New Zealand, Australia · 18 Days · 38 Moments · January 2015

Little Bird's holidays in New Zealand

16 February 2015

Wonderful time I had indeed. I loved it and I already miss it!
Last night in Melbourne. Last bus to the airport. Sad to leave. This is the end of my trip. If I'm lucky I will try to explore Singapore, so keep your fingers crossed!

15 February 2015

Aaaand guess who has no place to stay for tonight... Few things to remember while travelling in mid February: there is like a crazy sport event as Cricket World Cup or whatever, there is Chinese New Year which celebration lasts for at least 10 days and be careful of all stupid bands like One Direction that have concerts in major cities like Melbourne. True story, the only place I could get for tonight was a hotel room for 300$. Thanks. I hope I will not scare guys much.

14 February 2015

Flying back to Melbourne :( don't even have accommodation there...

13 February 2015

Akaroa! My last day in New Zealand :(
Again in Christchurch. I will try to get to Akaroa today. It was sad goodbye for me. Chad made my trip awesome. I was lucky when I first met him and Angie. We had wonderful time together. Tomorrow I'm leaving New Zealand. I hope to see Chad the other day somewhere in Norway, Europe or US. Or anywhere... I already miss his company. Thank you Chad for contributing so much and making my vacation in New Zealand the best vacation I've ever had! THANK YOU!!!!

12 February 2015

I DID IT! I'VE RUN/WALKED THE ROUTEBURN TRACK IN 6:01:00. Now I can cry. I feel amazing though. The best run I've ever had. 32 km up in the mountains! I'm happy! Just need to get to Glenorchy now... Edit: I realised that just now that I didn't get the location for this post :( sadly.
Harris Saddle!

11 February 2015

On my way to Milford Sound. Edit: avoid Milford Sound. Mitre Peak is beautiful indeed but it's just not worth going there at all. I regret that I went there actually. The waterfall was nice, but entire place is totally disrespectful for wildlife or nature in general. Too commercial. There is more flights coming out from it than from Queenstown for example.

10 February 2015

Part of The Kepler Track. Brod Bay. Beautiful surroundings and nice run.
Not much to do/see in Te Anau, that's for sure. I should have planned my trip differently. Why two days in Queenstown stupid! Hopefully I will meet Chad in Queenstown in two days and we'll go to Lake Tekapo or something. The weather conditions are excellent today and I'm pretty sure they will be bad on 12/02... I'm sad now. I really want to do The Routeburn Track but everything, starting from two days, is showing me that it's not a good idea.
On my way to Te Anau. Tomorrow I should be in Milford Sound. I already regret I don't have my camera but the backpack I heavy enough.

9 February 2015

Queenstown. Heading down South. I feel so excited and stressed and happy. Everything at the same time. I have a plan and I will make it. I will do this. I will run the Routeburn Track!
Arrowtown. Gold mining tradition township. I think I will grab my lunch soon. Now a bit of relaxation by the river.
Gloomy morning in Queenstown. I still believe it will be a nice day :) I want to prepare myself mentally for the Routeburn Track. But firstly I'm going to the town.

8 February 2015

Beautiful. I like it here. And I just love that the tracks are so well prepared! Geoff picked me up after the bridge. I thought he might drive nice car but definitely I didn't expect Porsche... He has wonderful kids (really smart daughter and curious son). And the cat of course! Geoff is incredible when it comes to sports. Entire triathlon on one flat but high heart rate. No peaks, no slow downs. I find it amazing. Learnt rule no. 1 don't eat carbs after 16:00.

7 February 2015

Some random and not so excellent pictures. However, the landscape here is really good. Still in Wanaka but leaving soon and heading down to Queenstown! I think I will finally say "goodbye" to my favourite zipper hoodie... It's sad that I have to leave few things behind me. They were always with me (my boots, my red waterproof blouse, my fur blouse, my dark blue hoodie with sheep). Those were "must haves" when I went hiking anytime. I'm reading Harlan Coben. I don't like him and his writing. He has good sense of humour though.

6 February 2015

Thank you Chad! That was lovely dinner and excellent wine. I loved the trip to the Glacier. It was fun :) I actually think that I couldn't meet better companion to travel with. Chad is a gay, funny man, so we get on super well :)
Absolutely stunning. Rob Roy Glacier. Definitely worth effort!
Rob Roy Glacier. Happiest girl in the World!
No run today :( I was very disappointed with that. I've been talking to one guy and the plan was to go out for running at 9:20. So I show up by the place, happy and ready and this guy is looking casual... He says it's too cold for him to run!

5 February 2015

Wanaka. We made it today :) again I think I will stay with Chad. We had awesome time during the ride. I hope he didn't mind that I was in tears all the way down to Wanaka from Franz Josef. I was crying all the way. I thought I would pass out because of the incredible beauty... Absolutely astonishing.
Blue Pools
Passed through Haast. Pity that is raining too much :( I'd love to run on this beach, see penguins

4 February 2015

Franz Josef Glacier. Great trip I have! Together with Angie and Chad we've been travelling a bit. It's awesome to have such company! A lot of talking, laughing, walking, driving. Cool :) glad that I could meet them.
The pictures from the way to Franz Josef Glacier. That was one of the weirdest signs I've seen and the reality looks just as it's shown! There is a roundabout and it is crossed by a railway... By now I'm truly happy by Franz Josef Glacier! Kolejne z podróży. Jeden z najdziwniejszych znaków drogowych jakie widziałam. Naprawdę to rondo jest przecięte przez linię kolejową. Wygląda to zabawnie ;) teraz jestem w Franz Josef. Baaaardzo szczęśliwa, bo góry i śnieg. Miła podróż w przebojowym towarzystwie! Chad był naszym kierowcą, Angie jego koleżanką i Laura, którą zgarnęliśmy po drodze :)

3 February 2015

Pancake rocks they are called :)
Greymouth. I will make an attempt towards Punakaiki now

2 February 2015

Arthur's Pass. The waterfall is amazing. It's called waving waters. I really enjoy reading about Maori culture. They seem to be like all from Avatar movie. Pretty much relied on the Nature and linked to it hard.

1 February 2015

That's still from Kaikoura but as I wanted, I'm sleeping in a tiny village called Arthur's Pass tonight. I thought I can stay here longer but there is only one cafe and one store basically what makes my life complicated. Later I will make update from here. Can you see a seal in this picture too?

31 January 2015

Got a bed at Dusky Lodge. Two hikes from Christchurch :) I started to like that. I've met Tim who owns 10.000 sheep and at least 3.500 ha of land and them I've met Paul who runs organic restaurant and produces honey. Now I want to get two hours of sleep.
Pozdrowienia z lotniska w Christchurch! Totalnie niewyspana. Chc nawet ładne szkoda tylko, że to trzęsienie ziemi było i duża część miasta jest nadal w przebudowie. Mam nadzieję dotrzeć dzisiaj do Kaikoury. Zobaczymy czy mi się uda. Trochę się boję bo kierowca autobusu mnie ostrzegł, że łapanie stopa jest niebezpieczne zwłaszcza dla młodej kobiety... Finally in New Zealand!

30 January 2015

Melbourne airport!
I decided to start the new trip but I think that both trips I will keep active. Soon I'm going to the airport Tullamarine Melbourne. Wish me good luck and all the best for my trip of life! I'm super scared. Haven't booked anything apart one bed for one night at Milford Lodge...