United States of America · 2 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Liz's adventure and Larry's work in Solvang

11 September 2017

Acai bowls with bee pollen and goji berries, reading up on hurricane Irma, loving the old school keychain tag "Not all who wander are lost". 🙌🏼 Sitting at the same table where we had dinner last night in this darling minimalist/scandanavian hotel. To our left was a first date, on our right was a beautiful lightening display and in front of me, sweet Larry with memories and connection that made me tear up over cheese fondue and brussels sprouts. Dinner ended with calls from Sarah and Davis. Kids missing me and wanting a "mommy hug" in the worst way.

10 September 2017

Before hitting the curvy roads to Solvang and while we let our sour stomachs rest from a funny night of Cards against Humanity we had a quick pop in to downtown Santa Barbara for a pour over coffee (Larry) and a hibiscus iced tea (Liz) and tasty cherry almond tart at The French Press ☕️ Found some mermaid pillows and budha boards we wanted to get for all our girls. Discussed Signacast and Larry's future there, ruminated over the company culture since the merger with Dynacast and his boss's penchant for sending what's app messages on Saturday mornings and Sunday nights Decided we could live in Santa Barbara but are really more mountain people. Larry talked fantasy football and debit cards with Colin while Liz spied longhorn bulls in the grassland in the Chumash valley.