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Living in a Host Family - Canada

24 June 2018

... to be continued in a different blog. Reverse Culture Shock or Summer in Germany.

23 June 2018

You know you are on the right gate to Frankfurt, when half of the passengers wear German soccer shirts. 🇩🇪 ⚽️ 😑 They even announced that Germany won against Sweden... in German via the speakers at the Toronto airport. And you know you’re German when the first thing you do in Frankfurt is to buy a Brezel. 🥨
Leaving Saint John.
Okay last day. I'll be at the airport in less than 2hours. I'll be back in Germany in 18hours. I'll be back home in less than 24hours. This feels so unreal. Like the day I left home to go to Canada, but I thought I'll be back in 5months (well, 10months in the end), so that's different.

22 June 2018

It is the last day. This is over tomorrow when I get on the plane. I still can't believe it. Today we went to school to get our report cards and I had to say goodbye to my Canadian friends. I know that I'll probably stay in touch with a lot of them, but it feels really weird not knowing whether or not, and if yes, when I'll see them again. And with the host family, too. M&N visited us that night and seeing them for the last time was really sad. Sorry to the people who had to deal with me the last day, helping me pack and everything. I know I should have started earlier, like days before and also earlier that day. I think we finished packing at 11:30pm and I had to search something in the suitcase that I needed for the flight. So around midnight I was done. [Image Description: First Pic - Anto & me on the sidewalk, we are wearing twin outfits. Me dark blue on top and Bordeaux on the bottom and her vice versa. That wasn't planned. Second Pic - Jane, Anto and me posing.]

21 June 2018

We did it!! In the morning, after I got myself ready and had breakfast I continued with supper and the cake. 🎂 I chopped everything for the veggie chili, except the onion, my host sister did that part. ☺️ Then we made the filling for the cake and 2 hours later everything was done. 🤗 [Image Description: the giant cake.] [written that afternoon, wow I am so productive today.]

20 June 2018

Part 2
Part 1
So ... this entry has to stay private until tomorrow night. My host family is gone for a few days and it’s my last week here, so I thought I’d surprise them with supper tomorrow when they come back. 😋 I was looking through the recipes to make sure I took a picture of the ones I really like, and I wanted to look for a meal that I could handle on my own. It’s Veggie Chili. 🌶 And I decided I wanted to make a cake, because it’s also my host parents‘ anniversary tomorrow. 💍 Last year (wow that’s a long time ago) for my birthday, my host mom made her version of a cake that I described to her. It’s the cake that my German mom always bakes when there is a celebration. I thought this time I could try my recipe. 🎂 My host grandma (M) helped me to make sure I have all the ingredients and after supper, me and Anto started the cake. Thanks to you both. 💕 I took the cake out of the pan at 11:30pm, @host mom, you taught me to bake at night. 🌙 [entry written the morning after that]

19 June 2018

18 June 2018

Reading books with Henry. 📚 The younger host brother was so excited about this book. So we spent like an hour reading a book that has barely any words per page. "Read me the words on that sign, pls." "Oh, yeah, I know this is an O for office." "Now, let's start again and find all the bananas on the pages." "What was that sign again?" "Now we forgot about the monkey, start again." 🐒🍌 Then we read Curious George and omg, childhood memories again. It was my favorite show when I was little. "You have never seen the episode Curious George and the traffic lights." - "Oh yes, I have, in German and a decade ago, but yes, I remember that." 💭🐒 But you cannot imagine how long a book can seem, when you read it out loud to a kid. I can't speak so much English at once haha. It was still lots of fun with the brother. I'll miss you, buddy. [written the day after that.]

17 June 2018

Last M&N's house dayyy. It was also Father's Day, so we had a giant ice cream cake. I've never had ice cream cake. 💙 We played volleyball with the other cousins and drew with chalk, childhood memories. 💭 I also brought my flag for everyone to sign it and it was filling up really quickly. Now I have wishes, memories and inside jokes from Canadian friends, other international students and host family members. 🇨🇦 I will miss you guys. Okay don't make it too emotional. [entry written next Thursday.]
Last Sundaaay. ☀️ Before we went to M&N's house, I took Henry outside. One day I was with him on the deck, playing ball, so now he asks me every time if I can take him outside. The deck wasn't enough this time, so we went down to the backyard. He wanted his tricycle from the basement but I couldn't open the door from the outside. So I went upstairs, inside, downstairs and carried this heavy giant tricycle those two stairs up and down. This is what I do for him haha. So we went to the big parking lot in our street and he scooted around. 👦🏻 [Image Description: Henry on his red tricycle, wearing a helmet and smiling into the camera. Me, kneeling beside him.] [written the next Thursday.]

16 June 2018

Then we headed to the beach where we met with the other host families and students. 🏝 For the record, believe me or not, I actually tried to (and did) speak English to the Germans. When Rike arrived at our car when we got there, of course she spoke English with me, because she didn’t want to speak German in front of my host family. But as soon as we got to the table with all the students, they all spoke German again and I just answered in English. 🤷🏼‍♀️ They were kinda confused that I really refused the German, because usually I can't resist when everyone is speaking German too.
Before we went to the international event, we were outside with the kids. 👦🏻👧🏼 It was this rare time that my host mom went outside with us, too, because usually she is inside preparing supper or watching the other kids when we are outside. It was great to have everyone outside and play. [Image Description: the backyard with three giant bouncy balls, the bigger host brother running after them.] [entry actually written a few days later.]

15 June 2018

Today I started my day with Chocolate Strawberry French Toast outside. I love it when it's warm, I'm outside all the time. The little kids joined me after a while. 👧🏼👦🏻 Later the kids were playing with play-dough and the 4yr old wanted us to play with them. >> Childhood Memories!! 💗👧🏼 I tried a turtle, but it ended up looking like a burger patty on wheels. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Then I did a four leaf clover 🍀 and a treble clef. 🎼 Btw, 18 blog entries in 16 days. 👻 [Image Description: First Pic - French Toast outside. Second Pic - my play dough sculptures.]

14 June 2018

“It’s raining men!” (@Rilana and @Betty) After my math exam, I went uptown with AJ. We were at a coffee shop and in the library. 📚 We also walked back in the rain. He got on the bus, while I walked home. 6km in total, in the rain. [Image Description: First Pic - a slug on the rainy path. Second Pic - leaves on a tree.]
Exam 3/3 done. I walked out of the math class room and realized “Wow, this was the last Canadian class room for me. Now I am done.” Okay I had to finish my objectives for music class, but now I am all done. This feels weird. [Image Description: a close up from the mallets in the band room.]

12 June 2018

Exam 2/3 done. Today I wrote my English and Bio exam. I finished way before the school bus arrived, so I thought I would walk home. On the way I took a picture of the view from the bus parking lot, but with blue sky it is better. 🌳 [Image Description: a panorama, the water in the background surrounded by trees.+location of the school.]

11 June 2018

Today we started our walk _before_ supper. We walked to a park that is on our way to school and I’ve always wanted to go there. But first we stopped at Tim Hortons. We didn’t have a lot of time, so we will go there again tomorrow after my exams. 📚🌳 [Image Descriptions: First Pic - a bunch of pink blossoms. Second Pic - lilac. Third Pic - tiny maple leafs. Forth Pic - there was a tree to sit on, so we took a selfie there. Fifth Pic - pink flowers.] [+location of Simms Corner, where Tim Hortons and the park is]

10 June 2018

After supper I went outside again. 🌸 I had already changed into my oversized "Viking of the Month" shirt/dress. It's like employee of the month, but with students at our school. AJ won it for June and gave it to me. We went to the sunset spot again and took pictures on the way. When we arrived and looked down the street, we saw a cat. My host sister thought it was the missing cat, there are papers in the neighborhood and the cat looked exactly like in the picture. Apparently it wasn't, though. [Image Description: First Pic - cherry blossoms in the rest sun light. Second Pic - apple blossoms. Third Pic - other tiny white flowers. Forth Pic - apple blossoms in the sunset. Fifth Pic - me in the Viking shirt.]
After that AJ invited me to the Saint John Port Days. ⚓️ So the youth group took us to the Harbour and we spent the afternoon there. At first I thought there were only attractions and events for little kids, but then we found a truck where we could plant sunflower seeds, so that was great. In case you haven't noticed my obsession with plants. 🤷🏼‍♀️🌻
Today I spent the day with AJ. 👫 First we attended a service at the Westfield United Church. ⛪️ (Fun Fact: I actually wanted to see a service here before I left, up to this point I only went on Christmas Eve. I always forget to ask M&N, if they could take me when they're going. So that was a coincidence that I went with AJ.) [+location of the church. The map doesn't have churches, but this the right address I'm sure.]

9 June 2018

Continuing with the pictures from my iPad. (Fun Fact: I took around 120 pictures today.) So we took a few more pictures in the yard, more plants and more sky. Then we followed the sunset. It disappears behind the houses, so we went there to get pictures. [Image Description: First Pic - a finished flowering dandelion. Second Pic - a selfie of me and my host sister. Third Pic - an apple blossom. Forth Pic - some flowers arranged on a step of the deck (credits to my host sister). Fifth Pic - the skyyy, clouds with the little rest of the sun. Sixth Pic - sunset. Seventh Pic - another dandelion. Eighth and ninth Pic - pink and orange flowers.] [entry written two days later.]
Part 1 After supper I went outside to take pictures of the flowers and the sunset. I love sunsets in case you haven’t noticed already. 🌸🌅 I’ll split this entry in two: the pictures I took with my phone and after my phone ran out of battery, the ones I took with my iPad. 📱 [Image Description: First Pic - cherry blossom close up (credits to my host sister, she climbed on the tree to get closer to the flower). Second Pic - a pink flower in a pot, close up. Third Pic - a black feather sticking in the grass, the last sun rays reflecting on it. Forth Pic - a tiny maple leaf held in my hand, the yard in the background. Fifth Pic - another beautiful pink flower (credits to my host sister). Sixth Pic - maple leafs on a maple tree.]
Today I met with Soraya (from last week) and other friends in the library uptown. We are all in the same math class so wanted to study for our math exam. In the end we also studied for other subjects, so it was really productive and successful. 📚 It was really warm so we went for a walk on the water to get home. We walked in the red path, which always reminds me of the first school day, when we (the internationals) walked uptown and back to the school on this red path. 📍 [w/ Soraya, Kendra, Gage and David] [+location of library.] [entry written on Sunday morning.]

