Singapore · 1 Days · 10 Moments · July 2017

Singapore's National Day Parade 2017!!!

16 July 2017

NOTE: The show only started at 6:00. And my school were already there at 3:00! We waited for what seemed like ETERNITY!!😩
These are some pictures that I took of the demonstration program of what to do when your in trouble
Hope you enjoyed my journi!!!🤗

15 July 2017

And here's the rest of the parade!😉👍👍👍
Well.....That's about it! Here are some selfies that I took
OMG! Still so crowded!
And this is me,wearing a balloon hat
This is me, wearing a poncho and a 'cap'.
The first picture is Marina Bay Sands. The second picture is the performance stage.
Hi guys! Today, I am going to show you my day at The Floating Stadium! OMG! It was so crowded! That's mainly because all the schools in Singapore are coming here!🙃