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20 January 2017

A drunken dinner at Three Monkeys (Eric making friends in the background) then off back to Amerrrica (after a 6 hour layover in Joburg...lounge life!) Thank god we missed the inauguration of the Cheetos president.
Sunset cruise....that we were late for. Coming back from the Zambia side of Victoria falls took longer than anticipated and we missed our pickup van and consequently the boat by 5 mins. Roxy and Matheus made it though! The boat had to turn around much to the scorn and anger of many elderly patrons who continued to glare at us the rest of the cruise. We saw hippos and crocodiles!! Hippos feed on reeds and grass. Skin sensitive so only come out at night. Can be underwater for 6-7 min. When they puff/growl it means don't come to my territory. Vegetarians, kill people swimming or in canoes who they think are threatening their young. Lelo! Last in...last out. I snuck out with contraband in my purse....a bottle of wine, three beers and a bottle of vodka
Vic falls from the Zambia side, entrance $20pp. Shorter but a closer view of the falls. There are three paths you can explore, one of which takes you to the top of some of the falls and also towards angels pool where you can go swim at the top of the falls (a very very steep drop off). Smita did that excursion this morning while most of us bungee jumped. Another path took you to the Zimbabwe/Zambia border where the Zimbabwe side ended yesterday. We all liked it a lot better than the Zimbabwe side.
Walked across to the Zambia number 29! Had lunch at the rainbow zebra cafe right across the border. We're caged in to protect us from the baboons! And then poor Salma got attacked by baboons....twice. She and Abhi were in the vic falls ticket office and didn't hear the locals remind us not to carry water bottles bc the baboons would attack. She walked out and one came for her coke bottle. Luckily she threw it and it went away. But then on our way back to Zimbabwe she walked out of the border patrol office carrying two empty bottles and a brown bag of her shoes and two or three more came charging at her. She tried to get Kelly to take a picture then threw the bottles away from her, but one kept charging for the brown bag. Luckily locals came and shooed it away and she got her shoes back. Oh selmer
We bungee jumped from Victoria Falls bridge in No Mans Land(btw Zambia and Zimbabwe). 111 meters high!! $145. Crazy rush. They hurry you through the process so you don't have time to panic. The crew was super nice-everyone introduced themselves and asked you questions about yourself. You get strapped in and they tell you step to the edge with toes overhanging. Before you know it they count down 5...4...3...2...1! You are supposed to jump away from the platform. I yelled my usual, "good luck everybody!" then bounced like a rag doll. Salma needed a minute to breathe and they had to recount, then she kept her thumbs up the whole way down. Abhi did a squat then tipped over the edge. Kelly jumped out but stayed vertical most of the jump down. Then was so shaky and looked like she was seizing on the go pro. Eric got so scared watching everyone else go, intended to jump but just kind of fell forwards. Everyone survived to tell about it! Amazing experience but now I'm done πŸ‘

19 January 2017

Pepperoni pizza at Spearwater cafe for lunch on day 1 of Zimbabwe. That's supposed to be a mojito that egg's drinking. Drinks that night at the Victoria falls hotel. Plantation style grounds. Bungee jumping tomorrow...2nd highest in Africa (1st about 250m in South Africa) and 15th highest in the world currently
Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe side. On the Zambezi river with a 108 meter drop. It is the largest curtain of waterfall at 2km. Many different viewpoints along the Zimbabwe side of the falls. Supposed to take 2-3 hours, we did it in about 1.5. Entrance $30pp Rainbows in the mist. Then happy hour late lunch at Shearwater Cafe
Hello Zimbabwe!!! We have really left the desert now. So lush and green!! 13 million people with 16 official languages. Last stay at N1 hotel, looked dingy from the outside but not bad at all.