8 June 2018

Last official school day!! The time went by so fast. A while ago we have been saying that we only have 6 weeks left and now? Last day of school and two more weeks in Canada. 😳🇨🇦 Today in music class we finished our objectives, but this cute dog was distracting. Or we wanted him to distract us. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I collected signatures from my canadian friends and teachers during this week. 🇨🇦 [Image Description: First Pic - James, the dog in the music room. Second Pic - the Canada flag with signatures. +location of school.] [entry written on Sunday, while eating breakfast outside.]

7 June 2018

Little host brother turned 8! 😳 My host mom made the prettiest cupcakes again, they were so delicious. Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, there are like 3 parties: the weekend before (which is bad luck in Germany, btw, you should celebrate before the actual birthday), then during the week with the other grandparents and the weekend after that. [Image Description: 12 Double-Chocolate Muffins with sprinkles arranged in 3x4. The middle row has 4 candles.]

5 June 2018

Today I went with the Band on the Middle School Tour. 🎷🏫 We met at school at 8am and until noon we've already visited two Middle Schools in town. Including bus rides, unpacking, playing, loading the stuff on the truck again and going to the next school. The third and last school was in Grand Bay in the afternoon. I feel like that was the best concert of all the three. 👍🏼🎺 At 2pm we took the bus to our high school again and had to unpack everything. It was a great closure of the year.

3 June 2018

One of the last days at M&N's house. We celebrated my host brother's birthday, so there was a lot of cake and treats. Okay actually I contributed to that because I made Vanilla and Chocolate Paradise Cream with Strawberries. (Any German here who knows that? I am so addicted to that.) Then I walked one of the aunts' dogs, Hunter actually. 🐶 When he was tired I played outside with the kids. Charlotte starts to talk, she actually said "I need a ball." and "There was dirt." and it fit to the context. She is getting big.

2 June 2018

When I arrived home, there was a party. The family from Soup Saturday came with their international students and the aunts.
Today I met up with a friend from school uptown. We grabbed a coffee and hot chocolate and went for a walk. We promised t be pen pals when I am back home, which is in a few weeks. It's gonna be fun. 📝 [w/ Soraya]

28 May 2018

Outside time!! 🌼 After school I went outside with the kids. Charlotte loves it. And it was the 200th entry!!

27 May 2018

Host Baby Appreciation Entry, Numero 2: 👧🏼 I feel like the most used word by the baby is “Noo!” ... or “Yummy Nummy!” 😋 So we were at the supper table and we asked the baby yes or no questions. Sometimes she nodded, sometimes she said “Noo!” Is Mom your dad? - Noo Am I your dad? - No! Do you like me? - No. Do you like your dad? - Noooo! Do you like- - No! Are you cute? - Yeesss! and smiles. 👍🏼😂 Whoohoo, 10 blog entries this week. And giant ones haha.
Currently finishing the texts for yesterday’s 3 blog entries and the the two from last Monday. This is a lot. 😳 3:30pm - The first and third entry is full. I wrote 1000 characters twice and the second entry. 4:20pm - I did it, I finished Monday’s entries. [Image Description: First Pic - a close up from my eyes, looking to the side. Second Pic - selfie of me, smiling into the camera.]
I know, I will miss my little baby sister. 👧🏼 Today I ate breakfast outside with the kids. I made myself a yoghurt fruit glass again and put the leftover fruit that didn’t fit in the glass in another dish and took everything with me outside. Baby Charlotte saw that and stole one blueberry, and another and another. Soon she discovered the banana und strawberry pieces and a few minutes later the dish was empty. Thanks, Charlotte, that was part of my breakfast. 🍓 @Host Mom: Yes, I made sure the pieces were super small and she wouldn’t take too much at the same time. ☺️

26 May 2018

The first picture would technically go with the first entry, since it was at the end of the first stop. I always wanted those “tumblr” pictures, like sitting in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere, so here we go (1, me sitting on the yellow line, looking to the side). 🛣 The second picture was taken during the drive, just before the bus had to stop because it couldn’t handle the steepness (2). 🤷🏼‍♀️ The third & fourth picture was when the bus had to stop (3, Rike & me standing on the fence and 4, jumping down. Fun fact: Rike wears a Canada Hoodie and I wear a Lübeck Shirt, from my hometown.) Skipping the suspension bridge, because all the pictures are in the previous entry because the coordinator took them. The caves (thx for Marie, my picture buddy). The cave (5) was at the sea (6). Soon the ground was really wet and muddy, so I walked bare feet (one of my worst life decisions ever haha). We took the pictures (7, me in front of cave) and walked to the bus. 🚌 [+?
Those are all the pictures that our coordinator took. 📷 Starting with a group picture (1, me on your right) and a picture of Rike, Sarah and me (2). And the beach there were water trails that we had to pass over, so here is me jumping over a tiny river (3). Then me & Marie in front of the waterfall (4) and a group picture (5). Skipping the little rest for the bus, the pictures are in the next entry. We took the bus again and stopped at the suspension bridge (6, me the very last). Then the bus brought us to the real caves. Again huge puddles at the beach and me & Marie walking through them (7+8). The way _to_ the cave was easy. But the way back we had to hurry. I was bare feet, so I could go through the water, not knowing that it’s so deep that my pants got wet almost up to my knees. 🤷🏼‍♀️ And also, trying to run bare feet on little stones is not fun. Ouch! [entry written the day later.]
Today’s international activity was the Fundy Trail Park. I’m doing multiple entries because I took way too many pictures. 🌲 Also, I‘m giving up on image descriptions for those entries because telling the story and indicating the picture as I go is basically the image description. 🏞 At first we walked a trail (1, the view and 2, the steep trail) that leads to a beach with really beautiful rocks (3, the beach and 4, a close up from the rocks, forest in the background and 5, a close up from the waves seeing at the beach). Me & Marie, a German girl from a different high school in Saint John, walked to a mini cave without the group. On the way I discovered a seal, we named it Harald (6, the seal on the rocks). Pictures from the cave (7, me pretending to hold the cave and 8, a cave selfie „Anachronisme“). We walked a trail again (9) and found a waterfall (10, me awkwardly presenting the waterfall behind me.) [+location of Fundy Trail Park.] [written that day and the following day]

22 May 2018

You know it’s warm outside when they sell cold smoothies at Timmies. 🌸☀️ [Image Description: a honey cruller and a strawberry banana smoothie on the Tim Hortons bag on the table.]

21 May 2018

at the beach!! After that he took us to the beach. It was really good weather actually. [Image Description: First Pic - the view. Second Pic - host brother kneeling in the sand. Third Pic - me jumping with the water in the background. Fourth Pic - the water. Fifth Pic - le grandpère. +location.]
Martello Tower!! ☀️ We started at the tower. It was a holiday, so we couldn’t go inside, but the view outside was pretty. We could see all of Saint John, we even found our school. 🏫 Next to the tower are big rocks, where the little kids & us had fun climbing. And everywhere were dandelions, isn’t that beautiful. 🌼 [Image Description: First Pic - a selfie of Anto & me, in front of the tower. Second Pic - me, standing on the rocks. Third Pic - me in front of the tower. Fourth Pic - the view, the city, blue sky with a few clouds and the sea on the right. Fifth pic - the Grandpa and the host brother, they’re both wearing orange on the top and blue on the bottom, they’re twins. But the host brother’s shirt says “little brother”, which is even funnier. + location of the tower] [entry written Sunday after that]
I realized, this is too much text. We need three entries for this day. Today is Victoria’s Day and we were at M&N’s house again. Well first, we got a drive to the pumpkin patch and bought ice cream. Then we walked to M&N’s house. 🍦 The Grandma told stories about how Saint John was smaller and all the areas around had different names when she was younger. It was really interesting because I heard the names before. “Ah, so that’s what the small mall here got named after!” or “Oh, this is why the high school at the other end is named that!”. 🤔💡 Then suggested that we should go to the tower and beach, so the Grandpa took us, meaning my 11yr old host sister, my 4yr old host brother and Anto & me. [entry actually written one week later]

17 May 2018

Rainbow Vibes!! 🏳️‍🌈 The school announced that we should wear our rainbow colors for International Day Against Homophobia. I didn’t have anything except a button, but I wanted to be extra and have a rainbow make-up. In real life it was way more obvious and bright. 🌈 And then I thought “For the rainbow march tonight, this might be appropriate, but I am not so sure about the school day anymore.” But whatever, I wanted to be extra. In the afternoon, AJ and I went to the Rainbow March uptown. 🏳️‍🌈 [Image Description: Me with rainbow eye make up & a rainbow flag in the background, trying to drop hints, get it haha.]

13 May 2018

Playing with the kids outside on this sunny day. 🌸☀️ [Image Description: Baby Charlotte in a pink outfit sitting on a pink scooter & me kneeling behind her.] [actually written May 21, I am really productive today in regards of catching up on old entries.]

11 May 2018

[This blog entry is about Friday afternoon/night. Usually when I write an entry days later after the event, I would still write it in the perspective of the actual event-day. But Friday night I arrived home past midnight, so I'll write from the perspective of Saturday.] So yesterday was the Relay for Life event at our school. In the last weeks the students could collect money to donate it for Cancer Research. Every now and then there were little games at school here you could buy stuff and profits were donated. Yesterday during school time there was a scavenger hunt and a BBQ at lunch time and you could buy luminaries "in honor/memory of" your loves ones who fought / are fighting / lost the fight with cancer. [Image Description: First Pic - bubble soccer (not my picture). Second Pic - the sunset (throwback Oct 6, Marry Poppins). Third Pic - the parking lot, with the luminaries forming a circle and “HV” (not my picture either.] [7th entry written May 21]

6 May 2018

This baby is too cute to handle. 👧🏼 [Image Description: First Pic - Charlotte looking curiously out of the play house. Second Pic - She looks to the side, laughing at her brother.] [the 5th entry I write on May 21]
Same breakfast, but outside!! [Image Description: First Pic: yoghurt, cereal and berries layered in a glass, sitting on a table outside. Second Pic - a selfie of me, outside, with sunglasses.]

5 May 2018

How to start a Saturday Morning!! 💁🏼‍♀️😋 [Image Description: a glass with layers of yoghurt, cereal and berries. Text below in pink saying “Sweet Saturday”.]

