and friends!

8 June 2017

View of Cartagena from or Airbnb window. The low building in the foreground is the Humanities University... good energy.

7 June 2017

"The dot that enters the space is the world talking to us"
Arrecifes Beach
Campground in the Park. The tents are under the thatched roof.
Coconuts for sale in Tayrona Park. The sellers young wife and baby are in the background. These are the Tairona People, the Indigenous people of the area that were displaced deep into the jungle by the Spanish colonists in the 1500's.
Tayrona National Park on the Caribbean Sea in Northern Colombia

6 June 2017

Roosters everywhere in Taganga. They are raised for cockfighting and start doodling in the wee hours.
Cocktails on the beach
Beach house in Taganga in Northern Colombia

5 June 2017

Stopped for lunch in Bogota

4 June 2017

Finally a bottle of wine that will last Vince through dinner!

2 June 2017

Fossils in a small shop in the tiny town of Guane. There are fossils everywhere!
The end of the Camino Royal trail between Barichara and Guane.

31 May 2017

Rafting on the Rio Chicamocha and the Rio Suarez in central Colombia. How hard can it be?

29 May 2017

Our 36th wedding anniversary selfie in Medellin
Graffiti in the Comuna 13 district of Medellin; a success story worth reading about!

28 May 2017

Gautape Granite Rock with 700 steps to the top
Strong but very friendly police presence in the Medellin region

25 May 2017

The beautiful town of Salento
Wax palms in the Cocora Canyon

24 May 2017

Raw coffee beans ready for transport.
Vince picking coffee beans