Canada · 1 Days · 4 Moments · July 2017

Calgary Zoo

21 July 2017

Overall, hippos and penguins were the best part of the zoo. The Prehistoric Zone sucked, and I was tired and cranky the whole time, but the animals were cute. Food is SO expensive though, which sucked for Dad. Also, the red pandas were overwhelmingly cute!
Butterfly Room/Rainforest: The chameleon was so vividly coloured?? It was crazy, and the butterflies were everywhere. There was one that looked like an owl? It was weird but cool. There were sooooo many cool plants and flowers!
Savannah: The hippos were so amazing, and were definitely a highlight. I got to see them underwater, and then again while they were eating. The giraffes were giraffes, and one kept picking fights and swinging his neck. Also, zebras look more brown and white than black and white??
The bears were so cute, especially the white one. It's actually a grizzly bear too!! The black bear was HUGE, and holy man would it be terrifying to face one in the woods.