1 May 2018

Sunset!! 🌅 Actually we only wanted to go grocery shopping ... we ended up at the aunts’ house, trying to safe the stuff in the basement from flooding. 😳💦

29 April 2018

Sunset!! [Image Description: me kneeling in front of a big glass door, in which the sunset is reflected. +location of the mall.]

28 April 2018

Today was our Band second performance. Or actually ... the band just went on their trip to Halifax to perform but without International Students. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So tonight we were playing at Saint John High School for Founder’s Night in result of last week’s performance. ✨ Fun Fact: After our performance when Anto & me waited for our Music Teacher / host aunt (because she was our ride home) we talked with the housekeeper of the school for a while, and days later, someone greeted us from a car & it was them, haha. [Image Description: the band on stage playing. + Location of Saint John High School.] [entry actually written a week later]

27 April 2018

Remember Labour Day at the really beginning, when I went to the aunts’ house and only took a picture of James, the dog. Well, this is Hunter, a black ball of wool. He is so small and cute and fluffy. 🖤 [Image Description: Hunter sitting under the table.] [written May 21]

25 April 2018

Today was Half Day!! We went to Cora's like we did on the very first half day. I went with my host sister, but we met other friends in the bus, then we were 4. This time I couldn't decide between crêpes and French Toast, so I just took both. 🤷🏼‍♀️ [Image Description: First Pic - us at our table with our orders. Second Pic - us +1 + a moose.] [entry written few days later.]

20 April 2018

Today was the first band performance for me. It was for the New Brunswick Music Festival which took place at our high school. There were other bands from other high school and our Senior Band won Gold. ♫💛 Next Saturday we will be playing at Saint John High. [entry written a week later]

18 April 2018

Long entry incoming .... I realize, I haven’t even finished my other long entry from January about the exams, like comparing the Canadian and the German scholar system. And I doubt that I ever will (maybe in June or I will just schedule it for January when I actually started writing it) because it is still unfinished and already 1 700 words long... whoops. I’m kinda thinking that this one that I haven’t even started yet will end up in the same extend, because it’s one big thought, but it has so many “chapters”. We will see... or we won’t.

16 April 2018

Early Tim Hortons Tuesday on Monday. 😂 [Image Description: me & my host sisters at the table, eating our pastries and drinking hot chocolate / coffee.] [entry actually written April 19]

14 April 2018

Ready for Soup Saturday!! Every Saturday friends of the family go to church and have soup there. This time we will join them. The family currently has a German and two Chinese students. After that they all came to our house ... from like 9pm to 2am. But it was really fun! ☺️ [Image Description: a selfie of me.] [written April 18]

12 April 2018

It was Spring Fling with my host twin. I wore the dress that I bought for the fall dance and my host sister had told me she bought a black dress in the same store. Half an hour before the dance started we found out, that we’ll be wearing the same dress. Twins!! [Image Description: us wearing the dresses, me in purple & her in black, outside at nighttime.]

2 April 2018

I’m still addicted to sunset pictures although I haven’t posted any in a long time. But here we go again. [Image Description: some black outlines of bald trees with an orange / blue-ish background.]
Holidays might be different in different countries, but there is always too much to eat. 😂👍🏼 [Image Description: a plate with a piece of Apple Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie. In the background are blue/purple hydrangea sitting on the dining table.]

1 April 2018

At M&Ns house, we were egg hunting (well, I was egg hiding). After that we were eating the Easter pastry. Everyone loved the bread we made yesterday. Second entry for today, whooho. I’m trying my best to catch up on the forgotten entries, at least the important events, and to get back to the blog entry schedule from when I arrived here. Like one entry per day. Or four per day, haha. [Image Description: a picture of the kitchen counter, the bread in the front, two kinds of cookies on the left and my fried egg (peach) cake on the right.] [entry written the next day]
Easter Morning started with my Canadian host sister making pancakes. Yummyyy. 😋 And the kids were egg hunting, excuse me, dried fruit and Cheerios hunting. ☺️ [Image Description: my little baby host sister in her snowman pajamas and the Snapchat easter filter, standing in the hallway dancing to the piano music. 🐣 Second Pic - me with that Snapchat filter.] [entry written the next day]

31 March 2018

Ready for the gigantic baking session at M&N’s house. 😳😋 I wanted to do an “Osterzopf” (literally “Easter Braid”, braided bread with sliced almonds on top and optional raisins that is often eaten around Easter Time in Germany) and “Spiegelei-Kuchen” (literally “Fried Egg Cake”🍳, sheet cake with a thick layer of frosting and peach/apricots halves, so it looks like fried eggs). 🍑 I haven’t done the bread on my own before (and certainly not that recipe) and I haven’t done the cake at all before. Did I mention we only had 2hrs because we were invited for an Easter dinner at the other grandparents’ house. Best conditions to succeed!! 🙃 [Image Description: a selfie, me wearing my hair loose and a shirt with sequins that will turn any room into a disco as soon as the sun comes out, in other words IT’S FINALLY GETTING WARM AND SUNNYYY.🌸☀️]

24 March 2018

The international activity for this month was the Sugar Bush! We saw how Maple Syrup was made, ate the Toffee and pancakes. 🥞

23 March 2018

Today there was a play at our school, or actually several plays. In "Scenes" the students re-create certain scenes from famous movies or musicals, like LaLaLand. Now me and my host sisters are learning 'City of Stars' on the piano, which was performed on stage. 🌃

21 March 2018

Today we (me, Anto and my Canadian host sister) went to the theatre with the aunts' theatre class. We watched Shakespeare in Love. At first the people from the theatre showed us how to stage fight. It was impressive.

16 March 2018

I am so bad at writing blog entries... 🙃 But hey, it's Anto's birthday today and that must be celebrated. 🎂 I got up earlier than usual to make some banana pancakes & decorate the kitchen. [Image Description: First Pic - our Chat Record, me saying “Heyyy Birthday Girl!! I‘m trying to make pancakes for you, haha, get up!! 😋” and her replying with “😱😍💕". Second Pic - Anto took a picture from a pile of pancakes next to a bottle of Maple Syrup. Text says "I have the best host sister in the would 😍❤️".]

15 March 2018

Dinner for two!! It’s Lasagne and a small salad. 🥗 [Image Description: a set table / kitchen counter for two and the salad bowl.] [entry written April 19]

10 March 2018

Probably the last big snow for this year. ❄️ We built an igloo with our siblings, and spoiler alert, it is still standing a week later. [Image Description: First Pic - me & Anto wrapped in scarf and hat. Second Pic - our Canadian host sister in (front of) the igloo.] [actually written one month later, because I came across the picture and wondered if I had ever published an entry about that.]

9 March 2018

Today AJ (from New Years Day) and me went uptown. He showed me his favorite places, stores uptown. [Image Description: a hot chocolate from Second Cup.] [Yes, I know, I didn’t really write anything in March break itself, so also, actually written May 21.]

7 March 2018

Today we went skating with our host Grandpa. ⛸ [Image Description: Anto, Jane and me on ice.] [Entry actually written months later, May 21, because I realized I haven't written about that.]

3 March 2018

The international event this time was skiing. We went to Poley Mountain. I haven’t gone skiing before, so I started with a few runs on the bunny hill. Then my friends convinced me to try the middle hill. I somehow made it to the end, but then (the house, the exit, everything is in the middle) I had to take the lift all the way up. Meanwhile I lost the others, so I ended up on the lift with a stranger. They were surprised that I, as a German, really haven’t gone skiing before & that I wanted to try the big hill anyways. The latter surprised me, too. 😂 I’m top of the hill I was welcomed by “What are you doing up here?” from my friends. “I don’t know...🤔🙄“ Really slowly I finally started to go down that giant hill, not falling for probably the first 2/3. The last part I wasn’t standing anymore because it is super difficult to get up on the middle of a steep hill when you’re wearing skies. [Image Description: me on the treadmill (?) going up the bunny hill. +📍] [written May 2

24 February 2018

We just watched Jumanji 2 in the movie theatre and now I finally went to Boston Pizza. It’s been on my bucket list since I know that Saint John has a Boston Pizza. I know that place & Cora’s (the diner) because of our Canada vacation in summer 2016. My host mum got me a gift card from BP for my birthday, so I finally used it. 🍕 In the end we shared a brownie with vanilla ice cream. We took the city bus home and I arrived 9:15pm. I left the day before at 8:30am for school and was just home for like 1 min in between, where I only saw my host parents and sister from Chile. I almost missed the screaming of the kids. 😂 [Image Description: my plate with a small veggie pizza and Sarah’s with a chicken wrap and sweet potato fries. + location] [entry actually written March 1]
After I saw my host parents for like 1 minute at home (I just wanted to get rid of my sleepover stuff), we went outside again to catch the bus to go to the mall. We got Tim Hortons drinks before we caught the bus & pastries when we arrived at the mall. Those are mini Apfelstrudel, ooh German vibes. 😋 We had a little time left, before the movie started, so we went to Roots. [Image Description: 3 Mini Apfelstrudel in a bag. White text says “2nd Tim Hortons for today, 4th for this week.” Second Pic - a rosé t-shirt with a Bordeaux embroidery of a maple leaf doodle. 🍁 + location of the mall.] [entry actually written March 1]
In the morning Sarah’s host family was gone to sports games. After we had a relaxing morning, we took a cab to my house. This picture was taken when we waited for the cab. It was so warm and beautiful. [Image Description: a view from a road going down and trees standing on the opposite site. There’s a bit snow on the ground and the sky is blue-ish.] [entry actually written March 1]

23 February 2018

Today I am at Sarah's house. She is from Austria, so we wanted to do Wiener Schnitzel, which is like a big chicken nugget. Because of vegetarian reasons, we ended up making fried zucchini & mushrooms. 🌱 [Image Description: a plate where fried zucchini & mushrooms are placed in a circle. In the middle are French fries.] [entry actually written March 1]

21 February 2018

My host sister and I decided to make Tuesday the Tim’s Tuesday, so we would go to Tim Hortons like we did yesterday. I guess today was Tim’s Wednesday then. 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️ [Image Description: a selfie showing Sarah, me and ... Anto as an animated face. We are having hot chocolate and pastries.] [entry actually written March 1]

4 February 2018

First Snowman! ⛄️ We went outside with the kids, played hide-and-seek and built a snowman. [Image Description: selfie of me & Anto & the snowman.]

3 February 2018

We just came pack from the airport to pick up my new host sister!! The next days will be interesting. It just reminds of when I first arrived here, meeting the host family (and extended family haha), the first school day etc. Just with the difference that she has another international student living with her from the beginning. But I’m sure we will have lots of fun together!!

