Sweden · 191 Days · 159 Moments · November 2015

Student life in Sweden

7 June 2016

Sunshine and summer in Sweden ❤️☀️🍉 celebrating that the courses are over - one out if two years study in Uppsala is already over. Unbelievable how fast the time is running & how beautiful Sweden is

6 June 2016

1:47 in the middle of the night and the sun is rising again 😶😂 I love Swedish summer. Only the sleep gets a bit confused ^^

10 May 2016

And more sunshine - who says that Sweden is not nice weather? It's summer here! ☀️❤️
Beautiful sunny day in Uppsala - perfect summer ☀️
Another nice day in Stockholm. I really love this city 😍
Stockholm by night - boat trip on Valbourg

8 May 2016

Leadership development day in the middle of a nature park 😊

7 May 2016

Into the Forrest in southern Sweden 😯❤️

6 May 2016

City trip to malmö - unbelievable how much the difference is to Uppsala and Stockholm. A really amazing city!

1 May 2016

Nature on its best & a bit of art 😍
☀️ perfect day with relaxing time at the water
Enjoying the sun in Gustavsberg ❤️
Exploring the islands around Stockholm

30 April 2016

Welcome spring!!! ❤️
Sitting in the sun and observing the boat race in Uppsala
Welcome to valbourg in Uppsala 🍻☀️

28 April 2016

Next study visit for the eureka innovation week in the royals see port area - really amazing!

27 April 2016

Second day of the eureka innovation week - really interesting talks about smart cities 🏫🏢🏣🏤

26 April 2016

Field visit at the Ericsson studio for the Eureka innovation week 😊 first time in a driver-less bus 🚍

24 April 2016

On the way to the last station before the culture night is over. Amazing view over Stockholm ❤️🌌
Stop number 5: visiting the Slott by night 😍
On the way to the next station - checking out the cherry blossom flowers 🌸
Next stop - art in the Stockholm metro 🎨
Stop number 3: kungliga opera - amazing location and music 🎹🎶
Stop number 2: Chinese opera at the dansmuseet 🎎
Stop number 1: Stockholm kulturhuset - dance, music, art and a nice view
Preparation and planning for the culture night

23 April 2016

Final stop in the culture night before going back to Uppsala 😉🍕
... Can't believe it ... Snow some days before the beginning of May ❄️😮
Jazz dancing lecture in the ballet school. In a münchen building 😍🎶 last stop of the culture night in Stockholm

20 April 2016

Lunch at the vegetarian restaurant Herman in Stockholm 🍛😍

17 April 2016

Amazing cafe in the medelhavsmuseet - too bad that we were too late. But we will definitely come back
Final museum for the rainy day - medelhavsmuseet ✨
🌸 Japanese festival in Stockholm with music, dancing and sport demonstration 🌸
🌸 cherry blossom day 🌸
Rainy day in Stockholm ☔️
Medeltidsmuseet under the old town of the Stockholm - definitely a good and interesting musem + for free! 😉 good escape from the rain! ☔️

10 April 2016

Wildlife 😍
Arrived in Rödmossen. This is a really magic and fairytale place 🌟
Hiking in Hågadalen - on the way to Rödmossen. A lot of water but also sun and green, everything is green ❤️🌲 really amazing are the signs that are equipped with solar-powered wifi - so cool Sweden 👍
Planning another day trip for a perfect sunny day - today only some meters away from my home ☺️☀️

2 April 2016

Swedish skiing areas are definitely different from Austrian and German skiing places - including waiting line, microwaves, red houses and a trees everywhere!!!
Rain is coming and snow turn into water - time for a våffla 😍
Lunch break with a beautiful view on top of the mountain 🍝
Last day of skiing season in Romme - really nice and small area - perfect for a day trip from Uppsala 😍