18 January 2017

Last night in Namibia. Kelly and I wandered the grounds and got to see cool rock formations and the animals....until we got eaten by ants and chased by dragon flies the size of baby birds. Last meal....steakkkkkk with a pineapple egg roll for dessert And then a domesticated cat named Fudge ran into Eric and Salma's room as we packed for a 4am departure. WOOF
Wild dogs, we weren't allowed out of the car even behind the fence Eat their prey live and don't kill it first. They also don't chew. Man this place is so beautiful and lush. Way different than Etosha. Sylvia and yellow flowers she likes
Clarence willie and Nancy, 3 siblings. 6 total, mother escaped from Etosha and farmer killed their mom and kept the cubs...6 in total. 2 males started fighting cuz females were in heat so they were separated. They did a vasectomy not castration or they would lose their manes Last November a honey badger attacked one of the male lions and injured its genitals. He died of infection, blood loss, and shock (😱). Honey badgers enjoy eating snakes and genitals. #lorenabobbett
Caracal, angry as hellllllllll hissing cats. Damn White around eyes reflect moonlight = nocturnal hunters Two hardbeasts hiding under a tree
Ayku, Kiki Aisha 3 siblings. Farmer tried to catch mom and accidentally caught 4 cubs. He dug a hole with the cage above it to lure the cage but it didn't work. It rained and drowned the 4th cub. Cheetahs don't interbreed the way lions, elephants and leopards do
Carnivore feeding game drive with Jan our guide. Horse meat bait 2 male leopards whose mother was caught by a farmers cage. She gave birth to two cubs then later died of anthrax so the farmer gave them to the conservation. They were castrated bc as two males they would have been more aggressive and kill each other over territory. Castration makes them fatter. They're also large because there are no trees to climb and they are fed daily by the reserve but they will still hunt on their own Wild baboons in a field, live about 20 years. 30 in captivity. Pink butts in females. The baboons in captivity were orphaned or abandoned by people who had them as pets. Calling to the baboons in captivity but they're not biting. Not taking to the meat bait Electric fences of the enclosures Spok the baboon just livin his life.
Our awesome room in Naankuse!! Not sure why they chose to have the shower right across from the bathroom. Back patio sitting area Trough sinks. And then a baboon messed up the water pipes in Abhi's room. Always a victim.
N/a'an ku se lodge...our final resort! We had planned to go into the city and take advantage of how strong the usd was but our lodge is in a reserve with so much to do. This lodge is a partner with Angelina Jolie's foundation and has pictures of her with the reserve animals. The foundation was started in honor of Shiloh who was born in Namibia. It's like Etosha but bigger and more luxurious Abhi was reunited with his stolen stuff!
Happy to get the hell outta sossusvlei. Our new pilot, a local named Michael took us back to Windhoek. Last nights sunset at the sundowner. Our last day with The Rooster and it was also his birthday. Complimentary bottle of champagne with a little friend from the resort. Our lodge was probably so hot because they didn't have money left after the new reno to upgrade their solar battery pack. They are upgrading today, the day we are leaving. Change βœŠοΈβœŒοΈπŸ‘

17 January 2017

Sesriem Canyon made by the Sesriem river. 3m wide and 50m deep. Named the "six belts" canyon, settlers who came to these parts tried to use belts made of oryx skin to pull ?something up. Sossusvlei, namesake of the city, a salt pan that we didn't even get out of the car for. Too hot.
DEADVLEI: Acacia trees 800-900 years old. Hard clay and the trees very long roots hold them upright. Was worth the 1km trek from the road and the 70degree super steep and tall dune we had to climb up but we were def not happy. So eerily beautiful. It started as one large area of trees then a dune swept in, separating it into two. Shovel snouted lizard, burrows into the sand to avoid predators. It's mouth from the side is shaped like an upward shovel to avoid sand getting in it as it burrows forward. Looks like the geico gecko Three types of dune in this desert Linear, star shaped and u shaped What moves is the crest made of lighter sand, moves about 8 inches per year. They're fixed points. Heavier sand particles that contain iron weighs it down Afternoon picnic....for the flies that ate us Sociable weaver birds make large nests that hold 300 birds. Entry holes are at the bottom to avoid snakes that drop from higher branches
Big daddy dune: 307 meters high. Takes about 3 hours to climb. We opted against it. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
5am recursion with Simon our resort tour guide. Visited dune 45, bid daddy dune, deadvlei, sossusvlei, and a canyon. Started at dune 1. Dune 45. Most photographed dune in the world. Dune numbering stops after 45. Can climb because parking lot is close to the road. Accessibility. Holler. Took about 45 mins in hot hot heat. The first part was the most strenuous as we kept slipping and sliding in the soft sand up the steep dune. Then as it leveled the path became really scary and narrow. All I could see was the steep drop on either side. The summit was great with beautiful views of adjacent dunes of all different colors. Eric Abhi and I made it up and thought we were the only ones so started to slide down the side. As we did we saw Kelly and Salma approach so climbed back up to take pics. When we went down a second time, we saw Louis Smita and Sylvia made it up! Smita was still hurting from her ATV accident but our little crippled made it! So proud of our badass group!