27 January 2018

Exams are over!! Tonight we met with all the internationals from Saint John at the Bowlarama. [Image Description: 7 girls standing in front on the bowling lines.]

18 January 2018

When I leave the house and get a ton of snow in my face from the door decoration, trying to get through the knee-high snow on the sidewalk to get to the “clean” road, just to stand 15mins at the bus stop & return home & to be told that all the school buses are on a 1 hour delay. Yayyyy 😄❄️ “1 Hour?” Yes, officially. But little did I not keep in mind that a lot of kids get to school otherwise today, so the school bus would skip a few stops and would catch up. So less than an hour. I ended up missing the actual bus & had to take the cab. So my bus is already one of the last to arrive at my school, so I was kinda really late, but a lot of students were, so nobody cared. 🤷🏼‍♀️ [Image Description: a tree at my bus stop, in the background a church, everything covered with snow. Filter cold.] written Feb 1st

1 January 2018

I just came back from a friend's house. This is the result. ☺️ [AJ]

31 December 2017

We are going to the aunts tonight. Throwback to my first week here, haha. The entire family will be there, and we get to see the dogs. 🐶 [Image Description: I did a little card saying "Happy New Year" with rainbow firework in the background. 🏳️‍🌈] [entry written months later, because I realized it hasn't had text, just the pic.]

30 December 2017

I got a coloring book from my host sister for xmas & now I am occupied for the rest of the winter break. 🤷🏼‍♀️

27 December 2017

It is almost 10pm on Dec 27 and I have 145 entries on this blog. I have a lot to catch up, so my goal is to have 160 entries at the end of the year.

25 December 2017

24 December 2017

I can’t believe I didn’t write anything on xmas... On Christmas Eve we visited the other grandparents.

20 December 2017

Sorry for not writing anything in a while ... It's the last week before xmas & I have several assignments left & my host family got sick, so we were all coughing 24/7. I try to catch up on the other entries ... maybe next year. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

19 December 2017

My cold is not getting better, so I decided to stay home today. For breakfast, we had Blueberry Pancakes and soon we went to M&Ns house. We were there the entire day, until my host parents came home again. [written Dec 28]

18 December 2017

It's Monday and I am at M&N's house. My host parents and half of the siblings are gone until tomorrow, so the rest of us is with the grandparents. Today at Lunch time, we had an international Potluck at school. Every international student made something special from home. We had a lot of desert and Asian food. 😋 I made apple crumble like I did for Thanksgiving & we are currently eating the leftovers. The plan is to eat supper here and then we are going home and the grandfather is staying with us for the night. Several hours later he drove me home, because I needed some rest to recover from my cold. [written Dec 27]

13 December 2017

11 December 2017

10 December 2017

Today my little host sister turned 1!! Well, actually it's next tuesday and they wanted to celebrate the weekend before which is considered bad luck in Germany, but what should I do? 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️

9 December 2017

After we were at the sign, we were completely frozen & looking for a Tim Hortons. Warmed by our drinks, we walked through downtown (or uptown...?) and took some pictures. I didn’t know why they said uptown here, we would say downtown. But maybe it’s because Canada is “above” the US... so it’s up instead of down... no ... no, okay, you’re right.
Today Rike came over & we did English & French Homework together. Then we went to the Saint John sign with Magdalena. Just then, when her host mom arrived at our house to drive us there, it started to snow. But we went anyways.

8 December 2017

7 December 2017

6 December 2017

I just came back home. It was half day today, so after school, we went to the mall.

4 December 2017

3 December 2017

My family is going to choose a tree today, so this is "in" today's advent calendar.

2 December 2017

The next "door" of my "writing cute notes to my host family - advent calendar" has just been placed in front of the real advent calendars of the kids. [Image Description: Little note saying "Have a xmas-y weekend!". "xmas-y" in capital letters and ginger bread font & the rest in red cursive. Right corner says "by lisann" in cursive.]

1 December 2017

Update regarding the advent calendars: Host Mom: Oh look, I think those are little presents for you. Henry: Oh, okay, I'll wait & open mine on xmas. Cuuuute!! 😳❤️😂 In the end we both opened our 1st door in the morning.
It's early on Dec 1st (okay, actually it's late Nov 30, when I wrote this text 🤷🏼‍♀️) & I just pretended to be little Santa's helper & placed those advent calendars for my host family on the stairs. I am wondering how they'll react. 🤗 Pun fact: I didn't know where else to store them since the package arrived (except in my closet), so they just came out of the closet. 😂🏳️‍🌈... Wow, this pun is almost as bad as the time/thyme jokes with my host mum. We actually revived those jokes yesterday again, because we had Squash Soup with thyme. [Image Description: First Pic - little note saying "Happy December 1st". "Happy" is written in black capital letters that have a snowy hat, followed by "December 1st" in the second row, black cursive with red outline. In the right corner, it says "by lisann" in cursive. Second Pic - 3 advent calendars; Micky Mouse "for Henry" written in candy cane font & Cars "for George" written in xmas tree font & Frozen "for Jane" written in black & blue.]

30 November 2017

Last day of November!! I don't want the time to go by so fast. 😳 Today was already the last school day for one of the international students, he leaves tomorrow. Saying goodbye was sad, we'll miss you!! But hey, tomorrow is december aka almost christmas aka almost 2018 aka almost end of the semester & I STILL DON'T KNOW ON WHICH CONTINENT I WILL BE LIVING AFTER THAT?! 😂

29 November 2017


28 November 2017

Not really interesting. I studied for the Social Studies Test tomorrow.

27 November 2017

Monday!! Finally changed my classes for next semester (after 2 weeks looking for the vice principal during lunch time). So I have at least the classes I need when I will stay... If I'll stay... When... I will. Whatever. 🙃

26 November 2017

And then there are those moments when you are in an English speaking environment and the French grandpa starts playing French xmas music and everybody in the family either sings along or keeps talking in English. And me, stupid German international, only one who isn't somehow related to all those people, is standing next to them, thinking "Wtf is going on?!" Okay wait, I don't want to complain about him playing French music since I am the one who always reminds him that he should "raise" Baby Charlotte bilingual. But I want to complain about listening to two languages /at the same time/. Okay good night, it's getting late & my thoughts are getting messy. 3/3 (Okay, half of the people who are reading this are international students themselves, please say you can somehow relate to this mess of thoughts or is it just me? - also, I don't watch Netflix at night, I have a perfect sleeping schedule, I am just writing 3 blog entries at 11:30pm on a schools night) Fun fact : 123 entry.
Until yesterday at the hockey game. We were just to many germans from our school who all spoke German and he stopped talking English. That's why I enjoy weekends where I actually can speak English without getting weird looks from the Germans, because it is awkward to speak in a foreign language to them when I don't not have to. I like you guys, but I am not here to speak German. Today at the Curling it was different, because all the internationals were in teams with Canadians, so we "had to" speak English. But when there is a weekend without / with really little German, I sometimes forget that I actually speak a foreign language the whole time. Like Friday, when the grandma said something about my English and I just had this thought "Wait a second, I was talking English all day. 😳". So my host mom wasn't even wrong when she said that she sometimes forgets that English isn't my first language, for example when she talks fast & I understand her anyways. 2/3
I haven't written a long entry in a while now. How about continuing this whole confusing languages thing? At the beginning, it was difficult to keep talking English, because we are so many Germans at the school. So we would talk German (yeah, I am sorry, but try to get people who speak the same language to speak a foreign language to each other, it's not that easy) and then switch to English when needed, which worked quite well. Of course, there are Germans who just wouldn't talk German to others. I met one German from a different high school at the Musical, because our host families are friends. And he just started the conversation in English and at first I was confused, but actually that was so smart. In the end, we talked for a while and maybe spoke 5 words German and the rest English. When our host families met again (in an English-speaking environment of course) we would keep talking in English. 1/3
Today we went curling!! Honestly, I'm not sure il it was that day or the weekend before or after. A few of the internationals went several weekends in a row, but I only went once. But I feel like it was that weekend. I've never been curling before, and I am not really safe on the ice either. So nice prerequisite, right? ❄️ It was actually really fun, though, I maybe fell once. [+location of the curling club.] [entry written moooonnnths later.]

25 November 2017

I just came back from a Hockey Game tonight.
This happens when I am bored on a Saturday morning. [Image Description: My first try of drawing hair. A pencil drawing of a French Braid.]

24 November 2017

Friday and no school!!

23 November 2017

No joke, it's almost midnight and I smelled fresh muffins in the kitchen. Guess what I am eating right now? 😂 "I've never had a muffin at this time of... night before." - "You mean, you've never had a muffin at 11:46pm?" - "Living on the edge in Canada"
Thursday & last day of the school week!! Well, I'll spend my weekend doing english homework & studying for a giant FI Social Studies Test!! 🙄 [Image Description: a paper with a blue headline "Test de Grèce" followed by smaller topics and technical terms that we have to know for next Tuesday. This is already 1.5 pages long, so I have to study about 10 pages. Sure... Text on the picture says "it'll be a short test - no, it won't."]

22 November 2017


21 November 2017

Today we baked bread in Culinary and it took longer than the class so we had to come back in math class. Good that I find out in the culinary class that we are having a math test after that. 😂 So I wrote the math test in 20min and got the permission to "check on my bread". The rest of the math class, me & another student who has the same afternoon classes with me just stayed in the kitchen, eating our bread. She wasn't even done with the test, but who cared? The math teacher didn't. 😂 [Image Description: a picture of the fresh sliced bread. The text below says "actually it's math class, but I had to check on my bread".]

20 November 2017

Today is a busy day!

19 November 2017

Grandparents Day! Today the family came to our house and I shared some German xmas candy. I got a giant package filled with candy from my parents last week. 😍

18 November 2017

I just came home from Sarah’s birthday!! My Saturday started (well, of course with my host brother and playing puzzles, but after that...) when I walked to a friend's house. 1.5km with 1°C, but it was good to get some fresh air. We waited for Rike and then we drove to another friend's house to bake a cake. 🎂 At 5:45pm we got picked up by my host mum, so she could drive us (7 girls) to the birthday party. 🎉 It was really fun. We played board games and there was pizza. 🍕 Fun fact : The birthday girl Sarah lives with my French teacher as a host dad. 🙈 Fun fact: This was the 111th entry.

