Canada · 9 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017

Folk Fest 2017

18 August 2017

I felt a little put off this year, and it was odd. Maybe because I was by myself, maybe because I wasn't there all day everyday. Either way, it was unsettling. Overall though, the experience was so so amazing.

13 August 2017

The last day, I was there all day and got to see City and Colour in a smaller session. I had to leave to go to my shift which sucked but I got to hear the end of the session. Then I worked until they called us back due to rain and lightning. We waited for around an hour amidst pouring rain, thunder, and lightning (but no evacution). Then they threw us back out there. The overall feeling was nice until the lightning started again and I felt terrified. It was loud and blinding; then it started POURING. They called us back so we ran to sign out, and I ran to the hill to catch the last of City and Colour. I cried, and felt an overwhelming sadness that I didn't get to hear more of him. Then I bought green onion cakes and appreciated the rain and the storm. It was a pretty good night.
I got to carry a lantern in the march, and met a nice mom with her daughter. I got to lay on the hill with my blanket and I had cotton candy and candy and hot chocolate and it was really nice. I was by myself and the view was amazing, definitely one of the best nights of Folk Fest.

12 August 2017

The following days were fun, hot, and beautiful. I spent lots of time at the park, and it was overall a lovely experience

10 August 2017

The rain made the streets beautiful though, I'm glad it happened
The first night, we were evacuated due to risk of high winds. It was a little bit ridiculous because it passed in 5 minutes but it was definitely an experience.