United States of America · 5 Days · 8 Moments · September 2017

Liyou's journi to National Cathedral in DC

8 September 2017

@gusto and then at red lobster having lunch and dinner with everyone

4 September 2017

Going around the car with Johnny and breifly seeing the sites. With yodit and mom at the White house garden and infront of it too
the different stained glasses that tell stories from scriptures and tell metaphors, and an Abe Lincoln statue with a letter he penned to the state.
showing a weaving image of mother Mary and images from scriptures and bible.
Visiting inside the cathedral
This is the Washington National Cathedral. It has distinct gothic influences as we can see with the flying buttresses and arches and the stained glass windows that tell stories. it is the third largest Cathedral in the world/country (not sure about that one)
checking out the Ethiopian Embassy in the USA from the outside, pic of us is from the plane from dubai on our way to here