17 November 2017


16 November 2017

Today I was maybe a little bit late when I was getting ready for school, but I made it on time to leave the house. Then I had to wait in the rain because my bus was late. 🙄 I had to hurry for nothing!!

15 November 2017

Another Cheerleading Tryout. I learned from yesterday and packed more lunch. 🙃 This somehow reminded me of the week, when the dance took place. Like not being home two days in a row. I feel like I saw my host family one hour in the last two days. 😂

14 November 2017

Today was my first Cheerleading Tryout. It was at 5.15pm in the school and I didn't go home in between, so I was in school all day until 7pm. 😳 Currently working on my e-mail for the german organization regarding my staying plans. 😳

13 November 2017

Today was Monday and I didn't go to school, because Saturday was a Holiday and when Holidays are on the weekend, on Monday is no school. (Did you hear that, Germany? That's how you should do it, don't put every holiday on a Sunday, pretend it wouldn't exist and let us normally go to school during the week.) Anyways, my host family had an important meeting today and I was alone at home trying to organize my life. Well, literally, because some semester internationals want to stay the entire year, including me. 🙋🏼 So, after I skyped with my parents, I finally had the piano for myself & practiced a bit. And I did homework, yay interesting. [Image Description: Tweet saying "Life Update -- Math Teacher: Are you here for the whole year or just the first semester? -- Me: That's what I'm trying to figure out. 😂".]

12 November 2017

Did I mention it's freezing cold outside? I think I did. [Image Description: Me & my little host brother in the back seat of the van, wrapped up in winter coat & scarf, on the way to M&N's house.]
Just adding the information about the English short film I made with a group of Germans friends at home. We won the first prize which is a trip to London. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ssh, self promo. Go & watch the film: [Image Description: tweet by "Value of Life" saying "The rest of the RCS Crew is on their way to London and meanwhile, I am in Canada for an exchange semester. Have fun guys, miss you. 🚗".]

11 November 2017

Normal Saturday. My host brother and I, we did some puzzles in the morning and when all the kids are gone in the afternoon, I was bored and invited Magdalena over. We were so "brave" (my host mum) to go outside in the cold. We went to Tim Hortons for Hot Chocolates and Tim Bits and enjoyed the fresh (freezing cold) air. When we drove her home, we saw ice on the parking lot. It is officially getting cold here. ❄️
Remembrance Day!! 🌺 [Image Description: First Pic - a selfie with the text "morning ☀️" and "lest we forget". Second pic - the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" and the assignment I have to do on it. Text below says "my saturday 📝".]

10 November 2017

When I look at the weather to decide what I should wear today & find this. What...? [Image Description: Saint John weather 11am-4pm. It starts with 5°C and clouds and ends up sunny with -1°. Currently raining.]

9 November 2017

Whoops, I thought the 100th entry would be more special, but I had to work on my English Assignment after school. Not really interesting.

8 November 2017

sunset 🌅 When we went to the bus stop, it was almost getting dark already. [Image Description: a photo taken from the street towards the water and the sun. +location]
[Image a Description: us in front of a mirror in the Brunswick Square.]
Today we were at Cora's. It's a chain where you can eat breakfast / brunch. Last year when I was in Canada, we also ate at Cora's in Vancouver & as soon as I knew that there is also one in Saint John, I knew I wanted to go there again. 😋 So we started with smoothies and hot chocolate and after that I had chocolate French toast with fresh fruits. The other girls didn't eat all of their toasts, so we also had those and in the end we split a muesli. [Image Description: First Pic - 3 Smoothies & 3 Hot Chocolates on the table. Second Pic - my plate with two chocolate toasts, fresh fruits & yoghurt. +location of Cora's]

7 November 2017

Tuesdayyy, Tomorrow is a half day, yay.

6 November 2017

Okay, what was going on with the weather today?! When I woke up, it was so stormy and rainy outside. When I waited at the bus stop it was sooo windy, like it wasn't cold or anything, it was just extremely windy. In school, we sometimes couldn't even see the buildings on the other side of the road, because it was so foggy & it was dark as if it was in the late afternoon / early evening. When we prepared supper (5pm, which would be 6pm if the time hadn't changed) it felt like 10pm and it was just so dark because of the time change & weather. Someone who is responsible for that took this entire "End of Daylight Saving Time" way to literally. 😂

5 November 2017

My voice is slowly disappearing... Maybe I should've paid more attention when my host parents taught their kids sign language, because then I could still communicate now. 😂

4 November 2017

German Bretzel, we made it. After the meal in St. Andrews, Rike & me wanted to make real German food. I had a recipe for potato soup & she asked her mum about Spätzle. So we did those & real Bretzel (yup, with B) as you can see in the picture. [Image Description: a plate full of brownish Bretzel.]

3 November 2017

Yesterday my social studies teacher said I have to catch up on the test today, because I missed it the other day when we were in St Andrews. So I went to the cafeteria with a pen, because that was what I was told and I thought I'd write the test maybe with a few others who also weren't there on Wednesday. In the end there were 3 entire Social Studies classes, because someone made a picture of the test on Wednesday. Everyone had to re-write the test. 😳 But they said this test was shorter & easier than the original & I think I did well. Right after that, when I returned to my French class, I had an oral test in French test and in the afternoon we wrote a CulTech test about cookies.

2 November 2017

Today we were at a place where the 11th and 12th grade students should inform themselves about universities. We were in French 11, so we just went with them, which was kinda unnecessary for internationals.

1 November 2017

I should probably study... This week, we had a lot of tests and I missed two days at school. I have a lot to catch up on, so I should probably start. 🙃
Today we were in St. Andrews with the Culinary Tech classes. We visited a CulTech school and ate "German food" while the students presented us Germany - with four real German girls in the audience, imagine, haha. It started with Pretzels (which is actually written "Bretzel" in German, mindblowin' fact) and they were ... not Bretzel. It continued with potato soup. Every german girl said they would mash the potatoes until there are still potato pieces, the Canadians didn't. I mean, it was good, it just wasn't German potato soup. For the main meal, there was Schnitzel, but I had a substitute, because of vegetarian reasons, so I can't say much about the real one. But the Spätzle (kind of pasta) which were made with spinach were a little squashy, but it tasted good. I won't comment the red cabbage, because no one can cook that as perfect as my mum does. And the desert... no one knew that before. [Image Description: the cover of the presentation. The pink one is in my home town.]

31 October 2017

The funny thing is, before I wanted to explain this tradition, I looked for the English word for "widow" in my head and I thought "Okay, how would you call the spider...? The black...? The black widow!!", but I didn't make the connection to my spider make up. Yup, I just wrote more than one entry just to tell you about this perfect pun. 😂 [Image Description last entry: selfie of me, I have a spider web painted around my left eye and dark purple lips. My hair is in double braids, because someone said, I look German with them.]
About my Halloween costume... 💜🖤 Actually I just wanted to do this spider web make-up and go in black & purple clothes. But my host mum found the Lederhosen (the clothes that men wear to the German Oktoberfest) at Walmart and had the idea that I should wear a Dirndl (the dress that women wear to the German Oktoberfest). A family member has a Dirndl, what a coincidence, so I tried it on. There is a tradition that you tie the bow knot in the back when you're widowed and left when you're single etc. So I went to my host mum & said to her that this thing where I have to do a knot with is to short because I only can be widowed then. Later she said she will call me "the widow" for the rest of the night and I said "I want to be the widowed spider, at least" and we surprisedly looked at each other and started laughing so hard.

30 October 2017

The pumpkin family got new members!! 🎃 [Image Description: my little angry pumkin and two bigger happy pumpkins carved by my host sister & dad.]
Update: I'm feeling a little bit better, but not well enough to get through a school day. I'm staying home for today, so I can recover for tomorrow. 🙃

29 October 2017

Another Grandparents Day!! Now we are back and I'm not feeling really well. I feel dizzy & I hope that it's just caused by the lack of sleep (although I actually slept enough 🤷🏼‍♀️) & that it'll go away tomorrow.

28 October 2017

Fourth entry again 😳 We had so nice weather today. And I am sunset and clouds addicted, if you haven't already noticed. [Image Description: Blue sky with trees in the background and sunset light coming through, you can see the school building on the right. +location of the school.]
When we arrived at the school, we started to carve pumpkins. I never did this before & this is how mine turned out. 🎃 [Image Description: the pumpkin I carved with light in it. + location of the school.]
At about 1:30pm we met at the King Square with other internationals to start our Selfie - Scavenger Hunt. We had to find things & take a picture with them. [Image Description: First Pic - A wooden monument with a big red maple leaf and the caption "1867 - 2017 - Canada". Us, six girls, gathered around it. Second Pic - Us again, with a light house in the background. Third Pic - Us, with the oldest museum in Canada... well, we hope it is, because that was the question for the Scavvenger Hunt. + location King Square.]
Study 💪🏼 We have big Social Studies Test next week. [Image Description: 8 blue flash cards. Each about a different topic of the first civilizations... in French.]

27 October 2017

I just wanted to try something out for halloween. I want to do a crazy spider web make-up and had to try the lip part first. 🖤 [Image Description: Me with dark purple / black lips smiling into the camera. Text below says "experimenting for halloween" surrounded by pumpkins.]
Today we wrote a Culinary Tech Test. At the beginning of the week the teacher showed us how the test could look like & no one would have passed. There were questions we just haven't seen in our entire life, but she didn't care. 😂 No one really had the complete version of notes because her whiteboard notes are so confusing and without structure. So no one really knew what to study, so we would at least fail as an entire class. Sounds like a plan. When we wrote the test, we had a substitute teacher and during the test everyone was complaining that they didn't know anything and even the substitute teacher said the other class put "I don't know" at half of the questions. I think I didn't do really bad. E.g. when there was a question "Name three ways...", I just named two, but there was this one question at the beginning and everyone was saying that they didn't know how to answer question 3 and I'm just sitting there... "I don't even understand half of the words in question 3!"