16 January 2017

Nothing to do after our 2p arrival so cooled off from a scorching unforgiving sun in the pool! We turned on tunes, sipped super beers/cider, and it got turned up. Our only time drinking heavily during this trip actually. Sunsets in Africa are never disappointing. BBQ for dinner at the lodge. Dat bread do. So good. Prob one of the best lodge meals so far. Lots of great food and good drinks which made our 4 am wake up the next morning very very painful. Eric and my room is so damn far from the main lodge, about half a kilometer. Pausing on our trek for a selfie.
SOSSUSVLEI: Desert homestead outpost lodge design of our resort built into the base of the mountains. Our rooms are designed like large luxury tents with canvas walls. Complete with rooftop, back porch, and bathroom view of the desert. Renovated in July, brand spanking new almost. We were greeted by delicious grape cake. Yes grape. That we demolished so the other guests had nothing. My big fat American life. The resort is solar powered and man is energy limited. AC shuts off at midnight which left for a terrible first night. I thought ours was just broken and Eric and I got up and slept on the porch. We didn't get eaten by bugs but I could hear animal tracks about 10 feet away (prob oryx) but also heard jackels and kept having nightmares I was being hunted by them. Why couldn't they have included fans. WTF We all didn't sleep much and weren't happy about our 5am excursion departure. Addendum: Night 2 was breezy, cool and great. Thank God.
Big daddy. Biggest dune in Namibia 375 meters Can climb it but we chose not to.
Scenic flight part 3: Can never get enough of the ever changing landscape of Namibia. Completely different terrain on either side of the plane that change completely within a few kilometers.
Scenic flight part 2: First shipwreck-Shaunee shipwreck British boat ?100 years old Edward Bowlen further south. ?German Very far inland because of the way the beach grew around it The vast, varying terrain of Namibia is truly amazing. On our flight the geography would change constantly and dramatically. It was really breathtaking. Diamond camps, left from the diamond mining days
Bye bye Swakopmund! Enjoyed a late morning window shopping now off with a new pilot, Renas from Johannesburg off to Sossusvlei. Our best flight yet. He flipped and swooped, giving us great views of everything. We're going to take a scenic flight over the shipwrecks of the Skeleton coast. Strong winds, dunes and ?Unreliable compass navigation all added to the hundreds of wrecks Walvis bay: We saw by air what we saw on our driving tour yesterday: Stationary oil rigs right off the coast. Renas took us right above and flew sideways so we could see the top. Microdunes. Red beach made by garnets. Bright red salt pools pumped by water from the Atlantic laden with Serratia, seals, flamingos, dunes Selmer copiloting!

