Romania · 391 Days · 14 Moments · July 2017

With the van through Romania

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19 July 2017

9 July 2017

Next morning we do the same thing:aerosol and nudism. Was so awesome :) We went at Acolo to drink frappe and listen some music and after that we go to Expirat for pizza and a bear. Then sleep and relax. I made another braided coded and so we lost time today. We're getting ready to go home, so we're picking up palinca and white wine with some rapane. Beautiful time we spent,it was so soothing,fun and welcomed.

6 July 2017

We went in the morning to make the amazing aerosol and we stay about 2 hours to bronze a little :) After that we choose to take the breakfast at Sandalandala. We ordered an omelette, a tea and jam bread, and a lemonade with ginger and basil. Very refreshing! After a good meal we go to Amfora to sleep in boats. I grew black and my boyfriend was sleeping with the mouth open. Life in Vama Veche is very tough. We woke up. Let's have a drink! We went to Acolo,and there they recommended us pina colada. Very very good. We stayed with some friends in the sun and so we lost time today. We got a little drunk, I've done a pigtail. And so we went home to rest for a new day. :)

5 July 2017

Is 6:15 am. We start the morning with a coffee and we prepare for a walk. With small and sleepy steps we went to the shore of the sea to the aerosol. It was so awesome!! So clear,clear and healing air for the body! In the corner of the beach ,which is so wild ;in a boiled corner you can stand naked,and a lot of people doing this ,to my surprize. After that we go for another coffee at Stuf. Good music here,nice vibes. And then,hunger hit us :) We went a little to the camp to shoot a nap and then headed for the beach. Many interesting places with different vibes. We choose Expirat. Good for chill,sleep and stuff. After hours of beachin' we want some good food. We go to Cherhana. We ordered 2 palinci and white wine,rapane and a fish. We ordered another wine carafe and we pounded a little. After we finished eating i stopped at the boy who makes colorful pigtails. Hihihii,I have a pigtaiill :) Drunked,I took a boiled corn and go home,because we decided to go again at aerosol.

4 July 2017

Second day in Vama Veche :) Morning started with a rainy crazy weather,so we made a coffee and listened John Lee Hoocker until 17 o'clock. After the rain stopped the sun appeared so we decided to eat to the long awaited Cherhana (fishery). Whe started the dinner with palinca ( an specific romanian beverage) and white wine with mineral water. Ok,palinca bit us a little and opened our appetite for fish and philosophical discussion :) After the meal we walked a little on the beach and then I saw the huge pancake stand. I went nice to the stand and made a pancake with everything my heart wanting. Mmmm,so good and sweet ^=^ Slowly, slowly we approached to the campsite, resting early to go in the morning to make an aerosol cure.

3 July 2017

We decided to go in Vama Veche. We have planned to stay 5 days here. So we camped in a silent place,near where is the crazy life. Here we aree!! After 7 hours on the road a little sleep at the bar was so welcomed. And now,the day started. We walked on the beach,the water is freezing ,the sun is up but the clouds seems to bring the rain. Ok,thunder and lightning,it look likes is time for laziness. Because we are tired,this sounds perfect!