Hong Kong S.A.R. · 5 Days · 25 Moments · November 2016

LiTing's voyage in Hong Kong S.A.R.

14 November 2016

12 November 2016

11 November 2016

Drinks with a view
Dinner at this hot pot restaurant that Doro's sister recommended, the beef was so good despite us not getting the premium ones! Probably the most expensive meal during the whole trip.
shopping snd snacking our way through Mong Kok. Egg waffle snacks and cold noodles, or whatever you call it. I just now it was so good we bought a second helping.
lunch after the hike
Hiking at Dragon's Back! T and I really wanted to hike at least once this trip, so we chose Dragon's Back. Took a cab to the start of the trail and hiked all the way to the finishing! What a hike, what a view although I was afraid of heights! I love hiking and would recommend one hike per trip, at the least!
Breakfast before hiking! Popped by the popular Australian Dairy Company and I must say I'm loving Hong Kong style breakfast!

10 November 2016

Found dinner as we were walking to the MTR (that's what they call their trains). Saw this alley with bars and street food so we decided to go for the street side food. Best. Decision. Ever!
Explored around central and found ourselves at PMQ (used to be the married policemen apartments). Now it's converted into little shops/bakeries/etc. Love this one store that had an old school vibe to it with old school snacks.
Ended up in Central after being on the island. Passed by this bakery, saw lots of people eating the egg tart, bought one to try, found it abit too sweet, realized the next day that this is a pretty popular store!
The clearest i got was when our cable car first arrived on the island then after an hour before we even walked 1/4 of the way there, the weather turned horrible. The entrance to the Big Buddha was right infront of the monastery. You have to climb up 268 flights of stairs to reach him. After hiking Fushimi Inari mountain and Mino park in Japan, and the random mountain back in Korea, 268 steps was absolutely, nothing! What really sucked was that the fog just got heavier so we could only see the outline of the Buddha. But since we were already here, we decided to climb up anyway. It got too cold for T so we went back down but while going down the fog cleared a little and we could see more than the outline of the statue, ran back up to try and get a decent shot.
Thankful that the sky kind of cleared when we got to the monastery and temple which got us some really pretty photos. Temples have such beautiful and vibrant colours, and the hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas was gorgeous 😊 There are signs saying not to take photos in the offering halls so we didn't take any but it was certainly awe inspiring!
Headed to Lantau Island to visit the big Buddha. The weather seemed decent at first but took a turn for the worst. Walking through this gates was like walking into a horror scene.
Cyn recommended this place to us we walked a good 15mins from the station to realize we were heading in the opposite direction. Saw interesting people there, we were seated at a table besides this guy who looked like he could be part of a gang but when he spoke, very eloquent and accented english came out of his mouth. We were both shock like his appearance did not match his accent! 🤣 It's also common to share tables and here we learnt that not all cups of water served is for drinking! Some is used for washing your utensils. Try the toast with eggs and truffle. So, so, so good!
Passed by this interesting street art among the washed off buildings that were once full of vibrant colours.

9 November 2016

After having dinner and exploring Temple Street, we wanted dessert so headed to this 1 Michelin star dessert place selling traditional chinese desserts. I ordered the almond paste, my favourite dessert. It should be smooth and silky but the one i had was quite coarse. The only good thing was probably the mango pudding which is always a safe choice. Disappointed.
Headed towards our hotel but grab this bread along the way. It was so good, crispy on the outside, the butter inside was melting because they toasted the bread abit. So, so, soooo good! Dropped our bags and headed out for dinner and snacks! This curry fishball was highly recommended and what a good recommendation it was! We could eat these all day, errrday!
Hello Hong Kong, last trip of the year, let's go!