United States of America · 2 Days · 10 Moments · September 2017

Liyou's journi seg waying through DC

10 September 2017

Getting ready after breakfast to go have fun at the segway!!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

9 September 2017

@ the Washington Memorial court yard in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
Next we were on to the Martin Luther king Memorial. It is filled with quotes from him from his different speeches in different places and times.
Seeing the Thomas Jefferson memorial in the distance across the river.
This is a continuation of the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial tour. There are points in the sculpting where there are writings in Braille to acknowledge the fact that he was the first sitting president with a known disability. There is also included a photo of first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.
Next we were on to the Franklin Roosevelt memorial. It also includes a memorial for the first lady Eleanor. He didn't like memorials much and requested that his memorial be the size of his desk (which exists) but Washington later decided to design for him a bigger memorial including one for his wife. All through out are scattered his quotes and it is a four part structure. There are sculptures of a man listening to news of the war on the radio and men lining up to get some bread.
A very beautiful day its possible to see across the river in the distance the Washington monument. We were standing in the back yard of the Thomas Jefferson memorial. The Washington monument is only one thirds completed version of what the actual monument was supposed to look like but because of how expensive it was and lack of funds, everyone was satisfied to leave it the way it is. So as to keep it the tallest monument in DC other memorials are encouraged not to be taller than it.
Next was on to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. The monument is made completely from carved stones that were made to interlock with eachother so as not to use cement.
Seg Waying through Washington DC. First stop, Washington Memorial which was done for world war 2 veterans 😃