28 March 2016

Karlsgatan Museum in Västerås - Konstmuseum and Länsmuseum. Perfect for kids (and all not grown up student) 😄😋
End of a really great day - chocolate cake at Wayne's Coffee waiting for the train back to Uppsala
Falu Gruva - the UNESCO world heritage site. An old copper mine.
Ready for going into the mine 😅
Soooo cool 😮 walking through Swedish history. All swedish kings have visited the mine and left their signatures - I missed the last royals by some months only 😀
Sorry or the bad (automated) sorting of the pictures - the next events belong to the Falun day trip A nice tea and cake before going underground - perfect weather 😃☀️

27 March 2016

Enjoying a (a bit cold) picnic in the sun in Västerås - after the winter we need to get as much sun as possible 😎☺️
Anundshög - so much better than Stonehenge 😄
Easter Day trip number 3 - search for Viking history in Badelundaåsen and Anundshög. Who see the labyrinth in the first picture?

26 March 2016

Welcome to Falun 😍 very Swedish - this is the city where the red color for the houses is coming from
Easter Day trip number 2 - passing by a lot if frozen lakes with the train to Falun

24 March 2016

Walking on the sandy beach of the Älvkarleby Camping ground - snow, sand, tipis and boats only the sun is missing 😃
Fishing next to Älvkarleby - crazy how many people were standing in the water 🐟
This is Sweden! Visit on the island Laxön 💐😎
Hiking down a dry river bad - jumping from stone to stone abiding ice and water
Day trip to Älvkarleby ☀️
Prefect Swedish lunch including pancakes at Restaurang Kungsådran 😋🍲

20 March 2016

155 meter under the ground - amazing experience! Including the deepest hotel room and a lot of ice and water 🌟😃
Into the woods - looking for the spring before going underground 🌳🌲💐
Visiting the old Silver Mine in Sala - really nice area with lots to explore - several years of Swedish history 😄
Fika before the adventure starts ☺️ - coffee break in an amazing antike shop. You do not know where to look first! ☕️🍰
Day trip to Sala with not so perfect weather 😃☔️

12 March 2016

First swedish Kroppkakagasque @ Kalmar Nation

11 March 2016

Back in time in Gamla Gävle. Really beautiful and hidden in the middle of the city. To sad only this part survived the fires in the past.
Sunshine and sightseeing in Gävle. Spring is on it's way 😍

19 February 2016

Burger ... Hmhmmmmmm
On the boat back to Stockholm. Hundred islands, Swedish houses and boats - where is summer? 😃😍
Next stop - Vaxholm, the castle and the sea 😍
Exploring the nature and the snow around Drottningholm ❄️
Drottningholm Palace - visiting the royals 👑☺️
Really much snow is back in Uppsala ❤️😍❄️
Stockholm by night again - slussen⭐️
Gamla Uppsala covered (a bit) in white
Tekniska museum 👾 so much fun and free (at least on Wednesdays from 5-8pm) 😃
Fika ☕️😍
Walking 100 if kilometers in the rain 😊☁️ Djurgården with view to nordiska museum
Lunch with a nice view - Djurgården restaurant
Stockholm Library - I want to have such a room at home too ☺️📚
Rainy day in Stockholm ☁️☔️
Tasty pie in my new favorite cafe in Gamla Stan - close to the Nobel museum 😋
Stockholm by night ❤️ including the preparation for the ski race in front of the castle ☺️

23 January 2016

Dinner for getting warm again ☺️ vegan lasagne at stora torget in Västerås
Coldest day in my life - never had frozen water from just walking around outside ❄️ under -25 degree next to the river. My fingers were nearly dead ⛄️😑
Open air museum - time traveling in Sweden. Inclusive hot tea and schokoball for defrosting ❄️🍵
Winter Wonder Land
The nice and ice cold city of Västerås
Uppsala on an ice cold day! 😃😎❄️