15 January 2017

Local fishermen lending a hand getting our car out. Finally towed it to walvis bay where the owner drove the other car home...but didn't refund the tour? Low income housing from the government so everyone could own homes, can have leases for 99 years based on income. Taxes are about 16% for everybody Street from Wavlis bay to Swakopmund lined with palm trees privately planted by a family whose son crashed and died on the road. His grave is at the end of the road. Jacques our guide said people are happy with the government. Until a few years they had problems with apartheid but laws have been passed against it. Always all perspective though and we never got the view from local black Africans. Big business: uranium mining, graphite, cattle farming (Namibia is the first African country to export cows to America), fishing, tourism Namibian students learn English as a first language for past 5 years Dinner at butcher and brewers with a tower of meats...poorly prepared
"They must be having so much fun right now."- Salma about the other car getting towed backwards. Land Rover with Abhi Kelly Louis and Sylvia got caught in the sand climbing up the dune and our little truck had to pull them out ...5x Don't judge a Land Rover by its exterior...they suck "I think they're moving now." Salma about us towing the second car uphill. Comp of the Land Rover then put it into road mode cuz it was going too fast and put it in low suspension, dropping it lower onto the sand Then another car came to help before we finally got out Satellite phones people....wth
Sandwich bay conservatory park! We came too late bc we took too long at ATVing and the tide was too high to drive very much along the coast. Then we drove up to a lookout point at the top of a dune to take pictures. The second world heritage site in Namibia. The only place in the world where the sand dunes meet the ocean.
Garnets in the old kuppep river broke down and creates red sand
Next stop...salt mines! Large industry in Namibia. Water from the Atlantic Ocean is pumped into these man made harbors and allowed to dry to make salt flats which are later brought to the salt factory The red color in the lake is the bacteria Serratia that flamingo also eat to get their pink color. The bacteria thrive in salty environments It shimmers and sparkles white when it's ready to be harvested Tall reeds around the car on the way out indicate it's fresh water. Also used in thatched roofs Microdunes form over hundreds of years. Plants on them grow on the western face but dunes form northeast by the Northeast trade winds. Salt pans are prior natural lagoons that dried out and create salt flats. The sun heats it up and creates a reflective surface that resembles water and creates a mirage.
First stop on the drive to sandwich harbor...flamingos!! Two different breeds Great flamingo have pinker feathers, lighter beaks Lesser flamingos are smaller, whiter feathers and have black beaks
The new movie The Mummy was filmed here and we saw one of their filming sites on the drive to Sandwich Harbor It was so cool on the drive, so used to seeing mountains in the distance but we saw sand dunes! Dune 7: 131 meters tall and named "7" from the distance in km to the city. Namibian military used to have to do training activities up and down.
ATV part 2: Louis switched bikes with me and it was WAY BETTER. it was way more stable and I could hit the turns at a faster speed. I even started singing a song I made up about how I love life and my friends. And then Smita almost the slow down signal too late on the way down a steep dune and flipped the ATV over her. Already she had been feeling bad from the morning and vomited last night. She's good though. We'll all laugh about this later. Iron coats some of the sand dunes and you can see them make magnetic crystals on the walkie talkie
Cheesin waiting to start sandboarding!! Riding on a waxed thin board down a steep dune. It only takes 1-2 sec as you fly down face first, holding the front of the board up. Then you have to walk back up the steep dune carrying your board. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“Eric and I both went 3x with the last one backwards on our backs. So fun!
ATV in Namib desert part 1: My ATV was so wobbly and hard to steer but the views were amazing. Beautiful huge dunes as far as the eye can see without a soul in site Def like Mariokart and everyone had their corresponding characters Louis = Mario, Eric = Luigi, Kelly = Princess Daisy, Sylvia = Princess Peach, Salma = Toad, Me = Yellow Yoshi, Abhi = Green Yoshi, Smita = KupaTroopa

