Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia · 3 Days · 4 Moments · January 2019

Living in Bali for 4 Months

26 January 2019

Staying here currently ☺️✌️

24 January 2019

Made it to Taipei 🤗
Time to board! Longest flight of my life doubled ahead of me! 3 other Canadians total have been spotted getting on the flight!

23 January 2019

My journey started off on a positive note as I am no longer sick with the flu (missing my flight was a blessing in disguise), and I ran into a girl I know (Becca) in the Charlottetown airport. I had a great short flight where I talked with a man who’s from PEI and now lives in Calgary, and I watched a Melissa McAurther movie which was probably one of my favourite movies of hers. I ran into Becca again after my flight and she treated me to the West Jet lounge! I could not take advantage of the free wine because I am on an antibiotic that would have a severe interaction, but I did get to take advantage of some free food before my flight! Once I left the lounge it was a little confusing and frustrating as none of the West Jet agents seemed to know where to send me, and so I ended up walking the length of the airport and going in and out of security 2ce before they sent me to the correct terminal. Sitting at my gate - I am definitely a minority, as I am the only non - Asian person here!