9 January 2016

Luchs, old cable cars and snow - every where snow ❄️🐾🚡
Amazing lunch with an amazing view ❄️🍴 Rabenklippe in the Harz Mountains
Winter wonder land ❄️⛄️ in Bad Harzburg in Germany
Happy New Year 🌠🎆🎉🎊
Café Glück in Fulda - amazing vegan breakfast 🌷🍵
Finally Snow in Germany ❄️⛄️
On the way back to Germany 🚢☁️
Breakfast in Copenhagen 😋🍵
Amusement park Trivoli in the Centre of Copenhagen 🎇⭐️
... And wonderful Colors by Night 😍🎆
Colors in Copenhagen by Day ...
Bad Weather in Denmark - Copenhagen

14 December 2015

Julbord at IKEA ❤️🎅 Swedish Christmas - not vegan today 😇😋
Jul-Fika at Kalmar Nation 🎅🍪 Smörgåstårta, Lussekatter and vegan almond cake
Panel discussion with the 4 peace Nobel price winners from Tunisia
Sunset ... ❤️😍
And the sun is getting down ...
Summer houses - where is Pippi :) ? ✨
Skarholmen - sunshine and water 😍❤️
Sunny winter in Uppsala

11 December 2015

Evening in Flogsta (4pm and it's dark...😞)
Nobel Lecture Economics at the Stockholm University 📚🎓
Sunny December in Stockholm ❤️
Somewhere inside the forrest

8 December 2015

The weather in Flogsta - amazing variation
Botanical Garden by night - seeing the blooming lake flower 🌺
Welcoming day - food, music and good weather ☀️
Welcoming ceremony at the university main building
Final Stop: Sigtuna ❤️
Lunch break at the lake 😃
Stop Number 2, castle skokloster
Bus tour southern Uppland. First Stop, the Linne's summer house
Market in Ulva Kvarn - lots of chocolate and Swedish meat 😉
Domkyrka 😍
Culture Night in Uppsala
Favorite Place in Uppsala - Linne Cafe 🍵😃
Bike trip to Gamla Uppsala 🚲
Linne Museum and Garden, Uppsala 🐝🌼
Autumn in Uppsala - bloody moon, university and domkyrka
Back in time - Autumn at Wik's Slott (beautiful building, lake and Forrest)

7 December 2015

Carolina Library & Uppsala University main building 😍
Lucia Ceremony in the Domkyrka in Uppsala -Swedish Christmas ✨😃
Pepparkokar Macaron & tea @ Cafe Schweitzer in Uppsala 🍵🍪
Christmas Decoration in Uppsala
Creative Morning December @Berns in Stockholm
Old Swedish village Nusnäx at Lake Siljan next to Mora ... Many red houses :)
Road Trip Day 2 - less sunshine but still more and more lakes and trees
End of day one - cafe in the skiing village Funäsdalen
No comment needed ... 😍😯 reindeers on the moon ...
Water and trees everywhere - several lakes in the middle part of sweden, only a short distance from the Norwegian border.
Road trip day 1 with amazing weather - finally seeing mountains again ❤️🌁
Spotify HQ in Stockholm
Uppsala konserthus 🎶
Silent waters and magic forrest on the small island Gräso
On the ferry towards Gräsö ☀️⚓️
Sunshine in Öresund ☀️❤️ -100% Sweden
Gamla Uppsala ☀️
Chokladbollar and tea in Gamla Uppsala
Autumn in Uppsala - Domkyrka, botanical garden and university 🍂🍁☀️
Good morning Stockholm - Creative Morning Event @Berns
Amazing Food @ Rice in Stockholm 🍣🍜
Stockholm by daylight ❤️😃

6 December 2015

Streets in Stockholm - action, fake snow, good food and Mumins everywhere ❤️🏂
Stockholm by Night
Schokoladen Festival - Messe Stockholm

30 November 2015

Uppsala Domkyrka by night with first snow ❄️

29 November 2015

Firework in Uppsala - what a big first "candle" for the first Advents Day 😃🎆