14 January 2017

Dinner at Tug, a restaurant on the water. Our waiter had a weirdly short tie. Dessert...chocolate fondant which was amaaaaaaazing. Molton lava chocolate spilling out
Walking the jetty and down the beach. Was very cloudy but was nice to see the area. Windhoek is a 4 hour drive away so Swakopmund is a vaca destination for them. Pretty dead downtown since after the Xmas and New Years holiday. Scary dead. Of the people who are left in the city, it is so incredibly segregated. Even worse than capetown. Per Eric he said that in this area, if you aren't white or black and you're a single female then you're probably a prostitute.
Lunch at brauhaus. Swakopmund is a previously German colonized city in Namibia and still is heavily influenced.
Hello to our next city....Swakopmund right in the Namib desert. Angelina Jolie has a house here and gave birth in this city Resort #3 at Swakopmund Guest house. Everyone lost in their phones as we rejoin the world of wifi. Salma avoiding the sun...again. Namibia "discovered" by Portuguese conquistador and trading posts were built in 1500s. Sailing back and forth was treacherous cuz the coast drops rapidly and then few meters away were dunes to get caught in ... hence the shipwrecks. Hundreds of shipwrecks along Skeleton Coast.

13 January 2017

Last night in damaraland! Sundowning then eating kudu for dinner
Elephant drive part 3: we thought it was a sham. Drove 3 hours into the mountains and finally "found the elephants" 30 mins from our camp. At a valley where we had previously been close to a water hole we started our drive at. Fishy. Then immediately 3 other cars showed up. And then we quickly found another pack of a mother and three babies 15 mins later.
Elephant drive part 2: after 3 hours we found a pack of 3 bulls. Elephants die of malnutrition when they lose their teeth. They often form bachelor groups bc when they get older they are cast out from their pack to prevent inbreeding. They naturally have short tusks so poachers don't target them They also allow people to come close since they aren't being attacked
6am elephant drive! Headed 1.5 hrs away to start tracking footprints and fresh dung! En route saw some African crop circles, pretty views and cool Namibian towns

12 January 2017

Sunsets at Kipwe are taken in on the viewpoint above the hotel overlooking the valley sipping drinks at the sunset bar. Eating orynx
Rooms at kipwe lodge looked like pueblos! With open air bathrooms! Light switches in our ecolodge Stoves outside the rooms heated the water in the outdoor showers 😊😊
Kipwe lodge! Built into the granite rock of the mountains with open air bathrooms. The drive up showed how hidden the resort is buried in the rocks. Each had a private patio overlooking the abu huab valley. Swimming pool built into the rocks. Sylvia/Kelly and Louis/Abhi's rooms had tents!
Organ pipe, molten rock that combined with minerals then cooled quickly. Together they made linear rocks that look like organs. Our new guide Tafee telling us all about it Cool tree whose roots grew upwards Kelly carved an image of herself and a giraffe...which will now last 6000 years A small tree on the rock wall that reminded me of Dandy
Burnt mountain: rich in manganese which creates manganese oxide, making it look like it's on fire. Result of lava induced chemical reaction over 100 million years ago. Transforms from dull grey to fiery red every sunrise and sunset. Damaraland, Namibia with Twyfelfontain, organ pipes and burnt mountain There are 5 main tribes in Namibia, including damara and bush
Twyfelfontein means doubtful fountain after a European man who farmed and built the broken house in the picture in the 1940s. He would tell stories about the rock carvings in the mountain that were the first compilation of stories. He would continuously dig a well because he wouldn't know if the rain would last til next season. His land was later taken by the govt and made into a heritage site. The Bushmen were nomadic people and came here for water. They used rock carvings to spend time waiting for animals to hunt when they would come to drink water from the natural spring. Carvings are 2-6k and intended for teaching. Carbon dating doesn't work the way they work on paintings. Man strangling an ostrich Rock of footprints. Probably for teaching about animals. See a lions! Bush men's first lesson was to learn footprints of parents since they were nomadic. Also of shaman to find him if someone was sick. A Habibi hiding from the sun
Bye Onguma! Leo picked us up in the bush plane to go to the next resort. Shorter but rockier flight. We apparently did formations with the other plane but I was sleeping.
Bye Onguma resort! Last morning here pretty exciting as Abhi Kelly and Sylvia found out they had a total of about $1000 usd of cash and stuff missing. This included Abhi's panda portable speaker, brand new Bose headphones and his deodorant. Namibian police came to interrogate and the staff all pointed to one person, the receptionist who was seen hanging around the girls rooms. He said he was checking an AC leak but they hadn't complained about it. Sylvia also saw him smoking and hanging out by her room and he was the only one of the staff who smoked. They arrested both him and the housekeeper on duty last night. The housekeeper told them he returned the key last night to the receptionist and began to cry when he was arrested. He seemed innocent according to them. Hopefully he was just brought in for questioning. The receptionist was given the option to return everything and he would just be fired but no charges would be pressed. He apparently offered to have his wages docked.

