South Korea · 7 Days · 24 Moments · October 2016

Liz G

That Big Fat South Korean Wedding

18 October 2016

The CDG airport. The end!

17 October 2016

We were warned about Korean spicy food. Turned out to be just fine. Taking this picture in front of locals and struggling with the chopsticks was far more painful. Went to a Dessert cafe where black sesame ice flakes ( not ice cream!!!) topped with red bean paste and those nasty candy things was consumed.
Myeongdong cathedral... we came, we saw it from the outside, we left. End of story.
Stopped by the Tapgol park to see the Wongaksa Pagoda, which was definitely not the type of pagoda we were expecting
The choice came down to shopping or shrine (Jongmyo shrine). Of course heaven forbid you are allowed to buy a ticket for the 2pm tour at 2:05, try to get in, and are then told you'll have to wait 2 hours for the next English tour! Those bawbags!!!
In case you ever wanted to see 1000 stalls selling misc. home improvement tools (not pictured), another 500 selling wedding dresses/fabric (also not pictured), and 50 selling/ mass producing dumplings, bean pancakes, dried fish,and have come to the right place (Gwangjang market).
Playing the stereotypical western tourist by visiting a "market". Luckily vendors didn't hassle us as too much.

16 October 2016

Going Gangnam style in Gangnam with a bit of organized street meandering, traditional barbecue, and cake.
Post wedding festivities at an Irish pub / the streets of Busan. Watched Chelsea attempt to label all 26 cantons. Of course afterwards we had ice cream - because why not?
Hungover/ overcast Busan and some strange green drink that tastes like cantaloupe flavored rice milk

15 October 2016

Stumbling in a few minutes late ( but still made it) to Fabio and Chelsea's wedding! Witnessed the cutting of the rainbow/ gay pride wedding cake and some karaoke
Catching a train to Busan... and getting makeup done on a train

14 October 2016

A walk around the shopping district followed by a haphazardly planned three course dinner consisting of a matcha-banana latte, some dumplings, and a red bean paste pastry... nom nom nom
Walking back from the temple included a stop at Bosingak bell pavilion, the Gwanggyo Bridge, and a few misc. department stores
Buddhist temple that was "conveniently" across the street from lunch.
Buddhist temple, which according to our travel app, would "turn even the most diehard carnivore into a vegetarian"
Cultural village... in case i ever get super rich and contemplate moving to Korea and buying a traditional house, I now know what I'm getting myself into
The Secret Garden, which really was not-so-secret ...and where our tour guide tried to convince us to leave her tour at every stop
Changdeokgung Palace

13 October 2016

Buying into Asian stereotypes by purchasing an overpriced green tea cake from some rando French bakery
Dinnertime: Seoul food ... i.e. Looking like total fuds who can't use chopsticks and don't know what the hell is on the plates.
Evening adventures... because why wouldn't you want to look at street food?... including one booth where live muscles were torched using a blowtorch
Heading on the Seoul train (pun intended) to the hotel

12 October 2016

Ready to rock n roll...invitation and passport in hand and thus ready to board the two flights.