United States of America · 1 Days · 17 Moments · September 2017

Segway touring DC with the whole fam!!!

11 September 2017

At the white house
lmao most of it is feke
hangin around the map area
At the Washington monument with everyone
In front of the reflective pool and the Lincoln memorial
at the lincoln memorial
Infront of the lincoln memorial and inside it

10 September 2017

Segwaying again with everyone. First stop was office and from there we then went on to Pennsylvania Avenue to see the white house. The first and second floor of the white house are used as a museum and they contain many historical artifacts while the third floor on the very top is where the first family lives. On the left is the First lady's office and on the right is the oval office where the president is working. The street is normally blocked like today when there is an event going on inside or when the president is present and working in office. I don't remember the name of the general on the statue ( please fill in if anyone remembers lol)
on our way back home, at the train station
Inside the lincoln memorial
A close look at the Washington memorial. Made of three different types of stone that are three different colours of receading gradient from top to bottom, it gives the illusion of being lit from within from afar. it was built by the free masons and was built to honor George Washington (a free mason) and to commemorate freedom as well.
the monument itself
Saw a general that is only one of two to have six stars, and we went to a courtyard where you can see on the ground the imprints of maps of the white house and capitol building. In the distance we could also see the trump international hotel
This is in front of the department of treasury and the next building is the most exclusive hotel in Washington.