11 January 2017

Final night at Onguma. Saw a cheetah hunting a pack of springboks outside of our restaurant. We question the safety of our resort as the electric fences are about 3 feet high. The sunsets here are beautiful.
PM game drive: 4 hours long Saw a worthog on the reserve at lunch. Ostrich all lay eggs at the same spot and the dominant male and female raise them Males are black and females are brown Spotted hyena under in a tree A worthog and a pack of impalas in a watering hole Dik diks mate for life. Always in pairs Our pm game drive was pretty devoid of animals. Drove around for hours barely seeing anything and were pretty disappointed. We were still feeling lucky that we saw so much yesterday and in the am game drive. But as we were driving up to our resort we saw a gang of giraffe just standing in the street. It looked like they were concerned about an impala we saw caught in between the Two Fences of the reserve. Justin said it probably jumped in to avoid a predator and got stuck. Then shortly afterwards we saw 4 more black rhino as the sun was setting! We saw 6 total black rhino! 2 million year old salt pan from a dried up river.
AM safari in Etosha part 2: drive lasted 5.5 hours We saw a leopard! Bulkier and spots are arranged in rosettes. Elephants crossed the road right before we got back. 60000 USD for 1 kg of black rhino ivory used for aphrodisiac, cancer cure and panacea We saw a lioness stalk a pack of wildebeest, hunting the baby. The mom protected it though and they got away. Wildebeests run faster than lions and can outrun them typically. The lioness eventually got tired and rested under a bush Cheetahs have a high success rate of hunting and run about 20 sec a day. Eat small animals once a day or every other day. If they miss their prey after 3-4 attempts then they expend too much energy and die.
Giraffes on the AM safari day in Etosha national park...women have smaller horns on their head Etosha means great white place Saw a black rhino on our Onguma resort reserve that charged our car. Endangered. Super scary The animals came very close to the cars again today. Within an hour we've already seen zebras, giraffe, black rhino, impala Zebra babies always stand close to the mother because predators think they are one. Zebras are hard to domesticate and don't have strong backs so aren't useful to people We saw another black rhino! It came close to our car again!! Black rhino are smaller with white lips. Long pointed upper lip. When poachers began coming their horns were cut so deter them. Rhinos in Etosha are used to cars so they don't charge. Poachers took 67 black rhinos in 3 mos. There's a 1mill rand to turn in a poacher if it leads to the poachers persecution. Oryx, antelope like animal that is namibias national animal with an eagle in the forefront

10 January 2017

First night in Namibia...arrived at the resort. Took a quick swim. Went on a sunset safari around the reserve that surrounded our resort. Not included in our additional itinerary but something we were able to add on. Worth it! Saw so many animals. in holes made by aardvarks in termite mounds. Jackels, hyenas, snakes live in them also Family of "common impalas." Old male giraffes are solitary and live until age 28. They get darker with age Male Impala ... let us get close because no predators around A male impala joined the kudu pack likely because he was kicked out of his pack from a more dominant male. Kudu have white stripes on their torso Saw two cheetahs! Our tour guide Justin showing us a cheetah turtle
Bush resort in Onguma reserve where we stayed when first getting to Etosha after Windhoek. Beautiful bungalows on a 32000 acre reserve. Not used to this decadent life.
Bye capetown and joanna who went to Vietnam to join a Bschool group. En route to our 10 day tour of Namibia. Population of 2mill with 83% literacy. Eric almost didn't make our 6am flight because he was out all night partying then lost his passport at the airport. He thankfully found it when he was in a cab on the way back to the Capetown bathhouse he was at last night. Flew from Windhoek, Namibia to Etosha national park in a tiny 6 seater bush plane. So small that we had weight restrictions so our plane could carry 10kg of luggage but the other one could only carry 8kg. This flight reinforced my belief that I can sleep anywhere as I passed out for half the flight. Apparently the plane dropped 10 feet at one point and I didn't wake up. Our pilots were Leo and Matteus. Eric got to fly the plane for a little bit before we all passed out. Off to safari Namibia became independent from South Africa in 1990. Both previously run by Germany until WW?1 when England took them.