26 October 2017

After we arrived and walked in, we were looking for people we know, from our English classes or anyone else. We walked & walked & ended up were we began. After a while, we finally met some people & sat down to hear the speech. After the lunch break, there was a band called "Radio Radio" who performed some of their songs. That was kinda funny, because they switched languages in one sentence. I mean, yeah, I got it that New Brunswick is bilingual but guys, don't overreact. And it was kinda loud, considered the fact that it was still an school event & I had to write things on my phone to talk to the people sitting next to me, because we didn't want to scream at each other. [Image Description: picture was taken from a seat in the audience. The stage is covered in green light and the band is performing. Thanks to the Colombian international student, he took the picture. + location]
Today all grade 10 students went to Harbour Station. There was an event because of Canada 150. The entire event was about improving our future. They said, we are leaving school during second period & I said the whole time, that Rike & me, we are probably going to miss the announcement that they're leaving, because our second period is a grade 11 class. (If it was a grade 10 class, all students would go, so it wouldn't be a problem.) Then we wondered why there was no announcement and asked the teacher "Oh, they already left 20mins ago, but we could find you someone to drive you there." Few minutes later, we said in a teacher's car on the way to Harbour Station. 🙃

25 October 2017

sunrise addicted!! ❤️ I got up early to catch a good picture of the sunrise. And another... and another... and the last one. 🙃 [Image Description: First Pic - 7:38 - it was still almost dark and you can see the "skyline" and the sunlight trying to sneak through under the giant cloud. Second Pic - 7:39 - picture taken into the other direction. Pinkish clouds over the backyard. Third Pic - 7:42 - orange/pinkish clouds. Fourth Pic - 7:46 - clouds that are differently lightened, pink / orange / grey. And you can see the deck in our backyard.]

24 October 2017

Today after school, I finally went to the Nature Park with my Grandma and my host sister and 2 cousins. Unfortunately, my phone was at home charging, so I couldn't take any pictures. But it was so beautiful. We drove there at 4:30 and were back at the car at 6:30. That was a long walk. [+ location of the Irving Nature Park]
two confusing /foreign/ languages #2 In my French class, we are currently reading a book in French & today, we watched the video for one chapter... in English. Like whyyy?! And in my Social Studies class we are actually not allowed to speak English, but I told you, we have the nutrition break before that & then we are chatting & I always want to speak French, because it's in between my French classes. And now, we have a substitute teacher for the next few weeks (aka end of the semester) who speaks English herself in class sometimes, so half of the students think they are allowed to speak English and then everyone is talking in two different languages. Or at my group table, when the other people talk to eachother (either about the task or off-topic) the girl is trying to keep talking in French & the guy usually answers in English. And I'm just sitting next to them, thinking "Could you at least agree on one language, please? This is seriously messing with my head right now!"

23 October 2017

When you're bored in math class, because you already finished the test & everyone else is still working. 🙃 I drew so many fruits & vegetables in class. [Image Description: a close up of a little drawing on the back of a paper block. It was supposed to be two peppers - red and orange - but it could be pumpkins, no one knows...]

22 October 2017

Yesterday I made myself three tea cups during the course of the day because I was so cold. Today, I had warm oatmeal with apples and cinnamon for breakfast and at M&N's* house, we drank home made warm apple cider (without alcohol of course).** It's officially getting cold here. *I started referring to them as M&N here, because outside of this blog, I also call them their real names instead of ""grandparents"" in quotation marks. Even their real grandchildren call them their nicknames M&N (not just the letters of course). **I had about 4 cups of that, because it was so delicious. The Grandma said, when they're doing this again on Halloween, she'll make a whole pot for myself and another for all the others, because she realised how much I love that. 😋

21 October 2017

Just throwing the fact in that we had Mexican supper (Chili) with the French grandfather & Irish grandmother in an anglophone family, listening to Italian music with a German international student. 🌎
This irony that I always say my host family would be so healthy in regards of food, but half of the pictures here are self made muffins or something similar. (The other half is Sünders, haha.) For example, every international is complaining about the food "at home", that it is so unhealthy and the omnivore families eat so much meat here, like every supper. And my family really eats healthy & vegetarian, I always help chopping vegetables and preparing the salad in the afternoon. We only do this unhealthy cookie/muffin stuff on the weekend. [Image Description: a salad bowl with fresh letuce that my host dad grows in the garden & cucumber & blueberries & peacans.]
Auntie meeting at our house! All of my host mum's sisters came over & now we are having coffee / tea with some cookies. 😋 That brownie in the back is way too good to be real! 😍 Update: We just did new brownies, because M&N are coming over for supper. [Image Description: two chocolate chip cookies and a few slices of banana bread laying on the plate. And a lonely brownie on the other plate, the other ones didn't survive long, because they were so good.]

20 October 2017

Like I said, it was School Spirit Day. At lunch time, there was a free barbecue in front of the school and some activities to do. The girl who played Mary Poppins in the Musical made face paint, so we could either choose between a red "HV HS" written on the face or those white and red dots as you can see in the picture. At the end, we just sat at a table in the sunshine and talked. Actually, it was pretty warm in the sunshine, just the wind was a bit cold. [Image Description: Magdalena (HV colored jacket), me (HV face paint, HV Shirt & HV colored Jeans), Clara (Canadian, HV colored Shirt), Lina (HV face paint & HV / Vikings Pullover) and Hannah (HV colored nail polish, haha) in front of a gate saying "Go Vikings" and Fall decoration, e.g. hay & pumpkins. + location of school.]
School Spirit!! 🏫 [Image Description: Me wearing my school shirt. The white font on the shirt says "Property of HVHS". The text on the picture says "good morning".]

19 October 2017

This picture was taken at Magdalena's house, but I'll add the location of the dance, because I don't have any pictures from the dance itself. As we arrived, earlier than 8pm, there was already a long line of Harbour View Students at the entry, where we had to show our student IDs. My aunts controlled the entry, yay. 👭 Inside, we met the other girls and enjoyed the time (thyme 🌱🙃) there with... weird music, haha. And we met new Canadian people / spent the time (again 🙃) with Canadian people that we already knew. 🇨🇦 At about 11pm, Magdalenas's mum drove us home. [Image Description: Me & Magdalena dressed up for the dance. I'm wearing my HV colored dress and she is wearing a grey dress. + location of dance place.]
Before the dance! We are currently at Magdalena's since school ended and got ready for the dance. Soon, we'll be leaving. [Image Description: Me wearing my dress and heart shaped necklace, smiling into the camera.]

18 October 2017

Ok, what is wrong with me to do 4 blog entries for one day? But oh my gosh, look what I just discovered on the door of my host sister's craft room. She's in Halloween Mood since beginning of October and this is so cute. 🎃 Edit: 4 new blog entries written & description for 5 images, starting at the "waiting for bus" entry. [Image Description: First Pic - a part of the craft room's door. There is a little plastic container attached to it & inside there are little carved pumpkins out of orange and yellow paper. There's a small note below "Please take a Pumpkin ⇧". Next to it, my hand holds one of the orange pumpkins. Second Pic - a close-up of that pumkin laying in my hand. You can see the details, the black mouth & eyes and the cuts that she made.]
Tomorrow will be the "Fall Dance" from our school. Today, a friend, her host mum and I went to the mall to look for a dress. After school, we took the bus from the school to the mall, without her mum. That was obviously easy because two 16year olds must know how to take a bus and where to get off. Haha, I wish. After a few difficulties, we finally made it to the mall. We just had a little time (thyme 🙃, I have this on going pun with my host mum since the time we made squash soup, sorry haha)... we just had a little time left before Magdalena's host mum would arrive at the mall, so we quickly started at the first store, but we didn't find anything. I really wanted a dress in the Harbour View High School colour. After her host mum had arrived, we went to the second store, where I tried my second dress in this colour and I really love it! We went to a few different stores to look for the rest. At about 7:30pm, we finally had everything & drove home.
May I just mention how difficult it is to switch between two /foreign/ languages?! Like seriously, I have two French classes in the morning with a 20min break in between. At the break, I barely can talk anything, because my brain is still too French to talk English or German and I'm too bad at French to just talk French fluently. And this was the time where I always walked around school trying to speak French to non-French teachers for this paper. Or even better, after those classes, I have English with a teacher that also teaches French, as I found out. So I started the conversation before class in English "Do you speak French?" and continued in French, because she obviously does speak French. After that, I really had to switch to English because of English class. But gosh, this is so confusing. 😂 Even she said, /two/ different languages are sometimes too hard. Well, then try English & French while actually being German.
In French Immersion Language Arts we had this paper due today with 15 (more or less) French related questions like "Who has a parent who speaks French?" or "Who has been to France?" that we had to ask teachers at our school /in French/ & they should sign the question. We weren't allowed to have the same teacher answering more than one question on our paper and nobody should have the same teacher at the same question like someone else, but we had to have at least 10 different signatures. In the end I stopped at 12, because I just couldn't find someone who speaks 3 languages, was in Québec for more than a year or has children in francophone schools. When we talked about the answers in class, I had 10 points because someone else had the same teacher like me twice, so I lost 2 points. The other german girls had 10 points as well, so we thought about counting the "lost points" too and I won with 12 points. Meaning, I'll get oreos from the teacher tomorrow. 😂

17 October 2017

Denim Day at school! 💙 [Image Description: Me wearing a white shirt and a denim blouse with a flower on my left. I'm wearing my heart shaped necklace and I'm looking towards the camera.]

16 October 2017

Waiting for the bus. 🙈 [Image Description: a blue / cloudy sky with a Canada flag waving in the wind and a tree.]

15 October 2017

Another Grandparents Day!

14 October 2017

Currently "babysitting" my host brother, "so he doesn't set the house on fire" (host dad). We already did puzzles today & now I'm looking at a book with him. 🤗

13 October 2017

Same as Thanksgiving. Scheduling this entry for late Oct 13, although it's already early Oct 14. We just had friends of the family at our house and they stayed until 1.30am. 😳

12 October 2017

Thursdayyyy!! Today we made apple muffins in CulTech! They're so delicious. 😋

11 October 2017

Walking through the house before school, trying to find good spots to catch the sunrise. 😂🌇 [image description: beautiful clouds in the far back with sunlight shining through and you can see the roofing from the deck.]

