Slovenia · 1 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017


1 August 2017

Lubey gina you were very nice n I'm sorry that it was short OMG I ALMOST FORGOT I woke up this morning to get ready to leave and guess who was in the other top bunk bed right next to me!!!! B O B nooooo I got home last night after everyone else so he was already asleep and I just acknowledged there was a human there but didn't realise it was him WHAT A LUCKY ESCAPE
On the way up to the castle in 35 degrees WOW what a mess of sweat I was but it was worth it
Ooooh edgy - I took this photo because it reminded me of the inner struggle of us all and how we all have a pretty front up but are broken on the inside so in conclusion I think this building symbolises the power struggle between pigeons and crumbs #sooooedgy #diverse #photography #lololol #individual
Fav lil weird graffitis (cat Graf EVERYWHERE)
Only had a very short time in Ljubljana, just one full day! So I went exploring round the town then made my way up to the castle, reeeeally nice city, very clean and petite and nice :) Also learnt how to pronounce it finally !! It's loobliarna (silent js apparently) but I'm afraid I still prefer lubey gina
Hostel in Ljubljana!! My train didn't get in until 9pm and it was a very tired walk from the station to here, HOWEVER it was a pleasant surprise because oh my it was cool!! Crazy art everywhere and all very clean and quirky n mega central! I was in a 12 bed dorm again but there was a splitting wall so it was kinda like only being 4 which was okay! However the beds were awful!! Instead of slats it was just a slab of metal, and at the slightest movement they made these mega loud bang noises so I felt awful for my existence ! Sorry to the Israeli guy below me but also not sorry because you snored a lot soooo