9 January 2017

Cape of good hope, most southern point of Africa is 74 km from capetown. We rented a van and drove along the coast. We stopped at a small Oceanside town called Simons Town and had lunch at a cute rustic restaurant called the Lighthouse. Then we drove 30 more mins south to Boulders Beach where the penguins were sunning themselves on the rocks. 70 rand ($5) entry. You had the option to go to the beach and swim with penguins but we wen to the other one where you could juts view them from the platforms. We saw wild baboons on our drive and also a wild habibi
Cape point with funicular.

8 January 2017

Stellenbosch vineyards Hidden valley-beautiful views of the city with chocolate tasting UVA Mira-also great views Solms delta - pear cider and rose with a picnic basket lunch. Rode a tractor into the vineyards and had lunch with Abe, our driver Spier
Stellenbosch wine tour
hot heat makes wine more sugary "Someone's cutting tomatoes (crying)"-Abhi Penile colony -Eric
On the way to Winetasting at Stellenbosch. Named for Stellen, The Dutchman who brought wines to capetown. We booked a private wine tour with Hylton Ross who picked us up and took us to 5 wineries for $40/person (550 rand). Breakfast at Schoon. Had creamy eggs and also mushroom eggs

7 January 2017

Popping bottles of Dom at The orphanage, a cocktail bar
Waterkant on the way to dinner at Kloof Street house. Electricity went out so only the grill worked. Sirloin steak with bone marrow butter and mushroom sauce by candlelight.
Cafe caprice in Camps Bay - trendy bar near Clifton beach in a string of bars that seemed like South Beach and Ibiza. Reminded me of Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza. A bottle of champagne was also $20. So cheap.
Beach day at Clifton 3rd beach. "The gay beach" but seemed more mixed. Neighboring beaches are supposedly also mixed and nice. The water was frigid cold and the only one who really went in was Louis. No beer sales on the beach but we got a water vendor to track some down for us and after about 45 mins of him being gone and leaving his coolers with us he found us 3 whole beers.
The omega smash at The Bootlegger restaurant. Avocado toast with poached eggs. Great iced coffee and flapjacks. All for $10/person
Hiking lions head. 1.5 hour hike up with a elevation of 2200 feet (670 meters). Had planned on hiking table mountain but it didn't work out because the winds were too strong. Visibility would have been poor and the cable cars weren't running. Hike might have also been confusing without a guide which some sites recommended. The majority of the hike was flat and the trail wide but the last 30 mins bottlenecked with a lot of people. You had to climb steep rocks and hang onto chains and staples to make your way up. The trail also spiraled around the mountain so the views were the same the entire hike and there was no big reveal at the end. Definitely have to go in the morning before it gets too hot and you lose the shade.

6 January 2017

Great burger with basil Aoili at The Odyssey
V&A Wharf (Victoria and Albert) on a beautiful day. Market with indoor food vendors stands with oysters less than a dollar each. So clean and fresh. Definitely best oysters I've ever had. Also helps the Rand is in our favor (14Rand=$1USD) Mitchell's brewery where most of the group finally met up.
Air B and B - 169 Waterkant! Neighborhood is also called Waterkant and has beautiful bright homes. Eric being a great friend by crawling underneath the bed to grab the top of my hairspray bottle. #friendship