10 October 2017

My host family is so gifted in music. 😂 My host mum told me this morning that she played the piano last night. Actually she just got up to get the medicine for my host brother and on her way back she fell over the piano chair in the hallway and hit a bunch of keys... at 2am. 😂 And I didn't wake up, although it's quite close to my bedroom. Right now, my host dad is teaching my host sister a piano song and he keeps singing "pineapple, pineapple" to explain the rhythm. 😂 Oh, I love this family. 🤗🇨🇦

9 October 2017

50th entry: just leaving those guys here. 😂 I have a book of funny quotes and those are two of the entries. [Image Description: First Pic - while I made the Squash Soup with my "Mum". Text says "German Lesson with Emily. Me: Pumpkin and squash, that's the same word in german. Mum: What is the word? - Kürbis. - Scurbis? Sounds like School Bus." Text written on the picture says "teaching Canadians some German." Second Pic - that's with my "grandfather" on my birthday, about the 16-candles. Text says "16 upside down is 91. Him: If you eat properly, you will be 91. Me: Why eat broccoli?"]
Thanksgiving Monday: What I should do: - Study for Social Studies Test - Finish English Assignment - Start & Finish French Assignment - Write down the Apple Crumble Recipe - Laundry - Prepare Lunch for tomorrow What I do: - Puzzle w/ host brother - Visit "Grandparents" (aka M&N) - Help "Mom" with supper & desert Welcome to my life. 😂😂 And helping with supper was more work this time actually because the family of my host dad came over and we made Salad, Squash Soup & two kinds of Brownies. Edit 10pm: I have no idea how I did this, but somehow I got all the things done... except social studies maybe, but the test is on Wednesday, so I'll have some time.

8 October 2017

I'll schedule that post for Sunday evening, because Thanksgiving was Sunday and I want to keep that order on this blog, but actually the "party" was until 1am. 🙃 Start from the beginning... After we made all that food at home (veggie lasagna & the apple crumble) we drove to the grandparents' house. It was the first time that we all left the house at the same time to go to the same place. So my host parents sat in the front of the car, my older host sister (11), one of my host brothers (7) & the baby (10months) in the middle and my younger host brother (3) and me in the back. 😳 When we arrived, all the other sisters were there with their families, I already met them earlier. But this time, there were even more relatives & friends. 😳 After we ate a lot of food (Chili, Pie etc.), we sang karaoke which was really funny.
Thanksgiving vibes!! A few days ago I converted my recipe for Apple Crumble into cups etc. We just did that recipe for Thanksgiving today. [Image Description: First Pic - Me wearing a red shirt and a grey jacket & my new feather necklace, smiling into the camera. Text says "Happy Thanksgiving" with me as a Bitmoji, which is an animated human. Second Pic - the apple crumble.]

7 October 2017

Today was a normal Saturday. Nothing special. We made the apple sauce for my apple crumble & watched the movie Mary Poppins. In the afternoon a friend of the family with his 2yr old daughter came to our house. They're from Nova Scotia and stayed at our house, because he saw the Musical in the evening.

6 October 2017

This night we were at the Musical from our school. It's run by my aunts JuLisa. 👭 This year they made Mary Poppins and it was really professional. I can't stop singing those songs. 🙃 [Image Description: First Pic - the sunset from the school / bus stop. The building on the left, trees on the right and the orange sunset with grey clouds. Second Pic - The teddy bear from the Musical sitting on an old chair. Text says "Backstage Mary Poppins". + location school]
I love clouds!! This was on my way to school this morning. [Image Description: a photo taken from the road towards a parking lot. There are white blurred clouds and beautiful pink-ish clouds in the far back. There is a tree on the left and we just ignore that factory on the bottom of the picture, okay?]

5 October 2017

I already had to write my last 2 entries today. I. Am. Tired. Good night.

4 October 2017

My French teacher's birthday was also on Oct 3 and he also has international girls this year. His Austrian girl (Sarah) made me a card, so we thought he would remember that it's my birthday. But he just realized it today, so they sang the expanded version of happy birthday for me in French. (Bon fête à toi! Quel âge as-tu? As-tu 1? ... As-tu 16?) And I thought it was a thing that just my host family did, haha.

3 October 2017

In the afternoon my "grandparents" came over. After we had supper (spring rolls, Indian curry, rice & sweet potato chips), we had a cake!! My host mum asked me earlier what cake I usually have for my birthday and I described my mum's special "Blitztorte" (literally: Flash Cake, because it's so fast to make). It's two layers of cake/dough (each with a meringue topping with almonds) and between them is a cream filling with mandarine and pineapple pieces. And she made something similar. It had the same filling, the dough was different and there were coconut flakes on top. It was so delicious. 😋💗 And they sang the expanded version of happy birthday for me. (How old are you? Are you 1? .... Are you 16?) I already knew the version because of the birthday from my host cousin, and I thought it's just a family thing to do that. I thought. [Image Description: my birthday cake with burning "16"-candles in the dark. In the background are flowers.]
After school I invited a few friends over to my house hoping that my school bus driver would allow 4 more people on the bus. She didn't... so we were ready for a walk home when we saw the car of JuLisa. I asked her if there was room for 4 people in the back (obviously I meant it as a joke) and then I looked at our group and realized we were 5 people. "Oh wait, we are 5, okay never mind. Forget it, we'll walk." - "No, get in, it will fit." Well that's the result. And during the drive we taught my host aunts some German birthday songs. [image description: 5 people in the back of the car. Me with Hannah on my lap, Anna sitting in the middle, Rike on the other side and Magdalena somewhere on the bottom, but just for the picture, actually she sat on Rike's lap.]
Birthday Vibes 💗 At lunch time a few friends came to me & brought me this for my birthday!! 😳 They were so delicious!! 😋 [image description: 12 chocolate cupcakes with Oreo cream topping. Text says "Chocolate Dream!! ❤️".]

2 October 2017

Baby Charlotte!! 👶🏼 That's my 9months old host sister, isn't she cute? ☺️ Tomorrow is my Birthday, and in Germany that's a national holiday and here? I'll have to write a quiz on my birthday. 🙄😂 [Image Description: me and baby Charlotte.]

1 October 2017

Today is Sunday and surprise... It was Grandparents day. We went outside with a few host "cousins" to play Badminton. Half of them play Badminton at school, so I invented the rule that everyone should play with their left hand, so our skills were more similar. (I'm lefthander 🙃). One of my host mum's sisters lives next door to the grandparents so we stayed at their house for a long time, after we played outside. [image description: the weather information of my town. In the morning there was 1°C and around noon it was 14°C. Text says "what a development".]

30 September 2017

My Saturday morning began with playing cars and train puzzles with my host brother. In the afternoon I went to Hannah's house. We went outside to walk the dog & buy ice cream. After I got picked up again & we had supper at home, my host sister and me baked banana muffins. [Image description: First pic - one of the car puzzles in progress. Second pic - the banana muffins on a cooling rack.]

29 September 2017

Today was Friday and we wrote a Math test. I totally forgot about that & then I was reminded in lunch break. 🙄 But that was really easy. Rike & me, we thought that we missed a page, because everyone was still working, when we were finish. ☺️

28 September 2017

Today was Thursday and we didn't have homeroom today & the lessons in the morning were shorter, so we had some time left to watch a sneek-peek of the musical, which will be performed on the next weekend (like in 9 days).

27 September 2017


26 September 2017

Tuesday!! One week left & then it's my birthday!! 🎂

25 September 2017

Today was a normal day. In CulTech we talked about the treatment when somebody accidently burned or cut themselves etc. And at the end she wanted to show us how you should act when someone is choking. Just a few people knew it. So she pretended to choke and I happened to sit next to her and should save her. (Let's mention that I didn't raise my hand at the question "who knows what to do?") Then we decided, that I should be the choking person, so I stood in front of the class, pretending to choke, trying not to laugh, because that must have looked really weird, while the teacher was pretending to save me from dying. Normal school day, just a normal school day. 😂

24 September 2017

Sunday aka Grandparents day. The Grandfather showed me pictures from Banff where he was last week. I was in Banff last summer, see my first travel blog. (no self promotion, haha)

23 September 2017

And about the party itself. Her house is on the water, too, just like the house from my "aunts". We had a bonfire and watched the sunset. [Image description: Fist pic - Rike and me, standing on rocks near the water. The dog, Sailor, is standing next to us. In the background are trees. Second pic - taken before the first one. Rike, me and Lina, picture taken from our backs. Third pic - same setting as second one. Me, Hannah and Lina arm in arm in front of the water.]
Saturday we were invited to a the 17th birthday party of a German girl. Before that we met at Magdalena's house to bake muffins/cupcakes. It was us, the girls from the whale watching selfie except the girl on the very right hand side, but there was another girl (Sarah) with us yesterday. So we met about 3 o clock to bake the cupcakes and make eachother fancy hairstyles... and to eat the decoration for the cupcakes. 🙄😂 When we were in the backyard of the house, two other Germans joined us, because one of them is the neighbour of Magdalena. [image description: First pic - Rike and me while she was doing my hair, outside. Second pic - the result, my hair with braids shaped like a heart. Third pic - Magdalena & me, picture taken from the back to see our hairstyles. She has a single French braid.]

22 September 2017

Today was Friday and I made supper for my host family. In Germany we often make a Chinese dish and I wanted to try it here. It was a bit different than at home. 🙃😋

21 September 2017

Today was a normal day again and after school another German girl (Magdalena) went home with me. She also plays the piano like me, but she doesn't have one at her host family, but we have, so she really wanted to play the piano at my house. Then we ate supper together and now, we just came back home because we brought Magdalena to her home. Let's mention the fact that my host mum tried to explain to her son that Magdalena also stays for 5 months, so she will leave after xmas just like me, but the other girl stays in a different family. And as we went outside to the car, he asked why she doesn't stay until xmas. That's so cute, haha. I had to promise him that I'll come back to stay until xmas while the other girl stays with her host family.

20 September 2017

Today was only half day, so we had school until 12:30 instead of 3:30 and after that we went to uptown Saint John. We ate lunch at a mall and walked to King Square Park to study for tomorrow's test. [+ King Square location]

19 September 2017


18 September 2017


17 September 2017

Today we went whale watching in St Andrews. The weather was not super nice, it was quite foggy. But we saw whales and they were really close to our boat. We also saw seals and an american eagle. Before that, we (me + those 4 other german girls in the picture, I'm the 2nd from left) walked through downtown and found a place to drink hot chocolate (I had white hot chocolate caramel and a dark chocolate chip cookie) while the other half were on the first boat. We took the second boat and later, the weather was at least a bit better. And we got hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies on the boat, too. 😋 [image description: First pic - 5 girls (Magdalena, me, Rike, Anna and Marie) sitting on a bench on the boat. Second pic- A photo taken from the back of the boat. You can see the waves our boat made and a Canada flag waving in the wind. + location of the town.]

