Germany, Ireland · 3 Days · 18 Moments · December 2016

Liz traveling over NYE to Dublin, Ireland

3 January 2017

Bye Ireland, see ya

2 January 2017

Painted doors in Dublin. During the Georgian time period Dublin was rising to become one of the biggest city in the British Empire (after London of course). Back in these days every house looked the same, bc of the modern/elegant architecture. While everything was so strict, normed and lookalike the Irish people broke the system and went back to originality by painting their doors.
Just before we went to the Disney store we walked to through magical streets full of sunshine. Princesses everywhere, a magic mirror, Nemo and spider man...
Pretending being figures from that wall
Trinity college, Dublin Monday, bank holiday but blue sky
Custom House, Dublin At NYE they were projecting moving pictures onto the custom house. Two days later the music and pictures are still there.

1 January 2017

Paused and looked all the way back to Bray Head
Went through magical ways while talking about old mystic stories
Bye Bray See you soon Greystone
Up up up
Bray After a very quiet NYE in Dublin (compared to all the years in Germany with lots of fireworks) we went to Bray by train. After walking along the seafront we were looking forward to climb the top of Bray Head. Okay we actually could walk the hole way... And got an amazing view

31 December 2016

Finally arrived in Dublin... •Checked in •Found a place to stay inside that's not that full of people •Waiting for the new year •thinking abut going outside for 2017