16 September 2017

I made cookies with my host sister this afternoon. They're called Ginger Snaps. Now the house smells xmas-y. 😂🎄 [important: when you are new in a kitchen; be aware of every cupboard that you might hit during your work in the kitchen. Not that I did... I'm not laying in bed currently, because I have a bad headache, because I hit my head really hard at one of those stupid corners of a cupboard. That's not me. ...Ouch 😂 Now, I'm a unicorn.] [Image description: ginger snaps laying on a cooling rack. Text on the bottom says "Yummyy".]

15 September 2017

Fridayyy! Did I mention that I'm going whale watching on Sunday with the other Internationals? 🌊
Actually every day turned out sunny this week, but today the morning looked like this. We couldn't even see the end of our yard. 🙃 [Image description: a picture of the street covered in fog. The text says "Saint John" and an anchor.]

14 September 2017

Actually I had plans like working on my CulTech Assignment due Friday and stuff, because when I take the bus, I have so much time left in school before class starts but no, not today. 😂 Edit last post: My host brother gets picked up at our house, so he didn't see that I was still on the bus stop. I just recognized the bus. Otherwise he would have waited with me and knew that my bus was late. Just to make that clear.
Today we had this test in CulTech and English. And in the morning, I missed my bus. Well actually, I couldn't have missed it, because I was like 5 minutes earlier at the bus stop when the bus actually should arrived and I still stood there 15mins later. I saw EVERY school bus (except mine 🙄), the one that I take after school, which usually comes before mine in the morning and the bus my host brother takes to school, which usually comes after mine, so I realized there must be something wrong. Then I tried to call my host mum which obviously didn't work with my German number. But... when it was 10mins before class should start (my bus was already 15mins late), my host aunts (which are teachers at my high school & the parents of Hunter & James btw) drove by and said that I should get in the car. I didn't know how this would have ended if they didn't offer me the ride to school. Thanks to JuLisa btw. 🤗 End of the story, I entered the class room 1 minute before the class started. 1 MINU

13 September 2017

Today was Picture Day!! We got our pictures taken for the year book! And we had a little quiz in FI Social Studies which was really easy.

12 September 2017

Tomorrow, I'll have my first test in Social Studies. On Thursday the next test, a presentation due Friday and a math test on Monday. 😳 Maybe I won't have time to write an blog entry everyday.

11 September 2017

Mondaayyyy. Today I went to school by bus. In class, nothing special happened. Another German student (Hannah) told me that her host mother got her baby last night. This is so cute, like the international can see the baby grow up. 👶🏼 During lunch time Hannah wanted to hear the information presentation about the cross country team, because we both actually wanted to get in some sport classes or clubs from school to get the whole high school experience, but we realized that this sport wasn't really our thing. But hey, there was free pizza.

10 September 2017

Today was Sunday aka Grandparents Day (Fun Fact: Sept 10th is actually Grandparents Day, haha.) We celebrated the 8th birthday of one the family's cousin. There was a lot of cake, my 11yr old host sister, my host mum and me also made cupcakes for her. At first the weather was really nice, almost like yesterday and after that it just started raining so heavily. [image description: first pic - a selfie of me. second pic - 12 chocolate coconut cupcakes with colourful decoration.]

9 September 2017

Today was quite unspectacular. I was outside with my 11yr old host sister and 3yr old host brother enjoying the nice weather. It was really sunny. ☀️ [image description: a picture taken in the garden. There is a tree on the left and a metal bench on bright green grass. In the background you can see the blue sky. On the left side, there is me as a bitmoji (an animated human) looking curiously in the pic. The text below says "Saint John, NB".]

8 September 2017

clouds feat. school bus 🏫 Today was my 3rd school day and actually starts to get normal. Like, teachers announcing the first tests and nobody has to change classes anymore. And about the school bus, I actually just take the school bus to get from the school at home and my host dad usually (except for the first real school day) brings me to school, because his office is the same direction. [image description: the view from our school, the bus stop at our school. The sky is blue with a few clouds at the bottom of the picture and the typical yellow school bus on the right and a tree on the left. + the location of the school.]

7 September 2017

Today was my second school day and I am way to tired to write that entry, so I'll do it tomorrow. Edit: At about 3pm it started raining and it wouldn't stop until in the evening, even with thunder. The next morning it rained again/still.

6 September 2017

Today was my first school day!! And I was on those typical yellow school busses!! 🤗 As I arrived at school, we all internationals (8 Germans, 2 Turkish people and I think Spanish, Mexican & Brazilian and Chinese people) had a meeting with the coordinator from our school. She showed us the school and gave each of us a Canada Flag! 🇨🇦 Then I had my first French class, which was soo different because of the accent. And FI Social Studies was even harder, because the teacher was difficult to understand. Then we had English where we just had to copy a presentation and the teacher was way too fast with changing the slides. For lunch time, I had a peanut butter bread and a yoghurt from home and after that we had Math 11 which was so easy, although I'm actually in 10th grade. At the end we had Culinary Tech which was actually just talking... 🙃

5 September 2017

that didn't fit in one post... ++ to change my courses. The women said that I have to talk to a French teacher in French, so he can decide in what level he should put me in. Actually he said that he wanted to put me in FI (French Immersion) level 10, but that would be just biology where you read more than you actually talk French. So I ended up with a Social Studies in French (level 10) and the FI Language Arts in Level 11 which will be difficult I think, but it's his class and it's just a small group of students, so maybe he'll be able to help me. So these courses are period 1 & 2, and after that I'm going to have English Language Arts which is the only class which survived the whole changing progress, because I wanted to stay with the other german girl in the class. After that, there is Foundation Math 10 which was also available as FI, but I thought that was enough French courses. And after that I have Culinary Tech, which I wanted to take since I saw on the website of the school.
I almost forgot to write this entry for today. Today was my first school day. Well, not a real school day, because all the classes will start tomorrow, but today we already met other internationals (they're mainly from Germany too, but there were also two Turkish students, which is why we couldn't talk German). At first everyone got their schedule and a girl showed us the whole school and especially the classrooms where we have to be tomorrow morning. After that a teacher offered to watch a movie in his classroom because he didn't had classes either, but we decided to go to downtown and look for Tim Hortens. As we finally all had our drinks, it was actually time to go to school again, 'cause a lot of internationals were picked up at lunch. Actually before that I wanted to change my courses, because all international were put in random courses and I didn't even have a French class. So as my host dad arrived, we both went in the school building again and asked to change my courses ++

4 September 2017

So, today we were at my host mom's sister's house. It was ten minutes away with the car, so not in our neighbourhood like the rest of her family. Their garden is really big and ends with a beach to Saint John River. It's really nice for dogs to play there. They have two dogs, but I only took a picture of the one called James because my friend and I, we are "collecting" people/pets/characters named James, don't ask why, haha. (Greetings to you, btw 🤗). But I will add a picture of Hunter (the other dog's name) soon. [image description: First pic - The dog, James, looking towards the camera. Second pic - the view from their backyard towards the river. The sky was covered by clouds.]

3 September 2017

Last night I didn't sleep until 2am and woke up at 4am and then maybe slept 3 more hours till 7am. Sure, I also slept on the planes, but I was still really tired. Now it's 9.25pm and I'm going to sleep, maybe I'll catch up a few hours of sleep I missed last night. 😴 But besides that I think I beat the jet lag, so I won't have problems when the school starts on tuesday. Letzte Nacht war ich erst um 2Uhr im Bett und bin dann wieder um 4Uhr aufgewacht und dann habe ich vielleicht noch 3 weitere Stunden bis 7Uhr geschlafen. Ich habe zwar auch etwas auf den Flügen geschlafen, aber ich war trotzdem noch müde. Jetzt ist es 21.25 und ich gehe schlafen, vielleicht hole ich ja noch etwas Schlaf von letzter Nacht auf. 😴 Aber abgesehen davon, habe ich kaum noch Jetlag, also werde ich auch keine Probleme haben, wenn die Schule am Dienstag losgeht.
So today is Sunday aka the day where my host family always visits the grandparents on the mom's side. They live really close to us and we were so many people. She has 3 sisters and everyone came with their family. There were a lot of names and I probably won't remember everyone's, but it was a great impression for the first day. ☺️ Heute ist Sonntag und an dem Tag besucht meine Gastfamilie immer die Großeltern. Wir waren eine Menge Leute, die Mutter hat 3 Geschwister und alle kamen mit der ganzen Familie. Es waren sehr viele Namen und wahrscheinlich werde ich nicht mir nicht alle merken können, aber es war ein schöner erster Tag. ☺️

2 September 2017

So yesterday was a really long day for me. As I arrived in Munich I met two other girls from my organisation which also were on my next flight. (Greetings to you 🤗) The long-distance flight was from 4pm german time to 6pm Montréal time (8hours) and then we had to wait until my flight to New Brunswick started at 9pm. After around two hours (midnight in NB) I arrived at the 4th airport for that day. 😳 There my host parents waited for me. As we got home the kids were already sleeping, well more or less, and the grandparents took care of them. Gestern war ein sehr langer Tag für mich. Als ich in München angekommen bin, habe ich zwei andere Mädchen von meiner Organisation getroffen, die den gleichen Flug hatten. (Grüße an euch 🤗) Der Langstreckenflug war von 16Uhr (Deutsche Zeit) bis 18Uhr (Montreal Zeit), 8 Stunden und um 21 ging mein Flug nach New Brunswick. Nach 2h (Mitternacht in NB), kam ich am 4. Flughafen für den Tag an, wo mich meine Gasteltern erwartet hatten.
It's 12:45 in Hamburg, my flight to Munich "should" start in 15mins... Well, it's delayed with 15mins. 🙄 Update: 25mins Es ist 12:45 in Hamburg, mein Flug nach München "soll" ich 15min starten... Er verspätet sich um mind. 15min. 🙄 Update: 25min
My first entry to this travel blog is about... food. 🙃😋 This picture was taken a few days ago when I invited relatives, friends and neighbours (?) to say goodbye before I start my Canadian adventure. 🇨🇦 [written Sept 2nd, 12:37, german time zone] [image description: a chocolate cake with a maple leaf made with powder sugar on a kitchen counter. Below there are the emojis for "yummy" and the Canada flag.] Mein erster Eintrag in diesem Reiseblog geht über... Essen. 🙃😋 Dieses Bild ist vor ein paar Tagen entstanden, als ich Verwandte, Freunde und Nachbarn zu einem Abschiedstreffen eingeladen habe, bevor ich mein kanadisches Abenteurer starte. 🇨🇦 [geschrieben 2. Sept, 12:37 MESZ]